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Wiki orphans are pages which exist but have no references. This page lists the pages that currently are in that unhappy state, excluding Homepages.
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These are non-existing pages that are linked to:
Page Linked From Excerpt
Movies.cgi?name=mega+man HomePages/finalfighter techniques in the [=movies.cgi?name=mega+man|Rockman series games]. His site can be f
SamuraiGoroh/FFVWalkthruPlan 2692S i goroh's run] and [=SamuraiGoroh/FFVWalkthruPlan|his walkthrough plan] to complete basic k
Rating.exe/Users/Adelikat HomePages/adelikat/Ratings ions I make when I [=rating.exe/users/adelikat/|rate] TASVideos publicati
Kyrsimys/KidIcarus 1562S lained in pictures [Kyrsimys/KidIcarus|here]. __Rapid firing
Activity/Publishers/Nahoc HomePages/Nahoc 've published%% [Activity/Publishers/Nahoc] %%TAB Movies I'v
Activity/Judges/Nahoc HomePages/Nahoc s I've judged%% [Activity/Judges/Nahoc] %%TAB Animes I'v
~nach/ 2544S e to save time. [=~nach/|Here] is a movie file tha
AddressesUp TASHowTo to your advantage. [AddressesUp|This page] has several sets of
Games/List TODO/NoRomHash form.%%% Use the [Games/List] to create and maint
FractalFusion/Source HomePages/FractalFusion ion / Projects] * [Fractal Fusion / Source] ! Links [=movie
NoYoutube Helping treamed Movies] [No Youtube] %%TAB Submitting
UnstreamedMovies Helping edia] accounts. [Unstreamed Movies] [No Youtube]
Account/Login Helping ies] *If you have [Account/Login|logged in], you can rate movie
Profile/Ratings Helping help the site. [Profile/Ratings|Rating movies] *If you have [Acco
Game/Nes-rygar 2151M weapon. Unlike the [=Game/nes-rygar|NES version], this game is much
Game/Snes-super-demo-world-the-legend-continues 5335S which already has [=Game/snes-super-demo-world-the-legend-continues.html|three] [=Game/snes-super-m
Game/Snes-super-mario-world-the-second-reality-project-reloaded 5335S tinues.html|three] [=Game/snes-super-mario-world-the-second-reality-project-reloaded.html|other] [=Game/snes-kaizo-m
Game/Snes-kaizo-mario-world-3 5335S loaded.html|other] [=Game/snes-kaizo-mario-world-3.html|hacks] with publications,
Queue.cgi?mode=submit HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/Bisqwit you can do do it [=queue.cgi?mode=submit|here]. If you want to
SamuraiGoroh/FFVwalkthroughplan HomePages/samurai goroh ua Script & even a [Samurai Goroh/FFV walkthrough plan|walkthrough plan] for a TAS, which I
Wiki.exe?page=1605G&mode=pageinfo 4489S in Madagascar. [=wiki.exe?page=1605G&mode=pageinfo|This] is our suggested mo
NoYoutube Helping l movies requiring [NoYoutube|encodes suitable for streaming on YouTube]. __Becoming a pu
Game/Group-metal-slug 2745M s movie, check out [=Game/group-metal-slug|the other Metal Slug runs] for more explosive
Game/Nes-battletoads 700G different from the [=Game/nes-battletoads|popular NES title], though featuring t
Game/Group-metal-slug 1867M You can also watch [=Game/group-metal-slug|the other Metal Slug runs] for more intense mi
Game/Group-final-fantasy 1517M e described like ''[=Game/group-final-fantasy|Final Fantasy]'' meets ''[=Game/gr
Game/Group-pokmon 1517M Fantasy]'' meets ''[=Game/group-pokmon|Pokémon]''; your team of war
Game/Group-fantasy-zone 2757M el's boss. Unlike [=Game/group-fantasy-zone|other Fantasy Zone games], the stages are sep
Game/Group-metal-slug 2783M s movie, check out [=Game/group-metal-slug|the other Metal Slug runs] for more explosive
Game/Gc-paper-mario-the-thousandyear-door 1331G was succeeded by ''[=Game/gc-paper-mario-the-thousandyear-door|Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door]''.
Game/N64-paper-mario 1535G series following ''[=Game/n64-paper-mario|Paper Mario]'' for the Nintendo
MegaManXTricks HomePages/FractalFusion n X2, most notably [=MegaManXTricks.html#defeating_bosses_fast_to_avoid_long_invincibility_|this trick which beats Wheel Gator quickly]. My first publis
Movies.cgi?name=Mega+Man HomePages/FractalFusion ource] ! Links [=movies.cgi?name=Mega+Man|Mega Man series TAS]%%% [=MovieStatisti
FractalFusion/Projects HomePages/FractalFusion / AGI Glitches] * [Fractal Fusion / Projects] * [Fractal Fusion
FractalFusion/DosGames/AGIGlitches HomePages/FractalFusion on / Dos Games] * [Fractal Fusion / Dos Games / AGI Glitches] * [Fractal Fusion
Game/Psx-castlevania-symphony-of-the-night 1341M more successful ''[=Game/psx-castlevania-symphony-of-the-night|Symphony of the Night]''. This game was po
Game/Genesis-prince-of-persia 220M in the style of ''[=Game/genesis-prince-of-persia|Prince of Persia]''. There is a lot o
Search.html?key=super+smash+bros&subs=1&nomovs=1 1190M ]. There are also [=Search.html?key=super+smash+bros&subs=1&nomovs=1|several other submissions] of various levels o
Game/Gc-super-smash-bros-melee 471G was succeeded by ''[=Game/gc-super-smash-bros-melee|Super Smash Bros. Melee]'' and ''[=Game/wii-
Game/Wii-super-smash-bros-brawl 471G os. Melee]'' and ''[=Game/wii-super-smash-bros-brawl|Super Smash Bros. Brawl]''.
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros 2G el to the famous ''[=Game/nes-super-mario-bros|Super Mario Bros].'' Contrary to pop
Game/Group-shining 2837M develop the Sega ''[=Game/group-shining|Shining]'' series). You play
Game/Genesis-sonic-the-hedgehog 417G mptive answer to ''[=Game/genesis-sonic-the-hedgehog|Sonic the Hedgehog]'' and ''[=Game/snes
Game/Snes-super-mario-world 417G Hedgehog]'' and ''[=Game/snes-super-mario-world|Super Mario World]''. The physics of t
Game/Group-kingdom-hearts 2907M '' is the second ''[=Game/group-kingdom-hearts|Kingdom Hearts]'' game released, de
Game/Group-contra 2908M tically a mix of ''[=Game/group-contra|Contra]'' and ''[=Game/grou
Game/Group-strider 2908M ra|Contra]'' and ''[=Game/group-strider|Strider]''. As always, alien
Game/Nes-adventures-of-lolo 2912M me, and some for ''[=Game/nes-adventures-of-lolo|Lolo 1]'' and ''[=Game/nes-
Game/Nes-adventures-of-lolo-3 2912M lo|Lolo 1]'' and ''[=Game/nes-adventures-of-lolo-3|Lolo 3]''.
Game/Group-spyro 2707M form game in the ''[=Game/group-spyro|Spyro the Dragon]'' series. One of th
Game/Genesis-james-pond-3-operation-starfish 2932M so have a run of ''[=Game/genesis-james-pond-3-operation-starfish|James Pond 3: Operation Starfish]''.
Game/Snes-secret-of-mana 396M oose "sequel" to ''[=Game/snes-secret-of-mana|Secret of Mana]''. The story follow
Game/Group-kingdom-hearts 2961M '' is the second ''[=Game/group-kingdom-hearts|Kingdom Hearts]'' game released, de
Game/Snes-secret-of-mana 2964M oose "sequel" to ''[=Game/snes-secret-of-mana|Secret of Mana]''. The story follow
Game/Nes-gimmick 1857M w from titles like [=Game/nes-gimmick|Gimmick!], [2414M|Ufouria] an
Game/Group-pokmon 2965M ocket Monsters, or [=Game/group-pokmon|Pokémon], across four stages
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 2971M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 2971M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this ver
Game/Nes-qbert 2931M other games like ''[=Game/nes-qbert|Q*Bert]'', ''[=Game/nes-mar
Game/Nes-marble-madness 2931M qbert|Q*Bert]'', ''[=Game/nes-marble-madness|Marble Madness]'', and ''Fallout''.
Game/Nes-adventures-of-lolo 3085M me, and some for ''[=Game/nes-adventures-of-lolo|Lolo 1]'' and ''[=Game/nes-
Game/Nes-adventures-of-lolo-3 3085M lo|Lolo 1]'' and ''[=Game/nes-adventures-of-lolo-3|Lolo 3]''.
Game/Group-qbert 2782M this long running [=Game/group-qbert|series] starring Q*bert, Co
FractalFusion/DosGames HomePages/FractalFusion ames Solutions] * [Fractal Fusion / Dos Games] * [Fractal Fusion
Game/N64-super-mario-64 3110M do 64 games like ''[=Game/n64-super-mario-64|Super Mario 64]'', ''[=Game/n64-mar
Game/N64-mario-party 3110M per Mario 64]'', ''[=Game/n64-mario-party|Mario Party]'', and ''[=Game/n64
Game/N64-paper-mario 3110M io Party]'', and ''[=Game/n64-paper-mario|Paper Mario]''. In order to bea
Game/N64-super-mario-64 1764G do 64 games like ''[=Game/n64-super-mario-64|Super Mario 64]'', ''[=Game/n64-mar
Game/N64-mario-party 1764G per Mario 64]'', ''[=Game/n64-mario-party|Mario Party]'', and ''[=Game/n64
Game/N64-paper-mario 1764G io Party]'', and ''[=Game/n64-paper-mario|Paper Mario]''. Unlike some of
Game/Nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link 590M e this game with ''[=Game/nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link|Zelda 2]'' because of its si
Game/Group-tony-hawk 3076M fifth entry in the [=Game/group-tony-hawk|Tony Hawk series]. ''Underground''
Games/List Games game entries * [=Games/List|List of all game entries] * [Game Names Edit
Game/Group Games by franchise * [=Game/group|Game / group] ! Editing game
Game/Group-sonic 3109M ''[=Game/group-sonic|Sonic] Battle'' is a pseud
Game/Group-star-wars 2722M s'' runs, we have. [=Game/group-star-wars|Find them here], you can.
Game/Nes-gremlins-2-the-new-batch 3123M have a run of the [=Game/nes-gremlins-2-the-new-batch|NES adaptation] of the movie.
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros Games * [1G] Game #1 * [=Game/nes-super-mario-bros|Game/nes-super-mario-bros] Game NES Super Mari
Game/Group-kirby 3147M n these days for ''[=Game/group-kirby|Kirby]'' and ''[=Game/grou
Game/Group-super-smash-bros 3147M rby|Kirby]'' and ''[=Game/group-super-smash-bros|Super Smash Bros]''. There are four d
Game/Snes-vegas-stakes 3147M ater followed by ''[=Game/snes-vegas-stakes|Vegas Stakes]'' for the Super Nin
Game/Nes-bionic-commando 3145M eplay similar to ''[=Game/nes-bionic-commando|Bionic Commando]'' and ''[=Game/gba-
Game/Gba-ninja-fiveo 3145M Commando]'' and ''[=Game/gba-ninja-fiveo|Ninja Five-O]''.%%% This little m
Feos 7271S ng for judging. [feos]: Delaying per autho
Game/Gb-pokmon-red-version 3160M oy games ''Pokémon [=Game/gb-pokmon-red-version|Red]'', ''[=Game/gb-pokm
Game/Gb-pokmon-blue-version 3160M -version|Red]'', ''[=Game/gb-pokmon-blue-version|Blue]'', and ''[=Game/gbc
Game/Gbc-pokmon-yellow-version 3160M ion|Blue]'', and ''[=Game/gbc-pokmon-yellow-version|Yellow]''. In this run, [u
Game/Group-kirby 3176M n these days for ''[=Game/group-kirby|Kirby]'' and ''[=Game/grou
Game/Group-super-smash-bros 3176M rby|Kirby]'' and ''[=Game/group-super-smash-bros|Super Smash Bros]''. There are four d
Game/Snes-vegas-stakes 3176M ater followed by ''[=Game/snes-vegas-stakes|Vegas Stakes]'' for the Super Nin
Feos 7298S Corner. ---- [feos]: Replacing the movi
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros 1336M of the original ''[=Game/nes-super-mario-bros|Super Mario Bros]''. It is noteworthy
Game/Snes-super-metroid 1336M n the music from ''[=Game/snes-super-metroid|Super Metroid]''? Because there's
Game/Group-mega-man 3244M the first of the ''[=Game/group-mega-man|Mega Man]'' series to take pl
Game/Nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link 3122M e this game with ''[=Game/nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link|Zelda 2]'' because of its si
Game/Group-tom-and-jerry 3306M use duo, watch our [=Game/group-tom-and-jerry|other Tom & Jerry TASes].
Game/Msx-galaga 2284M have movies of the [=Game/msx-galaga|MSX version] and [=Game/sg1000-s
Game/Sg1000-segagalaga 2284M a|MSX version] and [=Game/sg1000-segagalaga|SG1000 version].
Game/Group-james-bond 3170M ret agent, see our [=Game/group-james-bond|other James Bond TASes].
Game/Msx-kiki-kaikai 2788M . As a sequel to ''[=Game/msx-kiki-kaikai|KiKi KaiKai]'', the Nopino Gobli
Game/Snes-pocky--rocky 3304M e game's sequel, ''[=Game/snes-pocky--rocky|Pocky & Rocky]''. [user:Zupapa] c
Game/Group-tetris 3065M x of a shooter and [=Game/group-tetris|Tetris]. You control a ship
Game/Group-scoobydoo 3299M tery Mayhem'' is a [=Game/group-scoobydoo|Scooby-Doo] game that appears t
Game/A7800-galaga 2283M have movies of the [=Game/a7800-galaga|Atari 7800 version] and [=Game/sg1000-s
Game/Sg1000-segagalaga 2283M 7800 version] and [=Game/sg1000-segagalaga|SG1000 version].
Game/Nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link 3331M e this game with ''[=Game/nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link|Zelda 2]'' because of its si
Game/Group-crash 3341M third game of the [=Game/group-crash|Crash Bandicoot series] developed by Naught
Game/Group-crash 3316M third game of the [=Game/group-crash|Crash Bandicoot series] developed by Naught
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 3886M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 3886M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this Col
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 3887M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 3887M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this Com
Game/Nes-adventures-of-lolo 3421M me, and some for ''[=Game/nes-adventures-of-lolo|Lolo 1]'' and ''[=Game/nes-
Game/Nes-adventures-of-lolo-3 3421M lo|Lolo 1]'' and ''[=Game/nes-adventures-of-lolo-3|Lolo 3]''.
Wiki.exe?page=Spikestuff&rev=189 5558S an, if you stalked [=wiki.exe?page=Spikestuff&rev=189|my page] you should've seen
4490M?fileId=12639&handler=DownloadAdditional 4490M original m64 file [=4490M?fileId=12639&handler=DownloadAdditional|here]. Timing for the m6
Feos 7280S ng for judging. [feos]: Replacing the movi
Game/Nes-rygar 3481M weapon. Unlike the [=Game/nes-rygar|NES version], this game is much
Game/Group-crash 3497M third game of the [=Game/group-crash|Crash Bandicoot series] developed by Naught
Game/Group-crash 3496M third game of the [=Game/group-crash|Crash Bandicoot series] developed by Naught
Moozooh HomePages/moozooh : # Super Metroid [Moozooh#SnesSuperMetroid 14Tas|14% TAS] gained higher prior
Game/C64-choplifter 2624M ave a movie of the [=Game/C64-choplifter|Commodore 64 version].
AddressesUp MemorySearch search functions. *[AddressesUp|Addresses Sets] contain many useful
Rating.exe/2209/Details 6107S s in Vault with an [=rating.exe/2209/details|entertainment rating of 5.6]. However this run i
Rating.exe/Users/Moozooh HomePages/moozooh See also: * my [=rating.exe/users/moozooh/|rating page]. * my "[=forum/p/1
Movies.cgi?name=ghosts Interviews/Bisqwit/GameCritics2004 atching a movie of [=movies.cgi?name=ghosts|Ghosts'n Goblins] played with ease a
Game/Nes-pinball-quest 3367M game, similar to ''[=Game/nes-pinball-quest|Pinball Quest]''. In the game y
Game/A7800-choplifter 3436M ave a movie of the [=Game/A7800-choplifter|Atari 7800 version].
Game/Sms-tom-and-jerry-the-movie 3383M ar mechanic, see ''[=Game/sms-tom-and-jerry-the-movie|Tom and Jerry: The Movie]''.
Game/Group-kuniokun 3428M fourth game in the [=Game/group-kuniokun|Kunio-kun series] released for the Su
Game/Nes-river-city-ransom 3428M (better known as ''[=Game/nes-river-city-ransom|River City Ransom]''). This run by [u
Game/A2600-super-3d-portals-6 2579M this site, with ''[=Game/a2600-super-3d-portals-6|Super 3D Portals 6]'' beating it by aro
Game/Group-tony-hawk 3647M fifth entry in the [=Game/group-tony-hawk|Tony Hawk series]. ''Underground'
Whybittorrent HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/FrontPage these videos. See [why bittorrent|why]. ------------ The
Movies.cgi?mode=listarch HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/FrontPage -- The movies are [=movies.cgi?mode=listarch|here].
Submitting HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/Helping You can: * Create [submitting|new cool videos and have them published here]. * Advertise the to
Queue.cgi?mode=submit HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/Login gistered users can [=queue.cgi?mode=submit|submit movies]. * Users who have p
Queue.cgi?mode=list&type=own HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/Login ow the progress of [=queue.cgi?mode=list&type=own|their submissions]. * Trusted users ca
Users/List HomePages/Truncated [Players-List] * [Users/List] * [System] ----
Game/Gba-kururin-paradise 1307M run of the sequel, [=Game/gba-kururin-paradise|Kururin Paradise].
Game/Gba-kuru-kuru-kururin 3700M er of games like ''[=Game/gba-kuru-kuru-kururin|Kuru Kuru Kururin]''. In ''Crazy Ball
Roles JudgeGuidelines tails thoughts the [Roles#Judge|judges] should adhere to wh
Rating.exe/3400/Details 6085S his branch and the [=rating.exe/3400/details|high enough ratings for the existing movie], I believe this des
... EncodingGuide/VideoDumping top\ffmpeg.exe" -y [...]}} #* See [https://
Activity/Judges/Maru HomePages/Maru per Mario series. [Activity/Judges/Maru]
AddressesUp ES/MemorySearch a de trampas. *La [AddressesUp|Colección de Direcciones] contiene muchas dir
Rating.exe/2916/Details 6114S tainment rating of [=rating.exe/2916/details|5.8] which is fairly bor
Game/Gb-pokmon-red-version 2565M ith his TASes of ''[=Game/gb-pokmon-red-version|Red Version]'', the entire input
Wiki.exe?page=GameResources/NES/DonaldLand&rev=20 GameResources/NES/DonaldLand contest end, click [=wiki.exe?page=GameResources/NES/DonaldLand&rev=20|here].
FractalFusion/AGIGamesSolutions HomePages/FractalFusion of this page * [Fractal Fusion / AGI Games Solutions] * [Fractal Fusion
GameGroups/26 1326M rly NES and SNES ''[GameGroups/26|Contra]'' titles, featuring
Game/Group-mario 2916M racters from the ''[=Game/group-mario|Mario]'' franchise. It com
GameGroups/26 3997M rly NES and SNES ''[GameGroups/26|Contra]'' titles, featuring
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 3883M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 3883M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this ver
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 3885M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 3885M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this ver
Game/Group-the-simpsons 3889M e cartoon series ''[=Game/group-the-simpsons|The Simpsons]''. It was developed
UnstreamedMovies ES/Helping ón multimedia]. [UnstreamedMovies|Películas sin transmitirse] [NoYoutube] %
Login ES/Helping elículas] *Si has [login|iniciado sesión], puedes valorar las
Rating.exe ES/Helping ayuda al sitio. [=rating.exe|Valorando películas] *Si has [login|ini
Game/Gba-kururin-paradise 3933M run of the sequel, [=Game/gba-kururin-paradise|Kururin Paradise]. ---- The second se
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 3884M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 3884M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this ver
NoYoutube ES/Helping n transmitirse] [NoYoutube] %%TAB Subiendo p
PJBoy/Dump 1946S ing a very helpful [=PJBoy/Dump|Dump page] among other things.
NoYoutube ES/Helping icas que requieren [NoYoutube|codificaciones adecuadas para transmitirse en YouTube]. __Hacerse publi
Wiki.rss RecentChanges vies] page.%%% *[=wiki.rss|RSS Feed] [module:WikiText
SamuraiGoroh/FFVwalkthroughplan 1649S d, you can check: [Samurai Goroh/FFV walkthrough plan] ---- [user:adel
Game/Group-commander-keen 2851M s also has runs of [=Game/group-commander-keen|all the other Keen games].
SuperMetroidTricks 2283S ounds by combining [SuperMetroidTricks#ChargeBeamCombos|Wave SBAs] and shinesparking t
Game/Nes-pinball-quest 3977M game, similar to ''[=Game/nes-pinball-quest|Pinball Quest]''. In the game y
3343S?handler=Download 3343S nload the game] * [=3343S?handler=Download|Download the movie file from this submission] * Unzip all three
GameGroups/24 527G irst game in the ''[GameGroups/24|Mother/EarthBound]'' series, known sim
Rating.exe/749/Details 6493S ublished run has a [=rating.exe/749/details|mediocre entertainment rating of 5.5] and this run cuts o 6514S some mistakes in a [|post]. I originally wa
Users/List AdminPanel ||Guidelines|| |[Users/List] |[Text
GameGroups/25 3592M third game of the [GameGroups/25|Crash Bandicoot series] developed by Naught
GameGroups/15 3760M ideo game starring [GameGroups/15|Kirby]. Specifically, it i
Game/Gba-kuru-kuru-kururin 4097M er of games like ''[=Game/gba-kuru-kuru-kururin|Kuru Kuru Kururin]''. In ''Crazy Ba
Game/Group-tom-and-jerry 4100M a number of other [=Game/group-tom-and-jerry|Tom and Jerry] runs.
GameGroups/201 3440M ]. We also have [GameGroups/201|many more Tomb Raider runs] available to watch.
GameGroups/9 3668M e cartoon series ''[GameGroups/9|The Simpsons]''. It was developed
GameGroups/25 3675M ure'' is the first [GameGroups/25|Crash Bandicoot] game on a handheld
Game/Nes-track--field 4090M It is similar to ''[=Game/nes-track--field|Track & Field]'' for the NES. Thi
Game/Dos-wolfenstein-3d 1057G of years before ''[=Game/dos-wolfenstein-3d|Wolfenstein 3D]'' and ''[=Game/doom
Game/Doom-the-ultimate-doom 1057G nstein 3D]'' and ''[=Game/doom-the-ultimate-doom|Doom]''. Billy "Commande
Rating.exe/3861/Details 6661S have good ratings ([=rating.exe/3861/details|2.6 entertainment avg]) but there's also n
Game/Group-tomb-raider 2209G in the original ''[=Game/group-tomb-raider|Tomb Raider]'' series, developed
Search?SearchTerms=megaman System/SearchTerms ing. For example, ‹[=Search?SearchTerms=megaman|megaman]› and ‹[=Search?Sear
Game/Psx-metal-gear-solid-vr-missions 3164M nemy placements. * [=Game/psx-metal-gear-solid-vr-missions|300 VR Training missions] on a separate disc.
Game/Psx-metal-gear-solid-vr-missions 3161M nemy placements. * [=Game/psx-metal-gear-solid-vr-missions|300 VR Training missions] on a separate disc.
Game/Group-tony-hawk 4156M in a now extensive [=Game/group-tony-hawk|series] of 10+ games that a
Game/Group-tony-hawk 2088M rst entry in the ''[=Game/group-tony-hawk|Tony Hawk]'' series of video g
Search?SearchTerms=Megaman System/SearchTerms man|megaman]› and ‹[=Search?SearchTerms=Megaman|Megaman]› give the same resu
Search?SearchTerms=mega+man System/SearchTerms ing. For example, ‹[=Search?SearchTerms=mega+man|mega man]› gives different re
Search?SearchTerms=megaman System/SearchTerms erent result than ‹[=Search?SearchTerms=megaman|megaman]› Much like the Goo
Search?SearchTerms=Metroid System/SearchTerms down the search. ‹[=Search?SearchTerms=Metroid|Metroid]› will find all Metr
Search?SearchTerms=Super+Metroid System/SearchTerms all consoles, but ‹[=Search?SearchTerms=Super+Metroid|Super Metroid]› will only find tho
Users/List AdminPanel r Information%% [Users/List|User Search] (Can view and edit
GameGroups/17 1674G 4th generation of [GameGroups/17|Pokémon games], after ''[787G|Ruby
GameGroups/17 2892M 4th generation of [GameGroups/17|Pokémon games], after ''[787G|Ruby
GameGroups/17 3598M 4th generation of [GameGroups/17|Pokémon games], after ''[787G|Ruby
Game/N64-paper-mario 4077M series following ''[=Game/n64-paper-mario|Paper Mario]'' for the Nintendo
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros-3 2545M milar to that of ''[=Game/nes-super-mario-bros-3|a certain famous game]''. Watch as [user:
Game/Group-streets-of-rage 1109G y similar to the ''[=Game/group-streets-of-rage|Streets of Rage]'' games and the arc
Game/Snes-lemmings 879M ossbreed between ''[=Game/snes-lemmings|Lemmings]'' and ''[=Game/gene
Game/Genesis-the-lost-vikings 879M |Lemmings]'' and ''[=Game/genesis-the-lost-vikings|The Lost Vikings]''. Its gameplay con
Game/Snes-out-of-this-world 4123M s the creator of ''[=Game/snes-out-of-this-world|Another World (AKA: Out of This World)]''. The game follow
Activity/Judges/Masterjun HomePages/Masterjun ---- Also I was a [Activity/Judges/Masterjun|judge] since November 2016
Game/Msx-galaga 2349M o have runs of the [=Game/msx-galaga|MSX version] and [=Game/a7800-ga
Game/A7800-galaga 2349M a|MSX version] and [=Game/a7800-galaga|Atari 7800 version].
Game/Pce-legend-of-hero-tonma 755G ck to games like ''[=Game/pce-legend-of-hero-tonma|Legend of Hero Tonma]'' and ''[=Game/Arca
Game/Arcade-ghouls-n-ghosts 755G ero Tonma]'' and ''[=Game/Arcade-ghouls-n-ghosts|Ghouls 'n Ghosts]''. Developed by RE
GameResources/NES/MetalForce?revision=7 HomePages/Masterjun Go to die! ---- [=GameResources/NES/MetalForce?revision=7|Preserving for eternity] ---- Shoutouts to
Game/Nes-mega-man-2 2039M Touhou clone of ''[=Game/nes-mega-man-2|Mega Man 2]''. The game feature
Game/Coleco-smurf-rescue-in-gargamels-castle 3980M by Coleco for the [=Game/coleco-smurf-rescue-in-gargamels-castle|ColecoVision] and Atari 2600. The
Game/Group-the-smurfs 3980M elevision series ''[=Game/group-the-smurfs|The Smurfs]''. In the game, the
Game/Nes-angry-birds 4178M not related to the [=Game/nes-angry-birds|other NES port] made by an unknown
Game/Group-banjokazooie 3411M atformer series, ''[=Game/group-banjokazooie|Banjo-Kazooie]'', but stars Donkey
GameGroups/17 3287M rd generation of ''[GameGroups/17|Pokémon]'', after ''Pokémon:
GameGroups/17 4278M rd generation of ''[GameGroups/17|Pokémon]'', after ''Pokémon:
Game/Group-final-fantasy 3817M stallment in the ''[=Game/group-final-fantasy|Final Fantasy]'' series, and the l
GameGroups/24 1302M irst game in the ''[GameGroups/24|Mother/EarthBound]'' series, known sim
Game/Group-pokmon 3636M 4th generation of [=Game/group-pokmon|Pokémon games], after ''[=Game/gba
Game/Gba-pokmon-ruby-version 3636M on games], after ''[=Game/gba-pokmon-ruby-version|Ruby]'', ''Sapphire'' and
Game/Gba-pokmon-emerald-version 3636M ''Sapphire'' and ''[=Game/gba-pokmon-emerald-version|Emerald]''. For the first ti
CasualPokePlayer 7302S AF69BBA02 ---- [CasualPokePlayer]: Replaced movie fil
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros 4227M is a 1989 clone of [=Game/nes-super-mario-bros|Super Mario Bros.] created by the Kore
Game/Nes-asterix 3333M s for games like ''[=Game/nes-asterix|Asterix]'' and ''[=Game/gb-t
Game/Gb-the-smurfs 3333M x|Asterix]'' and ''[=Game/gb-the-smurfs|The Smurfs]'' all the way up to
Game/Group-tom-and-jerry 4240M use duo, watch our [=Game/group-tom-and-jerry|other Tom & Jerry TASes].
Game/Snes-secret-of-mana 4242M oose "sequel" to ''[=Game/snes-secret-of-mana|Secret of Mana]''. The story follow
GameGroups/7 2253M nlike the previous [GameGroups/7|Bomberman] games in that it's
Game/Nes-gimmick 2966M w from titles like [=Game/nes-gimmick|Gimmick!], [2414M|Ufouria] an
Rating.exe/2565/Details 6796S eat either and the [=rating.exe/2565/details|ratings on the published run] are less than stell
Game/Nes-bionic-commando 4303M to the one from ''[=Game/nes-bionic-commando|Bionic Commando]''. Joe also has two
Rating.exe/1355/Details 6865S a lot of feedback. [=rating.exe/1355/details|The previous movie is very comfortably in the Vault] and I don't think I
Game/Group-final-fantasy 4305M stallment in the ''[=Game/group-final-fantasy|Final Fantasy]'' series, and the l
Game/N64-paper-mario 4314M series following ''[=Game/n64-paper-mario|Paper Mario]'' for the Nintendo
Game/Group-bishi-bashi 2919M at are a staple of [=Game/group-bishi-bashi|the series]. This collection of
Game/Snes-lemmings 4358M ossbreed between ''[=Game/snes-lemmings|Lemmings]'' and ''[=Game/gene
Game/Genesis-the-lost-vikings 4358M |Lemmings]'' and ''[=Game/genesis-the-lost-vikings|The Lost Vikings]''. Its gameplay con
Game/Group Movies summary pages] ** [=Game/group|List of game groups] * [Players-List|Li
Game/All Movies r predecessors] * [=Game/all|List of all game summary pages] ** [=Game/group|Li
Game/Psx-tomb-raider 3773M emble the original [=Game/psx-tomb-raider|Tomb Raider] than the more actio
Game/Group-tomb-raider 4153M in the original ''[=Game/group-tomb-raider|Tomb Raider]'' series. Lara Crof
Diff.exe?page=PublisherGuidelines&rev=171 6993S the branch label, [=diff.exe?page=PublisherGuidelines&rev=171|as the differences between Arrange Mode and Original Mode are fairly minimal].
...outputherethen... 7073S oveto 220 120 [... output here then...] > status
... 7073S ciate the viewers. [...] The last dinosaur,
Game/Group MovieTokens oupID> - Filter by [=Game/group|game group] %%TAB Sort%%
Feos 7277S ng for judging. [feos]: This run only sync
Game/Gba-pokmon-ruby-version 4399M Color. It has a ''[=Game/gba-pokmon-ruby-version|Ruby]'' and a ''[=Game/gb
Game/Gba-pokmon-sapphire-version 4399M on|Ruby]'' and a ''[=Game/gba-pokmon-sapphire-version|Sapphire]'' table, each based
Game/Nes-bubble-bobble 3059M very similar to ''[=Game/nes-bubble-bobble|Bubble Bobble]'', which means some
Game/Nes-bubble-bobble 4438M very similar to ''[=Game/nes-bubble-bobble|Bubble Bobble]'', which means some
TAS 7115S [TAS] Prince of Persia (D
Game/Group-tony-hawk 4445M rst entry in the ''[=Game/group-tony-hawk|Tony Hawk]'' series of video g
Game/Psx-punky-skunk 4356M s a prototype of ''[=Game/psx-punky-skunk|Punky Skunk]'', from its earlier
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 4458M game that spawned [=Game/nes-donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic
Game/Snes-classic-kong-complete 4458M -donkey-kong|many] [=Game/snes-classic-kong-complete|ports], including this ver
Game/Nes-the-legend-of-zelda 3073M Adventure Z'' is a [=Game/nes-the-legend-of-zelda|Zelda]-like game featuring
Rating.exe/1584/Details 7149S un on the site has [=rating.exe/1584/details|fairly poor ratings] and this run isn't
Ref.exe?page=TODO HomePages/klmz e Maintenance Log] [=ref.exe?page=TODO|TODO] [Sand Box] ---- [
SubmitMovie HomePages/klmz Statistics] ---- [Submit Movie] [http://dehacked.2y
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434 5759S ry]: Rejudging per [=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434|A recent change to the rules]. FREE MATH BLAST
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434 5759S [user:Memory]: [=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434|Changes in the movie rules] resulted in revisit
Game/Snes-radical-rex 3295M ex (not related to [=Game/snes-radical-rex|Radical Rex]) who must save his
Game/A2600-smurf-rescue-in-gargamels-castle 3788M e ColecoVision and [=Game/a2600-smurf-rescue-in-gargamels-castle|Atari 2600]. The game is based
Game/Group-the-smurfs 3788M elevision series ''[=Game/group-the-smurfs|The Smurfs]''. In the game, the
Movies.cgi?id=220,401,590,717,721,854,956,984,1082,1090,1091,1145,1168,1175,1177,1199,1222,1227,1256,1263,1290,1297,1299,1314,1324,1340,1364,1365,1373,1397,1403,1410,1417,1421,1461,1498,1506,1536,1579,1584,1587,1588,1619,1621,1636,1639,1649,1656,1664,1665,1681,1684,1686,1696,1710,1735,1752,1775,1781,1796,1834,1838,1851,1858,1860,1865,1870,1874,1886,1887,1889,1899,1925,1944,1946,1947,1948,1954,1956,1960,1964,1977,1978,1998,2016,2026,2036,2047,2072,2076,2077,2080,2095,2100,2101 HomePages/klmz ursive Link!] * [=movies.cgi?id=220,401,590,717,721,854,956,984,1082,1090,1091,1145,1168,1175,1177, 1199,1222,1227,1256,1263,1290,1297,1299,1314,1324,1340,1364,1365,1373,1397,1403, 1410,1417,1421,1461,1498,1506,1536,1579,1584,1587,1588,1619,1621,1636,1639,1649, 1656,1664,1665,1681,1684,1686,1696,1710,1735,1752,1775,1781,1796,1834,1838,1851, 1858,1860,1865,1870,1874,1886,1887,1889,1899,1925,1944,1946,1947,1948,1954,1956, 1960,1964,1977,1978,1998,2016,2026,2036,2047,2072,2076,2077,2080,2095,2100,2101|Klmz's list of skipped games (WARNING: LONG URL STRING!)] * [/HomePages/alde
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros 4350M ries of unlicensed [=Game/nes-super-mario-bros|Super Mario Bros.] clones. Most of the
GameResources/GBA/ZookManZX4?revision=26 GameResources/GBA/ZookManZX4 contest end, click [=GameResources/GBA/ZookManZX4?revision=26|here].
Activity/Publishers/Natt HomePages/natt s I've published: [Activity/Publishers/natt]
Feos 7289S ut at the end]. [feos]: [MovieRules#MovieM
Feos 7289S ted materials]. [feos]: Trimmed [MovieRule
Feos 7289S ng for judging. [feos]: Removed movie subt
Rating.exe/1025/Details 7045S for this game are [=rating.exe/1025/details|very] [=rating.exe/226/de
Rating.exe/226/Details 7045S 1025/details|very] [=rating.exe/226/details|Vault]. Since this run is
Wiki.exe?page=Vault&rev=29 7064S games. What we had [=wiki.exe?page=Vault&rev=29#GoalChoice|in 2014] was: ''"Games that
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=261&prev=259 7064S option was allowed [=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=261&prev=259|in 2018], and [2599M|the cur
Rating.exe/2599/Details 7064S e current movie is [=rating.exe/2599/details|very Vault], the new run gradua
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 3064M gh, Glover cited ''[=Game/nes-donkey-kong|Donkey Kong]'' as inspiration fo
Game/Group-banjokazooie 4513M atformer series, ''[=Game/group-banjokazooie|Banjo-Kazooie]'', but stars Donkey
I 7055S e previous ones (RN[i] = (RN[i-55] - RN[i-
I-55 7055S s ones (RN[i] = (RN[i-55] - RN[i-24]) mod 0X1
I-24 7055S i] = (RN[i-55] - RN[i-24]) mod 0X100000000).
Game/Group-crash 4515M second game of the [=Game/group-crash|Crash Bandicoot series] developed by Naught
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros 4040M is a 1989 clone of [=Game/nes-super-mario-bros|Super Mario Bros.] created by the Kore
AddressesUp PT/SubmissionInstructions '', você pode usar [AddressesUp|esta ferramenta] para mostrar uma ta
Login PT/SubmissionInstructions n'' é explicado na [login|página de login]. Se a submissão
Game/Nes-donkey-kong 4054M gh, Glover cited ''[=Game/nes-donkey-kong|Donkey Kong]'' as inspiration fo
Publications.rss NewMovies vies published: [=publications.rss|RSS Feed] [module:moviecha
GameResources/DOS/CaptainComicII GameResources/DOS/CaptainComic sequel for DOS, ''[GameResources/DOS/CaptainComicII|Captain Comic II: Fractured Reality]''. !!! Objectives
Search.html?key=Super+Mario+Bros HomePages/Nach ing in the various [=Search.html?key=Super+Mario+Bros|Super Mario Bros runs] (especially 3), whe
Search.html?key=Mega+Man HomePages/Nach d? See the various [=Search.html?key=Mega+Man|Mega Man runs] (especially NES one
AddressesUp TextFormattingRules/ListOfModules ses created in the [AddressesUp|addresses editor]. id is the address
Params TextFormattingRules/ListOfModules accepted by Movies-[params] pages: ;id:Limits
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Roles Staff __See also__%%% * [Roles] * [Roles/Details|R
Permissions Staff |Roles Details] * [Permissions] * [Most active edi
NoYoutube HomePages/Brandon reamedMovies] * [NoYoutube] * [Movies/Gruefo
Activity/Publishers/Brandon HomePages/Brandon AB Publications%% [Activity/Publishers/Brandon] %%TAB Coding%% [h
UnstreamedMovies HomePages/Brandon ] %%TAB TODO%% * [UnstreamedMovies] * [NoYoutube]
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UnstreamedMovies/No512 HomePages/Brandon Tasks *# [UnstreamedMovies/No512|Create a derived 512kb file for all collections in the archive that have none]. *# Original 512kb
Rating.exe/1802/Details 6049S S which averaged a [=rating.exe/1802/details|5.1] entertainment ratin
SubmitMovie RU/SubmissionInstructions можно на странице [Submit Movie|Отправить мувик]. В этом разделе рас
AddressesUp RU/SubmissionInstructions но воспользоваться [AddressesUp|вот этим инструментом], чтобы добавить к о
Login RU/SubmissionInstructions няется на странице [login|входа]. Если ваша работ
Game/Pce-legend-of-hero-tonma 1927M ck to games like ''[=Game/pce-legend-of-hero-tonma|Legend of Hero Tonma]'' and ''[=Game/Arca
Game/Arcade-ghouls-n-ghosts 1927M ero Tonma]'' and ''[=Game/Arcade-ghouls-n-ghosts|Ghouls 'n Ghosts]''. This is an im
SubmitMovie 7265S tation. The actual [SubmitMovie|submission page] doesn't do much to
Nach/Continuance 5557S that do not have a [=/Nach/Continuance|continuance]. Based on that rule
Natt/SyncHallOfShame 5557S banned for having [=/Natt/SyncHallOfShame|sync issues] and [=/Natt/Capture
Natt/CaptureHallOfShame 5557S e|sync issues] and [=/Natt/CaptureHallOfShame|AVI dumping issues], both of which made
Addresses-111 5666S Memory Addresses [=Addresses-111|Address Set #111: Target Earth] Suggested Screen
Rating.exe/2951/Details 6127S tainment rating of [=rating.exe/2951/details|3.8]. The submission
Wiki.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=324 6140S ation of this TAS, [=wiki.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=324#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtc|we already had a rule saying]: ''The hack or home
Rating.exe/3777/Details 6117S has the audience. [=rating.exe/3777/details|The ratings for that TAS] are mostly positive
Rating.exe/2973/Details 6135S ublished run has a [=rating.exe/2973/details|fairly poor rating] but I'll give this
Rating.exe/3040/Details 6118S ublished movie has [=rating.exe/3040/details|low ratings] as well. Accepti
Game/Group-metal-slug 5963S rategies, like for [=Game/group-metal-slug.html|Metal Slug games]; however, this is n
Rating.exe/3298/Details 6195S tainment rating of [=rating.exe/3298/details|6.2]. Audience feedback
Rating.exe/2017/Details 6191S ublished run is at [=rating.exe/2017/details|6.2] which is a little o
Rating.exe/3233/Details 6190S fan of the run but [=rating.exe/3233/details|the ratings for the current publication are quite solid]. Accepting to Mo
Rating.exe/1572/Details 6017S years, and look at [=rating.exe/1572/details|its entertainment rating]. We have a [tier
Login HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/TheUnmentionablePages ovies, you need to [log in]. This way you can l
Login HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/TheUnmentionablePages you have to be be [login|logged in] as an user that has
Rules HomePages/Bisqwit/InitialWikiPages/TheUnmentionablePages you have read the [rules]. # Make sure your m
Rating.exe/3722/Details 6035S ne, which received [=rating.exe/3722/details|fairly poor ratings]. Accepting to Va
SubmitMovie 4418S re linked from the [Submit Movie] page (that you have
Rating.exe/2620/Details 6074S fine. While the [=rating.exe/2620/details|rating of the previous run] was fairly average,
Rating.exe/567/Details 6048S he older movie was [=rating.exe/567/details|fairly good] as well. It could v
Rating.exe/2542/Details 6044S rrent TAS is at an [=rating.exe/2542/details|average entertainment rating of 6.4] which is relatively
Rating.exe/481/Details 6028S run, but given the [=rating.exe/481/details|ratings of the current 1P run], it would take a ma
Up-Right-U-R-U-R-...-U-R 6438S Controller input [Up-Right-U-R-U-R-...-U-R], which results in a
HD-S-HD-S-HD-...-S-HD 6438S s in a movement of [HD-S-HD-S-HD-...-S-HD] (up and right just
UpRight-UR-UR-...UR-UR 6438S Controller input [UpRight-UR-UR-...UR-UR], which results in a
HD-D-D-...-D-HD 6438S s in a movement of [HD-D-D-...-D-HD]%%% Since you want
UpRight-UR-U-R-U-R-...-U-R 6438S . Controller input [UpRight-UR-U-R-U-R-...-U-R], which results in a
HD-D-HD-D-HD-D-...-D-HD 6438S s in a movement of [HD-D-HD-D-HD-D-...-D-HD]%%% This provides a
Rating.exe/2373/Details 6451S urrent publication [=rating.exe/2373/details|belongs to Vault], and this movie is
Rating.exe/1447/Details 6450S rating we see that [=rating.exe/1447/details|it didn't help much]. We do have a [=
Rating.exe/3653/Details 6381S hread for [3653M], [=rating.exe/3653/details|that movie's rating] is overwhelmingly h
Login SubmissionInstructions s explained at the [login] page. Submission
SubmitMovie ZH/SubmissionInstructions !!! 填表 录像的提交在 [Submit Movie|提交录像] 页面进行。 下文将逐一解释待填项
Login ZH/SubmissionInstructions 文。 !!! 排错 您在 [Login|登录] 之后方可提交录像。(相关说明在登录页面
Privileges ZH/SubmissionInstructions 来到达真正的结尾,那么您可以向具有相关[Privileges|权限] 的 [Staff|用户] 请求更新提交
Rating.exe/2166/Details 6345S in the result, as [=rating.exe/2166/details|the rating shows]. Given the above
Game/Nes-indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade-taito 6315S leased on the NES; [=Game/nes-indiana-jones-and-the-last-crusade-taito|one] developed by Softwa
Game/Gb-the-adventures-of-pinocchio 6614S n also applies for [=Game/gb-the-adventures-of-pinocchio|this game], so we're not talki
Rating.exe/529/Details 5400S ce to me, it has a [=rating.exe/529/details|clear Vault rating], and this game feel
Addresses-62 4310S RAM addresses are [=/Addresses-62|here]. To summarize,
Game/Nes-bionic-commando 1257M to the one from ''[=Game/nes-bionic-commando|Bionic Commando]''. Joe also has two
Rating.exe/1010/Details 5765S -12-01 | [1010M] | [=rating.exe/1010/details|4.7] | 22 | | 2010-02
Rating.exe/1451/Details 5765S -02-05 | [1451M] | [=rating.exe/1451/details|5.3] | 12 | | 2010-07
Rating.exe/1567/Details 5765S -07-09 | [1567M] | [=rating.exe/1567/details|5] | 11 | | 2011-
Rating.exe/1881/Details 5765S -09-24 | [1881M] | [=rating.exe/1881/details|5.2] | 10.5 | | 2011-10
Rating.exe/1896/Details 5765S -10-11 | [1896M] | [=rating.exe/1896/details|5] | 10 | Despi
Rating.exe/3679/Details 6045S tainment rating of [=rating.exe/3679/details|6.2], but it does seem t
Rating.exe/749/Details 6763S g how Paperboy got [=rating.exe/749/details|rather low rating], I can't imagine th
Rating.exe/3352/Details 5928S ut a game with 2.4 [=rating.exe/3352/details|entertainment] [=rating.exe/3545/d
Rating.exe/3545/Details 5928S ils|entertainment] [=rating.exe/3545/details|rating]. No matter how craz
AddressesUp TasingGuide/AdvancedTools ght|w=360|h=210] * [AddressesUp|Addresses List] - What is already h
AddressesUp GameResources Several games have [AddressesUp|memory addresses] available here as w
Game/Group-saga 3394M first game in the [=Game/group-saga|SaGa series] and the first in th
Game/Group-qbert 3574M this long running [=Game/group-qbert|series] starring Q*bert, Co
Game/Group-tomb-raider 3767M ifth game in the ''[=Game/group-tomb-raider|Tomb Raider]'' franchise, and wa
Game/Psx-tomb-raider-the-last-revelation 3767M er the events of ''[=Game/psx-tomb-raider-the-last-revelation|Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation]''. In this movie
Game/Group-mario 3860M racters from the ''[=Game/group-mario|Mario]'' franchise. It com
Game/Group-final-fantasy 4206M e described like ''[=Game/group-final-fantasy|Final Fantasy]'' meets ''[=Game/gr
Game/Group-pokmon 4206M Fantasy]'' meets ''[=Game/group-pokmon|Pokémon]''; your team of war
Game/Group-banjokazooie 4192M atformer series, ''[=Game/group-banjokazooie|Banjo-Kazooie]'', but stars Donkey
Game/Group-qbert 4335M this long running [=Game/group-qbert|series] starring Q*bert, Co
NoYoutube TODO/UnstreamedMovies s] !!See also *[NoYoutube] *[Playlist] *[Uns
UnstreamedMovies/No512 TODO/UnstreamedMovies be] *[Playlist] *[UnstreamedMovies/No512]
AddressesUp DE/GameResources Spiele haben hier [AddressesUp|Speicheradressen] verfügbar. * [Plat
AddressesUp ES/GameResources rios juegos tienen [AddressesUp|direcciones de memoria] disponibles y [ES/p
HomePages/MESHUGGAH/Vboy 6062S [user:Memory] and [/HomePages/MESHUGGAH/Vboy|MESHUGGAH's VB page], without you I will
Roles PublisherGuidelines position, consult [Roles]. %%TOC%% This
Game/Nes-castlevania-iii-draculas-curse 7221S d!__ Try improving [=Game/nes-castlevania-iii-draculas-curse|an existing published branch], but also keep in m
LuaFunctions. Bizhawk/PreviousReleaseHistory s (for details see [LuaFunctions.]) ***input.getmouse(
Submissions.rss System/SubmissionHeader ertain people]. [=submissions.rss|RSS Feed of recent Submissions]
UnstreamedMovies FR/Helping de streaming]. [UnstreamedMovies|TAS non répertoriés] [NoYoutube|TAS s
NoYoutube FR/Helping on répertoriés] [NoYoutube|TAS sans lien Youtube] %%TAB Soumettre
EmulatorResourcesDOSBox EmulatorResources/Features [EmulatorResourcesDOSBox]|?|?|?|-|?|?|?|?|?|?
DOSBox EmulatorResources/PotentialEmulators version of DosBox ([DOSBox|Wiki page] | [=forum/t/5285|Fo
Game/Nes-Rygar MovieRules/Legacy to using them. See [=Game/nes-Rygar.html|Rygar] and [=Game/nes-Blas
Game/Nes-Blaster-Master MovieRules/Legacy ar.html|Rygar] and [=Game/nes-Blaster-Master.html|Blaster Master] for examples of suc
Game/Nes-Rygar RU/MovieRules/Legacy но увидеть в играх [=Game/nes-Rygar.html|Rygar] и [=Game/nes-Blaste
Game/Nes-Blaster-Master RU/MovieRules/Legacy ygar.html|Rygar] и [=Game/nes-Blaster-Master.html|Blaster Master]. * Европейские верс
Game/Nes-Rygar ES/MovieRules/Legacy dicha versión. Ver [=Game/nes-Rygar.html|Rygar] y [=Game/nes-Blaste
Game/Nes-Blaster-Master ES/MovieRules/Legacy ygar.html|Rygar] y [=Game/nes-Blaster-Master.html|Blaster Master] para ejemplos de bu
Game/Nes-Rygar FR/MovieRules/Legacy lisation. Voir See [=Game/nes-Rygar.html|Rygar] et [=Game/nes-Blast
Game/Nes-Blaster-Master FR/MovieRules/Legacy gar.html|Rygar] et [=Game/nes-Blaster-Master.html|Blaster Master] pour des exemples d
Game/Nes-Rygar IT/MovieRules/Legacy ta version. Vedere [=Game/nes-Rygar.html|Rygar] e [=Game/nes-Blaste
Game/Nes-Blaster-Master IT/MovieRules/Legacy ygar.html|Rygar] e [=Game/nes-Blaster-Master.html|Blaster Master] per esempi di buon
HomePages/mugg/SSBM Contests ! Game Specific * [/HomePages/mugg/SSBM] * [http://worms2d.i
Rating.exe/2537/Details 7162S nly mixed one, and [=rating.exe/2537/details|pure] [=rating.exe/3620/d
Rating.exe/3620/Details 7162S 2537/details|pure] [=rating.exe/3620/details|puzzle] [=rating.exe/3716/d
Rating.exe/3716/Details 7162S 20/details|puzzle] [=rating.exe/3716/details|games] [=rating.exe/4111/d
Rating.exe/4111/Details 7162S 716/details|games] [=rating.exe/4111/details|like] [=rating.exe/3480/d
Rating.exe/3480/Details 7162S 4111/details|like] [=rating.exe/3480/details|this] don't get high ente
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434 4575S ecting in light of [=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434|a recent change to the rules]. [user:CasualPok
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434 7175S more recently the [=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=435&prev=434|rules regarding that have changed], meaning games such
NoYoutube FR/Helping ui nécessitent des [NoYoutube|encodages appropriés pour YouTube]. __Devenir un pu
Feos 5619S ll the details. [feos]: I used to treat "l
Rating.exe RU/Helping омогаете сайту. [=rating.exe|Рейтинги мувиков] *[login|Авторизова
Login RU/Helping ейтинги мувиков] *[login|Авторизовавшись] на сайте, вы можете
UnstreamedMovies RU/Helping идеохостингов]. [Unstreamed Movies|Мувики, не размещенные нигде] [No Youtube|Муви
NoYoutube RU/Helping мещенные нигде] [No Youtube|Мувики, не размещенные на Youtube] %%TAB Отправка м
NoYoutube RU/Helping исторически ценных [NoYoutube|мувиков, которым еще не довелось попасть на Youtube]. __Как стать паб
AddressesUp ArticleIndex ng Started:__ * [AddressesUp|Addresses List] - Games we already
Profile/Ratings ArticleIndex movie ratings. * [Profile/Ratings|Rating] - Rate the movies y
Account/Login ArticleIndex can contribute! * [=Account/Login|Log In] - Must be [=Account
Account/Register ArticleIndex |Log In] - Must be [=Account/Register|registered] first. __Communi
Publications/YoutubeUploaders ArticleIndex ding Checklist] * [Publications/YoutubeUploaders|Youtube Uploaders] - List of Youtube c
NoYoutube ArticleIndex reaming Media] ** [NoYoutube|Movies without YouTube encodes] __Publishing Gui
Games/List ArticleIndex ation on using the [Games/List|Game Editor] * [Text Formatting
TASVideoAgent ArticleIndex f System Pages. * [TAS Video Agent] - The robot of this
Streamingmedia EncodingGuide/Legacy/StreamingMedia o be uploaded to a [streaming media] site. !! Dos
Roles EncodingGuide/PublicationManual Links ---- * [Roles#Publisher|Publisher role] * [Publisher Guide
Roles FR/EncodingGuide/PublicationManual tre obsolètes * [Roles#Publisher|Rôle de Publisher] * [Publisher Guide
HomePages/MESHUGGAH/Media 4874S was highlighted at [/HomePages/MESHUGGAH/Media|AGDQ 2014], but I digress.
Rating.exe/4384/Details 7157S , and the any% has [=rating.exe/4384/details|terrible rating]. Accepting to Vault
Rating.exe/2153/Details 6767S and ratings of the [=rating.exe/2153/details|previous] [=rating.exe/2887/d
Rating.exe/2887/Details 6767S /details|previous] [=rating.exe/2887/details|movies], but due to their s
Game/Gb-the-smurfs 6785S me, similar to its [=Game/gb-the-smurfs.html|GB counterpart]. The movie is well
Rating.exe/2998/Details 6801S ally sure why. The [=rating.exe/2998/details|ratings of the published run] aren't great but fo
Addresses-109 6050S Memory Addresses [=Addresses-109|Address Set #109: Sonic Labyrinth] Suggested Screen
TAS 6654S *[TAS ] Revenge of shinobi
... GameResources/PSX/ArmoredCore ission = 6 frames *[...] The second factor
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=402&prev=401 5946S ecently introduced [=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=402&prev=401|rule], and thus this movi
Rating.exe/Users/Arc HomePages/Arc ho has watched and [=rating.exe/users/Arc/|rated] every currently pub
Rating.exe/2781/Details 7011S he problem is that [=rating.exe/2781/details|its rating is quite low] after 6 years. It h
Rating.exe/3515/Details 7130S eos]: Accepting to [=rating.exe/3515/details|Vault] to obsolete [3515M]
Game/Gc-spiderman 7114S mostly similar to [=Game/gc-spiderman|the 2 existing publications] of this game and th
Game/Nes-super-mario-bros 7132S not up to par with [=Game/nes-super-mario-bros.html|existing SMB branches], and doesn't provid
SubmitMovie 1974S ne. Author did not [SubmitMovie|specify] what is improved in
Games/List TODO/NoGame form.%%% Use the [Games/List] to create and maint
Feos 7239S o the new site. [feos]: Restoring Needs mo
Feos 7239S tware renderer. [feos]: Synced, judging...
Feos 7239S ced, judging... [feos]: Added sync info to
Wiki/Referrers?path=TODO TODO * Many pages which [=Wiki/Referrers?path=TODO|refer] to this TODO page h
Diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=26&prev=25 3996S There was an old ([=diff.exe?page=MovieRules&rev=26&prev=25|2005]) rule that excused
Game/Snes-super-metroid 4481S h (while there are [=Game/snes-super-metroid|7 of them] already). However,
Movies.cgi?name=Final+fantasy+v 2033S serve that we also [=movies.cgi?name=Final+fantasy+v|have] published Final Fan
Game/Nes-the-simpsons-bart-vs-the-space-mutants SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS (0:14:28)|uses the [=Game/nes-the-simpsons-bart-vs-the-space-mutants|Bart vs. Space Mutants] engine| |[http://s
Game/Nes-willow SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS llow] in (1:18:27)|[=Game/nes-willow|Six cancelled submissions], [=forum/t/365|Foru
Game/Nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS me+"] in (0:09:42)|[=Game/nes-zelda-ii-the-adventure-of-link|Other published runs], is this branch ext
Game/Pce-splatterhouse SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS ouse] in (0:13:46)|[=Game/pce-splatterhouse|Published PCE version run], [=forum/t/9421|For
Movies.cgi?name=Dawn+of+Sorrow SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS 083|Forum thread], [=movies.cgi?name=Dawn+of+Sorrow|Published non-Boss Rush runs])| |[http://speedde
Game/Nes-bad-dudes SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS :19:52)|Similar to [=Game/nes-bad-dudes|Bad Dudes]| |[http://speeddem
Movies.cgi?name=Aria+of+Sorrow SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS 194|Forum thread], [=movies.cgi?name=Aria+of+Sorrow|Published non-Boss Rush runs])| |[http://speedde
Game/Gba-mega-man-zero SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS )|Unlockable mode. [=Game/gba-mega-man-zero|There are 2 other TASes] and a [=forum/t/250
Game/Pce-bonks-adventure SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS ture] in (0:18:53)|[=Game/pce-bonks-adventure|PCE version run], [=forum/t/6648|Old
Game/Windows-rosenkreuzstilette SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS 2:19.94)|Sequel to [=Game/windows-rosenkreuzstilette|this game]| |[http://speeddem
Game/Group-umihara-kawase SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS :07:07)|Similar to [=Game/group-umihara-kawase|Umihara Kawase] games| |[http://sp
Game/Gb-the-incredible-crash-dummies SDARunsWithoutAPublishedTAS mies] in (0:19:23)|[=Game/gb-the-incredible-crash-dummies|GB version publication]| |[http://speeddem
Roles DE/Staff sere Rollen, siehe [Roles|Rollen]. Für detailliertere
Privileges DE/Staff Privilegien, siehe [Privileges|Privilegien]. %%TAB Verwalter%%
Roles DE/Staff Richter__%%% (Die [Roles#Judge|Richerrolle])%%% [module:WikiUs
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Privileges DE/Staff haben zusätzliche [privileges|Privilegien], welche über das hi
Roles DE/Staff ehe ebenso__%%% * [Roles|Rollen] * [Privileges|Priv
Privileges DE/Staff [Roles|Rollen] * [Privileges|Privilegien] * [Most active edi
Wiki.exe?page=GabCM&rev=119 HomePages/adelikat/EmptyQueue h.png !!! #2 [=wiki.exe?page=GabCM&rev=119|MisterEpic] did the same when h
Wiki/ViewSource?path=TextFormattingRules TextFormattingRules . Hint: See the [=Wiki/ViewSource?path=TextFormattingRules|source code] of this page to see
Games/List GamenamesEditorHowTo e edited using the [Games/List|Game List]. Each game, whet
SubmitMovie GamenamesEditorHowTo es/|Userfiles] and [SubmitMovie|the movie submission page] are directly taken
Game/N64-mario-kart-64 GamenamesEditorHowTo rger group, like ''[=Game/n64-mario-kart-64|Mario Kart]'' and ''[=Game/n64-
Game/N64-mario-party GamenamesEditorHowTo ario Kart]'' and ''[=Game/n64-mario-party|Mario Party]'' are both in the '
Game/Group-mario GamenamesEditorHowTo are both in the ''[=Game/group-mario|Mario]'' group * The grou
Game/Group-mickey-mouse GamenamesEditorHowTo ller group, like ''[=Game/group-mickey-mouse|Mickey Mouse]'' and ''[=Game/grou
Game/Group-donald-duck GamenamesEditorHowTo key Mouse]'' and ''[=Game/group-donald-duck|Donald Duck]'' instead of one bi
Game/Nes-kirbys-adventure GamenamesEditorHowTo /41G" both lead to [=Game/nes-kirbys-adventure|this page]. We recommend th
Game/Snes-super-metroid Movies/GruefoodDelight ne of the better ''[=Game/snes-super-metroid|Super Metroid]'' hacks.%%% %%%[use
Game/Gbc-super-mario-bros-deluxe Movies/GruefoodDelight d confusion with a [=Game/gbc-super-mario-bros-deluxe|GBC game], this hack lets you
Publications.rss News S feeds for latest [=publications.rss|publications], [=submissions.rss|
Submissions.rss News rss|publications], [=submissions.rss|submissions], and [=news.rss|new
News.rss News |submissions], and [=news.rss|news]. * The [=combined.
Combined.rss News .rss|news]. * The [=combined.rss|combined RSS feed].
SubmitMovie FR/SubmissionInstructions partir de la page [Submit Movie|soumettre un TAS]. Cette page expliq
Diff.exe?page=JudgeGuidelines&rev=26&prev=23 2521S r:Nach]: We have a [=diff.exe?page=JudgeGuidelines&rev=26&prev=23|new clause] in our rules. This
AddressesUp FR/SubmissionInstructions us pouvez utiliser [AddressesUp|cet outil] pour afficher un ta
Login FR/SubmissionInstructions uée sur la page de [login]. Si la soumissio
Game/Group-pacman Movies/GruefoodDelight resting to see a ''[=Game/group-pacman|Pac-Man]'' game TASed.%%% %%
Game/Nes-top-gun Movies/GruefoodDelight uel to the first ''[=Game/nes-top-gun|Top Gun]''...| || ||[1939
Roles AdminGuidelines dministrative user [roles]. For a listing of
Privileges AdminGuidelines ic privileges, see [Privileges]. ---- !! Expect
Activity/Publishers/Dacicus HomePages/Dacicus hed for the site. [Activity/Publishers/Dacicus] %%TAB_END%%
Activity/Publishers/AntyMew HomePages/AntyMew My publications%% [Activity/Publishers/AntyMew] %%TAB Games of int
Activity/Judges/Arkiandruski HomePages/arkiandruski Judgements I made [Activity/Judges/arkiandruski] !!!Vision for an
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 re-encoding: * [No Youtube] * [=forum/p/477364
Activity/Publishers/EZGames69 HomePages/EZGames69 AB Publications%% [Activity/Publishers/EZGames69] %%TAB Re-encodes
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 tas-fetofs|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/490794#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 s-mato.mkv|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/490845#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 tas-wwmarx|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/490963#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 s-mitjitsu|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491971#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 l-tas-mato|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/492108#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 tas-eratyx|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/492169#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 retwarlord|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491927#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 __20200130|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/http://
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 faq_202001|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491629#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 faq_202001|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491630#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 qcarretero|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491832#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 as-arukado|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491813#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 onikkustar|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491740#
NoYoutube HomePages/EZGames69 -tast-mato|link] | [No Youtube] | [=forum/p/491642#
Activity/Judges/GoddessMaria HomePages/GoddessMaria 1] %%TAB_END%% [Activity/Judges/GoddessMaria]
Activity/Publishers/Ilari HomePages/Ilari I have published [Activity/Publishers/Ilari] %%TAB_END%%
Activity/Judges/Noxxa HomePages/Noxxa e other judges. [Activity/Judges/Noxxa] %%TAB Hide all
Activity/Judges HomePages/Noxxa I have judged. See [Activity/Judges] to compare statisti
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Activity/Publishers/Sgrunt HomePages/sgrunt ication history%% [Activity/Publishers/sgrunt] __Other interest
Roles HomePages/sgrunt dly neighbourhood [Roles|senior publisher] from 2010-07-08 -
Activity/Judges/Slamo HomePages/slamo . !!! Judgings [Activity/Judges/slamo]
Activity/Publishers/Stovent HomePages/Stovent AB Publications%% [Activity/Publishers/Stovent] %%TAB Encodes fo
Activity/Publishers/TheCoreyBurton HomePages/TheCoreyBurton of June, 2017. [Activity/Publishers/TheCoreyBurton] %%TAB To-Do List%%
Activity/Judges/ThunderAxe31 HomePages/ThunderAxe31 my statistics: [Activity/Judges/ThunderAxe31] %%TAB_END%%
Game/Group-castlevania Movies/GruefoodDelight he first ever 3D ''[=Game/group-castlevania|Castlevania]'' title.%%%Author c
Activity/Judges/Ars4326 HomePages/ars4326 and say hello! [Activity/Judges/ars4326] duvet! aaaaaaaaa
Activity/Judges/Tompa HomePages/Tompa Frames" - Tompa [Activity/Judges/Tompa]
Activity/Judges/Nach HomePages/Nach/SubmissionJudgements e other judges. [Activity/Judges/Nach]
Activity/Publishers/Nach HomePages/Nach/SitePublications anyone else. [Activity/Publishers/Nach]
Activity/Publishers/Aktan HomePages/Aktan !! Publications [Activity/Publishers/Aktan]
Activity/Publishers/DeHackEd HomePages/DeHackEd/Publications [Activity/Publishers/DeHackEd]
Activity/Publishers/Sheela901 HomePages/sheela901 ist, or doctor. [Activity/Publishers/sheela901]
Activity/Judges/Fog HomePages/Fog ns, greets you%%% [Activity/Judges/Fog]%%% [Activity/Publi
Activity/Publishers/Fog HomePages/Fog ty/Judges/Fog]%%% [Activity/Publishers/Fog]%%%
SystemTVCControl EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel n propagation, use [System TVC Control]. Don't forget to cl
Privileges EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel Those with the [Privileges|appropriate permissions] (''tvc_upload''), g
AddressesUp EmulatorResources/RamSearch ocumented here. [AddressesUp|Addresses Sets] contain many useful
AddressesUp ES/EmulatorResources/RamWatch archivos .wch. La [AddressesUp|Colección de Direcciones] contiene muchas dir
AddressesUp EmulatorResources/RamWatch h uses .wch files. [AddressesUp|Addresses Sets] contain many useful
Game/Nes-mega-man-5 Movies/GruefoodDelight TAS of the hack ''[=Game/nes-mega-man-5|Mega Man V] Fly''. Yes, the onl
AddressesUp ES/EmulatorResources/RamSearch entado aquí. La [AddressesUp|Colección de Direcciones] contiene muchas dir
Game/Nes-snow-bros HomePages/Spikestuff YouTube borked]) & [Game/nes-snow-bros|Snow Bros.] and the [GameResour
Activity/Publishers/Spikestuff HomePages/Spikestuff %%TAB Published [Activity/Publishers/Spikestuff] %%TAB Logos [ht
Game/Snes-mighty-morphin-power-rangers HomePages/Spikestuff RPG 100%] and both [Game/snes-mighty-morphin-power-rangers|Mighty Morphing Power Rangers] TASes saw the end o
Game/Snes-chrono-trigger HomePages/Spikestuff re Scarlet. All of [Game/snes-chrono-trigger|Chrono Trigger], [2803M|Super Mario
Game/Snes-super-mario-rpg-legend-of-the-seven-stars HomePages/Spikestuff IX] and a batch of [Game/snes-super-mario-rpg-legend-of-the-seven-stars|Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars]. * 31st Oct 2020 -
Activity/Publishers/Guga HomePages/Guga Publications%% [Activity/Publishers/Guga] %%TAB Dreams%%
Activity/Publishers/GabCM HomePages/GabCM My publications: [Activity/Publishers/GabCM]
Feos 7250S : Processing... [feos]: The mode is called
Activity/Judges/Memory HomePages/Memory e%% %%TAB Show%% [Activity/Judges/Memory] %%TAB_END%% !!!
UnstreamedMovies/No512 HomePages/Ilari/PageLinks er Guidelines]%%% [UnstreamedMovies/No512|No 512 list]%%% [Players-List|P
Users/List HomePages/Ilari/PageLinks |Players list]%%% [Users/List|User search]%%% [UserMaintenanc
Wiki.exe?page=Metroid2SelectGlitchInfo&mode=edit GameResources/GB/Metroid2 rying degrees; see [=wiki.exe?page=Metroid2SelectGlitchInfo&mode=edit#Shadows|Shadows]). This section wil
Wiki.exe?page=Metroid2SelectGlitchInfo&mode=edit GameResources/GB/Metroid2 "warp rooms" (see [=wiki.exe?page=Metroid2SelectGlitchInfo&mode=edit#Warping|Warping]). This means tha
TASVideoAgent NesVideoAgent er, and renamed to [TAS Video Agent]. ! Scapegoat
HomePage UserPages is site, you get a [HomePage] by default! To edi
Activity/Publishers/Fsvgm777 HomePages/fsvgm777 movies (by me)%% [Activity/Publishers/fsvgm777] %%TAB My TASes t
HomePages/mugg/SSBM HomePages/Zeupar stNonObsoleted] * [/HomePages/mugg/SSBM] * [Nicovideo] * [
Games/List HomePages/Zeupar ificationTests] * [Games/List] * [PublicationsFro
MetroidFusionTricks GameResources/GBA/MetroidFusion all. You can do [=MetroidFusionTricks.html#spin_in_mid_air_and_keep_jumping_|Spin in mid-air and keep jumping] from a power grip a
Megamanx/Dashshotcharged.png GameResources/SNES/MegaManX harged X-Buster [megamanx/dashshotcharged.png|right]By dashing and then
Notables.rss ES/Applications por consola] o por [=notables.rss|películas notables] (destacados, mejor
Systems.rss ES/Applications como esos, ya sean [=systems.rss|fuentes por consola] o por [
Wiki.rss ES/Applications na fuente para los [=wiki.rss|cambios en la wiki] o [ES/XMLDataFeed|a
Combined.rss ES/Applications suscribirte a una [=combined.rss|fuente combinada] para ver las notici
Activity/Judges/CasualPokePlayer HomePages/CasualPokePlayer on GB TAS Tool] [Activity/Judges/CasualPokePlayer]
Rating.exe/My ES/ArticleIndex n de películas. * [=rating.exe/my/|Clasificación] - Evalúa las pelícu
Account/Login ES/ArticleIndex ede contribuir! * [Account/Login|Inicio de sesión] - Debes estar [=Acc
Account/Register ES/ArticleIndex ión] - Debes estar [=Account/Register|registrado] ** [ES/LogInProble
AddressesUp ES/ArticleIndex _Empezando:__ * [AddressesUp|Lista de direcciones de memoria] - Juegos en los que
MetroidTricks GameResources/SNES/SuperMetroid nown mainly as the [=MetroidTricks.html#DoorGlitch|door glitch] of NES Metroid fame
Privileges Roles/Details rivileges, consult [Privileges]. %%TOC%% !! A
Permissions Roles/Details also * [Staff] * [Permissions] ---- [1] In par
SiteTechnology/API Applications TASVideos offers [SiteTechnology/API|APIs] and [XMLDataFeed|da
Notables.rss Applications ole system] or for [=notables.rss|noteworthy movies] (featured, top rate
Systems.rss Applications ike feeds, such as [=systems.rss|feeds per console system] or for [=notables.r
Wiki.rss Applications ssions. A feed for [=wiki.rss|wiki changes]. Or [XMLDataFeed|se
Combined.rss Applications can subscribe to a [=combined.rss|combined feed] for news, publicati
Feos 7267S ng for judging. [feos]: Replaced with a 5
Feos 7267S thor's request. [feos]: Updated the branch
Feos 7267S ompletion goal. [feos]: Accepting over [28
News.rss XMLDataFeed ral RSS feeds. *[=news.rss|News] *[
Publications.rss XMLDataFeed [=news.rss|News] *[=publications.rss|Publications] *[=submissions.rss
Submissions.rss XMLDataFeed ss|Publications] *[=submissions.rss|Submissions] *[=wiki.rss|Wiki]
Wiki.rss XMLDataFeed rss|Submissions] *[=wiki.rss|Wiki] [Todo]: Add some
Feos 7278S ng for judging. [feos]: Rejecting as expla
Account/Register HomePages/Jess, why not [=Account/Register]?[endif] ---- %%TA
JudgeCounts/LongestJudgmentNotes HomePages/feos . This resulted in [JudgeCounts/LongestJudgmentNotes|me getting into this list]. __Senior Judge_
TODO/Coding HomePages/feos s / TAS Editor] [TODO / Coding] [Movie Publishin
Activity/Judges/Feos HomePages/feos AB Useful links [Activity / Judges / feos] [Activity / Publ
Activity/Publishers/Feos HomePages/feos Judges / feos] [Activity / Publishers / feos] [Games] [Enco
Game-List HomePages/feos se Engineering] [=Game-List] [Tasing Guide]
Uploaders-ID-38 HomePages/feos % * I encoded: **[=Uploaders-ID-38.html|Primary channel] **[=Uploaders-ID-1
Activity/Publishers/RGamma HomePages/RGamma vies I published: [Activity/Publishers/RGamma]
Uploaders-ID-113 HomePages/feos rimary channel] **[=Uploaders-ID-113.html|Abandoned channel 1] **[=Uploaders-ID-7
Uploaders-ID-70 HomePages/feos oned channel 1] **[=Uploaders-ID-70.html|Abandoned channel 2] %%TAB I plan
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ES/Guidelines ES/ListOfIdeas de haber leido las [ES/Guidelines|guías] para esta colección
ES/Links ES/ListOfIdeas nas listadas en la [ES/Links|sección de enlaces].
ES/Movies ES/Downloads Nuestra sección de [ES/Movies|Películas] permite a los usuar
ES/Movies ES/Downloads da todas nuestras [ES/Movies|Películas] incluyen un archivo
ES/FAQ ES/Downloads entrada. Lee las [ES/FAQ|preguntas frecuentes] si tienes problemas
ES/ConsoleVerificationTests ES/ConsoleVerificationGuide adas en consola] | [ES/ConsoleVerificationTests|Pruebas de verificación en consola] !! Introducción Es
ES/FAQ ES/TASingGuide ido a TASVideos] * [ES/FAQ] - Preguntas de reci
ES/TasingGuide/TASArt ES/TASingGuide s. !!! Trabajo * [ES/TasingGuide/TASArt|Enfoque] - Crea arte. ! Jue
ES/TasingGuide/BasicTools ES/TASingGuide ng|uso] inicial. * [ES/TasingGuide/BasicTools|Herramientas Básicas] - Lo que obtienes u
ES/TasingGuide/AdvancedTools ES/TASingGuide nicias tu juego. * [ES/TasingGuide/AdvancedTools|Herramientas Avanzadas] - Lo que implica ba
ES/Guidelines ES/TASingGuide er. ! Consejos * [ES/Guidelines|Sugerencias] * [ES/GameResources
ES/GameResources/CommonTricks ES/TASingGuide nes|Sugerencias] * [ES/GameResources/CommonTricks|Trucos comunes] - Lo que la mayoría
ES/GameResources/BossFightingGuide ES/TASingGuide juegos permiten. * [ES/GameResources/BossFightingGuide|Guía para pelear contra jefes] - Pelea contra un j
ES/RoutePlanning ES/TASingGuide sido examinados. * [ES/RoutePlanning|Planificación de una ruta] ! Resultados * [E
ES/SubmissionInstructions ES/TASingGuide pena de enviar. * [ES/SubmissionInstructions|Instrucciones de envío] - Como enviarlo al
ES/JudgeGuidelines ES/TASingGuide viarlo al sitio. * [ES/JudgeGuidelines|Guías para el Juez] - Como se juzgará.
ES/ForumRanks ES/TASingGuide !!! Recompensas * [ES/ForumRanks|Rangos del foro] - Rangos y puntuaci
ES/StarmanGuidelines ES/TASingGuide ón de jugadores. * [ES/StarmanGuidelines|Guías para el Starman] - Que hace ganar un
ES/Awards ES/TASingGuide a una película. * [ES/Awards|Premios] - Ceremonia de prem
ES/Users ES/Helping cación, contacta a [ES/Users|un publicador o administrador] para volverte un pu
ES/TextFormattingRules ES/Helping áginas. Mira el [ES/TextFormattingRules|marcado] antes de empezar.
ES/Users ES/Helping rlo, contacta a un [ES/Users|administrador o asistente de administración] y por favor mencion
ES/Users ES/Helping uiera puede ser un [ES/Users|editor] a pedido. Para hace
ES/StreamingMedia ES/Helping uestras cuentas de [ES/StreamingMedia|transmisión multimedia]. [UnstreamedMovi
ES/Screenshots ES/Helping os necesitan]. lee [ES/Screenshots|capturas] primero. * Añadir
ES/EncodingGuide/PublicationManual ES/Helping al ser creados; la [ES/EncodingGuide/PublicationManual|Guía de codificación] tiene sugerencias d
ES/EncoderGuidelines ES/Helping y que conozcan los [ES/EncoderGuidelines|estrictos requerimientos] al ser creados; la
ES/Users ES/Helping dia]. Contacta un [ES/Users|publicador] para mas informació
ES/StreamingMedia ES/Helping ido en un sitio de [ES/StreamingMedia|transmisión multimedia]. Contacta un [ES/U
ES/EncoderGuidelines ES/Helping gentes como en las [ES/EncoderGuidelines|Guías de codificador]. Preferidos cuando
ES/EmulatorResources/PotentialEmulators ES/Helping ular? Mira nuestra [ES/EmulatorResources/PotentialEmulators|lista de emuladores con potencial]. __Programación
ES/EmulatorResources/Requirements ES/Helping a que conozcan los [ES/EmulatorResources/Requirements|requisitos]. Interesado en aña
ES/EmulatorResources/Development ES/Helping grabación consulta [ES/EmulatorResources/Development|Desarrollo]. Nosotros __defi
ES/Users ES/Helping con privilegios de [ES/Users|Editor] pueden crear nuevas
ES/Guidelines ES/Helping á vinculado en las [ES/Guidelines|Guías]. %%TAB Traducien
ES/JudgeGuidelines ES/Helping ncia y conoces los [ES/JudgeGuidelines|requisitos] puedes hacerte un J
ES/PublisherGuidelines ES/MovieTagGuidelines uras adicionales * [ES/Publisher Guidelines|Guía del publicador] * [ES/Editor Guidel
ES/EditorGuidelines ES/MovieTagGuidelines del publicador] * [ES/Editor Guidelines|Guía del editor] * [ES/Text Formatti
ES/TextFormattingRules ES/MovieTagGuidelines Guía del editor] * [ES/Text Formatting Rules|Reglas del formato de texto] %%TOC%% !!! Resum
ES/Guidelines ES/MovieTagGuidelines s difícil. Mira la [ES/Guidelines|Guía] para saber el por q
PT/SubmitMovie PT/SubmissionInstructions ovies'' é feita na [PT/Submit Movie|página de submissão]. Esta página expli
ES/IRCChannel/Rules ES/IRCChannel -- * Consulta las [ES/IRCChannel/Rules|Reglas de canales del IRC]. * [ES/TASVideosNa
ES/TASVideosName ES/IRCChannel nales del IRC]. * [ES/TASVideosName|Explicación del nombre del canal].
DE/Users DE/Tier rspiegeln. Unsere [DE/Users|Juroren] akzeptieren Film-Ei
ES/LuckManipulation ES/Glossary Más información en [ES/Luck Manipulation|Manipulación de la Suerte]. ! Tiempo real Mo
ES/GameResources/CommonTricks ES/GameResources hay una página de [ES/GameResources/CommonTricks|trucos comunes] la cual contiene co
ES/Guidelines ES/MovieRules/Legacy xito. Consulta las [ES/Guidelines|directrices] sobre cómo crear un
ES/Guidelines ES/MovieRules/Legacy o concepto que las [ES/Guidelines|directrices] que dicen que deber
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]); * Archivos de pel
ES/EmulatorResources/Famtasia/FMV ES/MovieRules/Legacy película Famtasia ([ES/EmulatorResources/Famtasia/FMV|FMV]) y archivos de pelí
ES/OtherEmulators/VMV ES/MovieRules/Legacy elícula VirtuaNES ([ES/OtherEmulators/VMV|VMV]) son ''[http://en.w
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]) * Archivos de pelí
ES/Lsnes/Movieformat ES/MovieRules/Legacy de película lsnes ([ES/Lsnes/Movieformat|LSMV])[#1] * Archivos de
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]) (preferido). * Arc
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BKMFormat|.bkm] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]) * Archivos de pel
ES/Lsnes/Movieformat ES/MovieRules/Legacy de película lsnes ([ES/Lsnes/Movieformat|LSMV])[#1] ** Sólo Gamebo
ES/OtherEmulators/VMV ES/MovieRules/Legacy s de achivos VBV y [ES/OtherEmulators/VMV|VMV]). ** ¡Lee las regla
ES/OtherEmulators/VMV ES/MovieRules/Legacy de archivos VBV y [ES/OtherEmulators/VMV|VMV]). ** ¡Lee las regla
ES/EmulatorResources/Desmume/DSM ES/MovieRules/Legacy película DeSmuME ([ES/EmulatorResources/Desmume/DSM|DSM]) hechos con DeSmuME
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]); * Archivos de pel
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]). ! Sega Genesis/M
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]) (preferido). * Arc
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]) (preferido). * Arc
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BK2For
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]). * Archivos de pel
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]) (preferido) * Arch
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]). ! TI-83 * Archiv
ES/BizHawk ES/MovieRules/Legacy chivos de película [ES/BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFor
ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy /BizHawk|BizHawk] ([ES/Bizhawk/BKMFormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Fo
ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format ES/MovieRules/Legacy ormat|.bkm/.tas] / [ES/Bizhawk/BK2Format|.bk2]). ! Gamecube & Wii
ES/EmulatorResources/JPC/JRSRFormat ES/MovieRules/Legacy de película JRSR ([ES/EmulatorResources/JPC/JRSRFormat|JRSR]) hechas con JPC. !
FR/IRCChannel FR/EncodingGuide/PublicationManual es Encoders] ou le [FR/IRCChannel|canal IRC #tasvideos].
ES/EmulatorResources/Features ES/EmulatorResources/Using herramientas. Ver [ES/EmulatorResources/Features|EmulatorResources/Features] para ver que herram
ES/MovieSearch ES/MovieTokens Movies-32X.html [ES/MovieSearch|Buscar película] __32X A2600
ES/MovieSearch ES/MovieTokens ies-C1001Y.html [ES/MovieSearch|Buscar película] ID de categoría/
ES/MoviesList ES/MovieTokens r sistema (mira la [ES/MoviesList|Lista de consolas]) <Nivel> - Filtra
ES/EmulatorResources/TASEditor ES/InputFileEditing porada herramienta [ES/EmulatorResources/TASEditor|Editor TAS] de FCEUX también es
ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel ES/Applications a subir vídeos: * [ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel#TvcmanClNDelGestorDeSubidasDeYouTube|TVCMan] hecho por [user:Nac
ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel ES/Applications canal de YouTube] ([ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel|TASVideosChannel]). Las siguientes
ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel ES/Applications adores] ofrece una [ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel#Api|API] para subir las pelí
ES/XMLDataFeed ES/Applications bios en la wiki] o [ES/XMLDataFeed|algunos otros]. Nuestras fuente
ES/SiteTechnology/API ES/Applications TASVideos ofrece [ES/SiteTechnology/API|APIs] y [ES/XMLDataFeed|f
ES/XMLDataFeed ES/Applications nology/API|APIs] y [ES/XMLDataFeed|fuentes de datos] (RSS feeds) para pe
ES/SystemPages ES/ArticleIndex ncia del Sitio] * [ES/System Pages|Páginas del Sistema] - Ver aquí para una
ES/Guidelines ES/ArticleIndex ar una película * [ES/Guidelines|Sugerencias] * [ES/Submission I
ES/SubmissionInstructions ES/ArticleIndex es|Sugerencias] * [ES/Submission Instructions|Instrucciones de envío] * [ES/Desync Help
ES/ForumRanks ES/ArticleIndex rcado del Foro] * [ES/Forum Ranks|Rangos del Foro] * [ES/Mood Avatars
ES/Movies ES/ArticleIndex de Películas * [ES/Movies|Películas por criterios] - Página Principal
ES/ConsoleVerificationTests ES/ArticleIndex al (o por lo menos [ES/ConsoleVerificationTests|intentándolo]). * [ES/Movie Tag
ES/ReverseEngineering ES/ArticleIndex rvación de RAM] * [ES/Reverse Engineering|Ingeniería inversa] __Empezando:__
ES/GameResources/BossFightingGuide ES/ArticleIndex ones de memoria * [ES/GameResources/BossFightingGuide|Guía para Pelear Contra Jefes] * [ES/GameResource
ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel ES/ArticleIndex ción de video] ** [ES/EncoderGuidelines/TASVideosChannel|Subiendo a TASVideosChannel] * [ES/Judge Guidel
ES/JudgeGuidelines ES/ArticleIndex SVideosChannel] * [ES/Judge Guidelines|Guías para Juez] * [ES/Movie Tag Gu
ES/PublisherGuidelines ES/ArticleIndex s de Películas] * [ES/Publisher Guidelines|Guías para Editor] * [ES/Starman Guid
ES/StarmanGuidelines ES/ArticleIndex as para Editor] * [ES/Starman Guidelines|Guas para Starman] %%TAB Miembros
ES/Users ES/ArticleIndex %%TAB Miembros * [ES/Users|Usuarios] - Lista del persona
ES/Homepages ES/ArticleIndex colaboradores. * [ES/Homepages|Páginas de Inicio] - Lista de las pági
ES/Interviews ES/ArticleIndex s a este sitio. * [ES/Interviews|Entrevistas] con alguno de nuest
ES/Awards ES/ArticleIndex %%TAB Otros * [ES/Awards|Premios] - Información de lo
ES/Events ES/ArticleIndex res de premios. * [ES/Events|Eventos] - Varios eventos en
ES/Contests ES/ArticleIndex omo competencias y [ES/Contests|concursos]) * [ES/Games Done
ES/GamesDoneQuick ES/ArticleIndex sts|concursos]) * [ES/Games Done Quick|Games Done Quick] - Nuestra participa
ES/TASBot ES/ArticleIndex te representando a [ES/TASBot|TASBot]. * [ES/Glossary|Gl
ES/Links ES/ArticleIndex ssary|Glosario] * [ES/Links|Enlaces] - Incluye enlaces a
ES/SiteHistory ES/ArticleIndex iento de video. * [ES/Site History|Historial del Sitio] * [ES/Site Technol
ES/SiteTechnology ES/ArticleIndex rial del Sitio] * [ES/Site Technology|Tecnología del Sitio] * [ES/Site License
ES/SiteLicense ES/ArticleIndex ogía del Sitio] * [ES/Site License|Licencia del Sitio] * [ES/System Pages
ES/EncoderGuidelines/EncodeChecklist ES/ArticleIndex ción de video] ** [ES/EncoderGuidelines/EncodeChecklist|Lista de comprobación de codificación de video] ** [ES/EncoderGuid
ES/TASSnapshot ES/ArticleIndex para una lista. * [ES/TAS Snapshot|Snapshot de TAS] * [ES/TAS Video Ag
ES/EncoderGuidelines ES/ArticleIndex Administración] * [ES/Encoder Guidelines|Guías de codificación de video] ** [ES/EncoderGuid
ES/StreamingMedia ES/ArticleIndex shots|Imágenes] * [ES/Streaming Media|Retransmisión] __Guías de Publi
ES/GameResources/CommonTricks ES/ArticleIndex r Contra Jefes] * [ES/GameResources/CommonTricks|Trucos Comunes] * [ES/LiveStreams|
ES/LiveStreams ES/ArticleIndex Trucos Comunes] * [ES/LiveStreams|Transmisiones en vivo de creación de TAS] * [ES/Luck Manipul
ES/LuckManipulation ES/ArticleIndex reación de TAS] * [ES/Luck Manipulation|Manipulación de la suerte] * [ES/Route Planni
ES/RoutePlanning ES/ArticleIndex n de la suerte] * [ES/Route Planning|Planificación de ruta] * [ES/TAS Tutorial
ES/TASTutorial ES/ArticleIndex cación de ruta] * [ES/TAS Tutorial|Tutorial] - Lecciones en vide
ES/RecentChanges ES/ArticleIndex %TAB Editando * [ES/Recent Changes|Cambios Recientes] - Cambios en los ar
ES/EditorGuidelines ES/ArticleIndex s de películas. * [ES/Editor Guidelines|Guías del Editor] * [ES/Gamenames Ed
ES/GamenamesEditorHowTo ES/ArticleIndex ías del Editor] * [ES/Gamenames Editor How To|Howto de Editor de nombres de juego] - Documentación sob
ES/GamenamesEditor ES/ArticleIndex n sobre el uso del [ES/GamenamesEditor|Editor de nombres de juegos] * [ES/Text Formatt
ES/TextFormattingRules ES/ArticleIndex bres de juegos] * [ES/Text Formatting Rules|Reglas de formato de texto] - Lenguaje de marca
ES/SandBox ES/ArticleIndex en este sitio. * [ES/Sand Box|Entorno de pruebas] - Cualquier usuario
ES/TextFormattingRules/ListOfModules ES/ArticleIndex ebas. * [TODO] * [ES/TextFormattingRules/ListOfModules|Lista de módulos] * [ES/Wiki Orphans
ES/WikiOrphans ES/ArticleIndex sta de módulos] * [ES/Wiki Orphans|Wiki Huérfanos] - Páginas que no es
ES/EncodingGuide/PublicationManual ES/ArticleIndex su publicación * [ES/EncodingGuide/PublicationManual|Manual de Publicación] - La más reciente g
ES/EncodingGuide ES/ArticleIndex uía todo-en-uno * [ES/Encoding Guide|Guía] - Consejos aleatori
ES/EncodingGuide/VideoDumping ES/ArticleIndex jos aleatorios ** [ES/EncodingGuide/VideoDumping|Volcado de Video] * [ES/Screenshots|
ES/Screenshots ES/ArticleIndex lcado de Video] * [ES/Screenshots|Imágenes] * [ES/Streaming Me
ES/AdminGuidelines ES/ArticleIndex ublicación:__ * [ES/Admin Guidelines|Guías de Administración] * [ES/Encoder Guid
ES/TASVideoAgent ES/ArticleIndex napshot de TAS] * [ES/TAS Video Agent|Agente de Video TAS] - El robot de este

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