After hearing about how the dark overlord Darces has returned, our hero goes on a quest to unite all five one elements in order to defeat Darces and save the kingdom.
In this storybook-view RPG, the author zooms around the game world, entering the most dangerous of dungeons, killing two powerful monsters, and collecting the bare minimum needed to beat the game in incredible fashion. Despite the player being unable to survive one hit, the author subverts certain death with the handy pause system. Despite the player supposedly being unable to damage the monsters, an underflow glitch allows for massive damage. Despite the final boss standing right there to kill him, the viewer sees all of 3 frames of the dark overlord. It's an RPG done in just over one minute, without warping or save glitching.
The author had spent much effort in understanding the game, and all that work has finally paid off. We recommend reading the author's comments.
Published on 10/13/2008
Emulator Version:
FCEUX 2.0.2

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