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#22385511130354940 - Tekken 3 - Paul, Easy Single

In 01:44.43 (6266 frames), 146 rerecords
Game: Tekken 3 (PSX)
19815 views, 1024 downloads
Uploaded 4/27/2015 2:52 AM by Spikestuff (253 files)
Reminder that Paul is still shit even with manipulation.
Japanese Version
Bios: SCPH1000
A 11"86 (712) compared to Yoshimitsu's 10"51 (645)
Even if you get the fastest fights (63 frames) you would still be slower than Yoshimitsu.
A perfect game involving the fastest possible fights for Paul creates the total frame time of 693 for Paul. 48 frames a fight is the fastest you can get with Yoshimitsu (528).
Note: A 47 is a rare occurrence. It only occurs when the timing bugs.