Submission #1317: AngerFist, Vatchern's NES Rockman 3 in 31:33.02

Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Rockman 3)
FCEU 0.98.12
Rockman 3 - Dr Wily no Saigo! (J).nes
Submitted by AngerFist on 10/16/2006 10:19 PM
Submission Comments
  • Aims for fastest time.
  • Manipulates luck.
  • Abuses programming errors.
  • Takes damage to save time.
  • Used FCEU fceu-0.98.15 and FCEU-0.98.12 (Note: It will probably desync with FCEU-0.98.16 so use one of the FCEU's we used).
  • Contributors: Bisqwit and Baxter.
Another Mega Man flick :) As many of you know, the main reason why we did this run was because of the new route Vatchern and I figured out. So, without further ado, we present to everyone the new version of Mega Man 3. The new route compared with the current published run is:
Magnet Man played by both of us: Vatchern discovered a "mini-zipping" technique during the first zone when those enemies pull you up by their magnetic device near a higher platform, he zips briefly only for a few frames (I doubt anyone of you will notice it).
Hard Man played by both of us: Better optimized and calculated jumps during the first zone and then we utilized a neat trick at the Proto Man battle discovered by the one and only Baxter where he found out that right before you fall down you can press jump and move closer to the center. Bravo Baxter!
Top Man played by AngerFist: Did lots of testing of when to shoot in order to reduce lag as much as possible so the stage is pretty much flawless in terms of lag. Oh and I luck manipulated to get two small refills in order to skip switching weapons to kill the last enemy of the stage saving lots of frames during the process.
Shadow Man played by AngerFist: Oh boy, the best stage music of all time for all Mega Man games so turn your volume up when you see this stage :) Therefore I just had to play this stage alone and enjoy the music on and on. I really took my time to finish this stage, everything have been precisely measured and tested. Saved more than 70 frames compared with the current published run.
Spark Man played by Vatchern: I am very pleased with Vatcherns performance as he, unlike his published run, managed to slide through every pit in the stage and avoided switching to Magnet Missile during the zone where those big rocks fall down on you to destroy them and resulting in faster stage completion.
Needle Man played by Vatchern: We were forced to lose time on the boss battle because we obviously did not have the Gemini Laser but due to the new route, we would make up for it in Gemini Man.
Snake Man played by AngerFist: I found a way to slide through both of the giant snakes faster but I doubt a lot of you will notice the difference compared with the current published run. During the last zone before the fight with Snake Man, evidently, I went up in the sky through Rush Jet, jumped a few times. Why? To minimize lag. Now you may wonder why I did not bother to at least slide through one of those pits but according to mine and Vatcherns calculations, Snake Man would appear 5 frames slower when you enter his zone.
Gemini Man played by both of us: I played the first long zone and enjoyed quite a lot the challenge of luck manipulating my way through the whole first zone. The aim here was to kill those flame throwing enemies fast as possible because when they drop their projectile at you, you must jump over it and it takes approximately 20-30 frames to do so. Thats why you may see me wait a few frames here and there because they obviously shoot at you depending on how close you are to them. Vatchern took care of the zipping, the new water zone approach and everything else in this stage. The main reason why we picked this new route were due to having Rush Jet and Search Snake for this stage as we could zip more with Rush Jet and the sacrifice in Magnet Man and Needle Man was worth it because Search Snake kills Gemini Man really fast.
Shadow ? Man played by AngerFist: Damn Vatchern for abusing the death glitch in his old run, which obviously resulted that the beautiful music were absent :( I obviously did not abuse the death glitch here because I prefer to enjoy the stage music rather than working with no music. Nothing more important information to add.
Gemini ? Man played by both of us: Similar to the Gemini Man stage, we went through this stage precisely the same way.
Spark ? Man played by AngerFist: I lost 6 frames during the final boss fight. Vatchern were really lucky with his fight as Quick Man _walked_ through the whole zone after jumping. In my version, that twerp jumped like a mad man constantly and seldom walked. You could luck manipulate his behaviour if you'd enter the second gate x number of frames slower or choosing the proper beam for the fight x number of frames slower. I went as far as picking Gemini Laser 11 frames (= meaning I went through 11 thorough battles) slower without achieving the outcome I desired. Therefore according to me, losing 6 frames was the best I could accomplish.
Needle ? Man played by AngerFist: Gained a few frames here and there. A noticable thing is that I managed to jump the entire time to minimize lag during the long Rush Jet zone.
Proto Man played by AngerFist: He wanted something crazy like pineapple, so I KILLED him!
Wily 1 played by AngerFist: Had to lose 10 frames on the boss battle due to really bad randomness :( Confirmed by Baxter too.
Wily 2 played by AngerFist: I liked and enjoyed my performance at the boss fight and even gained a whole frame! :D
Wily 3 played by AngerFist: Gained around 70 frames in this stage. Mostly through killing two of those grenade enemies where I saved 41 frames.
Wily 4 played by Vatchern: Yes, Vatchern took almost care of all the bosses and executed them all very fast and efficiently! We recieved help from none other than the Mega Man guru Bisqwit during a very crucial point at the Snake Man refight as he was acting completely like a jerk, disobeying they way we wanted him to act etc. HUGE thanks goes out to Bisqwit for helping us with Snake Man. Through his contribution, we saved 46 frames due to almost perfect luck manipulation :)
Wily 5 played by Vatchern: Went smooth, nothing particular to mention.
Wily 6 played by Vatchern: Same procedure as in Wily 5.
This submission is 1204 frames (=20,06 seconds) faster than the current published run.
The End!
Last Edited by Bisqwit on 10/18/2006 3:51 PM
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