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!!! Getting a page

As a user on this site, you get a [HomePages|HomePage] by default!  To edit your homepage, visit your profile by clicking your name when logged in. On the page, you can write things about yourself, about your TAS projects, about your thoughts, and so on.

User pages differ from regular pages in these aspects:
* User pages can be edited by their owner, even if they're not an editor.
* User pages are linked from your [profile]

!!! Guidelines

Do not use the user page as a notepad. Rendering and storing the pages requires expensive server resources.

You should read the [Text Formatting Rules] to learn how to do add
simple formatting to your text.

The administration reserves the discretion to delete user pages that do not follow these guidelines.

!!! Subpages

Once you have a user page you can also create subpages within that namespace.
For example, if your username is "[user:Bisqwit]", you can create a subpage "Projects" by editing the page "[/HomePages/Bisqwit/Projects]".

If your page is becoming too long, you should consider dividing it into subpages.
Subpages are pages that consists of the main page name, a slash, and the subpage name. For example, Bisqwit's [/HomePages/Bisqwit/Projects|projects] page is {{Bisqwit/Projects}}. A subpage can also have subpages: [/HomePages/Bisqwit/Projects/ChronoCross]