Submission #1188: TheSwordUser's NES Rad Racer 2 in 19:50.12

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU 0.98.12
Game Version USA Frame Count 71407
ROM Filename Rad Racer 2 (U) [!].nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 1324
Unknown Authors TheSwordUser
Game Rad Racer II
Submitted by TheSwordUser on 9/8/2006 9:24:50 PM

Submission Comments
Here is my second attempt on making Rad Racer 2 TAS....... And i must say, this one i MUCH better than previous one.
  • recorded on FCEU 0.98.13
  • number of frames 71407
  • undo count 1324 (i tried hard..)
Anyway, i tried to save as much time as i can (mainly on course time).
  • I crash at finish line to stop faster
  • Used other music (few less frames is better than nothing)
  • Used brakes less time (mainly on later stages only).
Anyway, here is the compare of the previous times and current ones.
CoursePrevious timeV2 timeSaved
12'19"32'18"01.3 sec
22'05"02'04"30.7 sec
32'08"52'07"11.4 sec
42'21"92'20"91.0 sec
52'19"62'19"30.3 sec
62'27"72'23'14.6 sec
72'25"32'23"71.6 sec
82'26"32'23"13.2 sec
IMO quite good improvement for course 6 and 8.... Total saved: 14.1 SECONDS!
Ok, i will say more about it: "Extreme overtaking"......overtaking cars when you are near offroad, very risky manuver when doing in realtime
Course 1: that >0.1 sec. improved came from few frames eariler boost start (boosted at exact frame). Also, there were few corners where i slowed down a little and even go offroad (on purpose of course)
Course 2: nothing too much to say about that one...i just stayed at 255 MPH during the whole course.
Course 3: gone offroad few times to conserve time.
Course 4: in some places i barely made from corner (1 frame later, and i would hit offroad). Again, not too mach to say about it....
Course 5: i stayed at 255 mph whole on course 2
Course 6: braking every now and then.....otherwise i would hit trees. Also i drifted few times. I pushed my skills and a car to it's limit here XD
Course 7: duh, i hate long corners....i hate them even more when i must to stay close to offroad to overtake other cars...
Course 8: again pushed my skills and a car to it's limit. A lot of risky manuvers (taking sharp corners fast, bouncing and "extreme overtaking"). Overall, that was hard.
Meh...i don't know how to improve that run. If you can do it, feel free to try. I hope you like that run.

adelikat: Rejecting, reasons are stated in my last post in the discussion forum.

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