Submission #1190: DDRKhat's Genesis Zero Wing in 40:05.72

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version Europe Frame Count 119568
ROM Filename Zero Wing (E) [c][!].gen Frame Rate 49.70146011994842
Branch Rerecord Count 705
Unknown Authors DDRKhat
Game Zero Wing
Submitted by DDRKhat on 9/9/2006 12:47:44 AM

Submission Comments
My First submission to the TASVideo's community however I have been doing a few personal TASes to get used to the tools and comfortably use them.
I attempted this TAS after becoming once-again addicted to the All Your Base Craze. I play on the hardest setting and have 1 life to begin with (so in the intial level, if I die. I'm dead.)
I use the blue power-up in this TAS for 2 reasons.
  1. It is the only power-up you can get to its fullest power by the first mini-boss.
  2. It is the strongest, The red fires 3 at a time, the green fires 3 sets at a time and home, The blue fires 3 beams each with 5 shots to them
At the beggining the movie is a little slow and boring however later on it does pick up in speed and Personally becomes more entertaining
This movie aims to:
  • Keep the user entertained, moving to the music, randomly and even following parts of the background while waiting for enemies to appear
  • Take no damage
  • Abuse poor hit-boxes

adelikat: Rejecting, reasons are in my post in the discussion forum. There seems to be a lot of agreement that this is a poor game for TASing. Better luck next time.

adelikat: Accepting for publication to the Vault
FractalFusion: Replaced movie file with itself since parser bug was fixed (initially timed as if it was NTSC when it should be PAL).

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