Submission #1135: Randil's NES Tiny Toon Adventures in 12:10.87

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version USA Frame Count 43852
ROM Filename Tiny Toon Adventures (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 23098
Unknown Authors Randil
Game Tiny Toon Adventures
Submitted by Randil on 7/28/2006 12:12:21 PM

Submission Comments
  • Emulator used: FCEU 0.98.16
  • Aims for fastest completion-time
  • Takes no damage.
  • Uses no warps.
  • Abuses no programming errors.
This is a 45 seconds improvement over Frenom's Tiny Toon run. All levels have been improved, as well as all boss-fights.
A lot of improvement comes from using better routes, but a lot of the improvement is simply because of much better and more precise movements.
There are a few things that should be mentioned here.
About Superspeed: This technique is used in every stage. As you'll notice when watching the movie, all stages start with me running for a few frames, and then when I've reached a certain speed, I press down+A. Doing this makes you perform a superjump, and this gives you maximum forward movement, I call this "Superspeed" from now on. Pretty cool name, huh? :) You want to keep this superfast forward movement as long as possible, and to do this, simply perform another superjump as soon as you land.
Another way to keep your superspeed is to dash when you have reached superspeed. The optimal way to dash is to dash every 2 frames, you'll see me doing this a lot in the water-level.
Climbing walls: In this game, the cat can climb walls, similiar to the Mega Man X games. The best way to climb walls is to jump on the wall every 31 frames.
Number of carrots: If your number of carrots is divisible by 11 when you have completed a world, you'll get to a bonuslevel. This is why I avoid getting 99 carrots, (99 is indeed divisible by 11, believe it or not). On the first level, I avoid as many carrots as possible in order to not have 99 carrots in the end. This was a minor miscalculation from my part, since I only ended up with 83 carrots anyway, but you'll have to accept this. I won't redo this run simply to get 98 carrots if that's what you think! ;)
Other than these things, there's not so much more to add. This game is really similiar to Super Mario, with carrots instead of coins, and also a timer, just like in Super Mario. With this being such a simple platformer, you really don't have to have played this game to enjoy the run. Just think of this as Super Mario, but with a bunny.
This run took me a long time to finish. I've been away from making TAS for about 4 months or so now, but a lot of people have motivated me lately to finish this run, so here it is! :)
I would personally like to thank everyone who motivated me to finish this run, even though I'm really laze... Sami, Shinryuu, Guybrush, adelikat, Vatchern... I probably forgot a few people here, but you'll have to forgive me for that.
That's about it, enjoy the run! I'm really happy with the result myself.
"This movie gives a whole new meaning to the term "Bunny Jumping""

adelikat: Good improvement, good votes, accepting.

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