Submission #1030: catnap222's SNES Metroid Legacy "100%" in 1:26:37.05

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version unknown Frame Count 311823
ROM Filename Super Metroid (J).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 26514
Unknown Authors catnap222
Game Metroid Legacy
Submitted by catnap222 on 3/25/2006 7:03:04 PM

Submission Comments
This movie is the TAS of Metroid Legacy, which is one of the most famous hacks of Super Metroid. It was completed in June 2005, and had already been published at a certain Japanese website. Having a chance, I'm just submitting it into the worldwide community for the first time.

Metroid Legacy Introduction

"Metroid Legacy" is well-balanced, full-changed hack of Super Metroid.
Features of this hack are following.
  • Almost all of the landforms, placement of enemies, room connections, item order are changed.
  • It contains whole new world that is not associated with original world.
  • Upgraded game difficulty throughout all scenes, especially boss fights.
  • No change of game systems like movement of Samus and enemies, graphic-chips, 100 items.
  • No need of gilche knowledge to complete game.
The whole new world, which is entirely differ from original world, spreads out in this game. You can enjoy new exploration, searching routes, looking for required items, fighting enemies. Operation of Samus is same to original one, so you can play it smoothly. You will re-experience the first impression of Super Metroid.


  • Author ... Mr.BananaOyaji
  • Link ... 任天丼!
  • IPS Version ... 1.06
  • Original ROM ... Super Metroid (J).smc
For download the ips patch, go to this site :任天丼!
And push the link "ハックロム"(second left of the top), then choose "メトロイドレガシー " (middle of the top). For apllying this ips patch to the original rom to create hack rom, use WINIPS
Critical five: I think the link given above is broken; you may download the ips at

Movie introduction

This smv movie was created with Snes9x-143-WIP1-win32 (WIP!!) and it
  • takes damage to save time
  • gets all items, 100%
  • aims for the fastest time
  • shows all secret routes in this game
  • runs through almost reverse order, unbelievable and stupid routes
  • contains several new tricks which may apply to original game.
Although speed run technique used in this movie may be old-fashioned, whole routing in 100% run of Legacy must be still fresh and full of originality. I believe you will have an enjoyable time for watching it, and for the sake of your best fun, I strongly recommend you to play Metroid Legacy with your own hand before watching my movie. Thank you!

New Tricks contained

  • Torizo quickest kill
    • It save time for 1-2 second(s) to beat Torizo by skipping one of his attack phases.
  • Sprore Spawn quickest kill
    • It kills him in second turn by using muscle way.
  • hopping ball / spring dash (I dont know how to name it...)
    • Samus keeps her speed through narrow pipe or other complex situation by using spring ball.


  • Play Length : 1h 26min
  • Re-record count:26514
  • Clear Time : 49min
  • Colecting Item Rate : 100%
  • Emulator : Snes9x-143-WIP1-win32


I must say sorry for Bisqwit to submit it so late though I received his favor about 2 month ago. And also say "thank you" for the permission of Metroid Legacy. In addition, thanks to Terimakasih, Sippu and Kejardon for teaching me techniques and more informations. Lastly, very thank you BananaOyaji-san (Legacy author) for making this excellent hack.
cancelled by catnap222 (2006-07-12)

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