Submission #1353: Fabian, JXQ's SNES Super Mario World in 10:28.70

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version USA Frame Count 37722
ROM Filename Super Mario World (U) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 27793
Unknown Authors Fabian, JXQ
Game Super Mario World
Submitted by JXQ on 11/22/2006 4:53:53 AM

Submission Comments

Super Mario World TAS by Fabian & JXQ

This run satisfies the following criteria:
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Emulator Used: SNES9x 1.43 +v9
    • Use WIP1 Timing - on
    • Allow Left+Right/Up+Down - on
    • Volume Envelope Height Reading - on
    • Fake Mute desync Workaround - off
    • Sync samples with sound CPU - off
  • Suggested Screenshot

Comparison to previous run

There have been quite a few Super Mario World runs, and each time it gets more difficult to think of ways to make the run look new - sometimes it's just not possible, especially given that fadeout lag sometimes dictates which scores to get. That being said, there is still new stuff to be found in this run - some by everyone, and some by those who look a little closer.
This run is 195 frames faster than the previous version. The majority of the improvement comes from the final level, but most other levels were improved by varying amounts as well. Although this run was recorded by Fabian & JXQ, there were many more people involved with this latest improvement.


Yoshi's Island 2
A better score was found for this level by realizing that spin-jumping two blocks will give 100 points.
  • Fabian - 3up technique
Yoshi's Island 3
Nothing much new here. Yay Mario goes above the screen!
Yoshi's Island 4
  • JXQ - Other shell idea (wasn't used)
It was tested to use 6/5 to jump higher and use oscillation abuse to bounce off the shell. Normally this would be slower, but the shell bounce in this level causes a few frames of lag that could be avoided. It looked like it might be a frame faster, but positioning ended up being bad for entering the pipe optimally.
  • JXQ - 1 frame saved (fadeout lag)
#1 Iggy's Castle
The first level that actually has some substantial improvement to it - enough to finish one timeunit faster.
  • skamastaG/thegreginator/Fabian - Keeping hopping glitch throughout first room
  • Fabian - Improvement to above idea, using 6/5 throughout
  • mrz/Fabian - Idea for Castle 1 autoscrolling room, being pushed through the wall
  • Fabian - Entering door in second room earlier by entering while running toward it
  • JXQ - 6 frames saved (fadeout lag)
Donut Plains 1
Spinning with the key near the keyhole gains one frame. This technique was done in the previous run, and is extremely specific, so a different color of glitching was not possible without losing at least 1 frame. After realizing this, the previous run's level was used.
Donut Secret 1
Not much different here, though a bit of improvement was found.
  • Fabian - Walking downhill in water
  • jimsfriend - 2 corner boosts - one under screen and one near key
Donut Secret House
One of the more complex levels in this run, with small improvements in several areas.
  • Flagitious - Improvement to fly through the stairs
  • Fabian - Better method to get through ghost ring
  • jimsfriend - Grabbing p-switch while simultaneously stopping forward momentum
Star World 1
Bad luck caused another wait of 1 frame before entering. Although Mario falls toward the keyhole faster, this level is the same length as the previous version.
  • JXQ - 2 frames saved (fadeout lag)
Star World 2
All enemies are avoided not just to be different than before, but to keep score low for fadeout lag in the next couple levels.
  • JXQ - 8 frames saved by optimizing the area with the key (2 of which were fadeout lag)
Star World 3
Note that Mario gets 200 points and a coin because the baby Yoshi eats a spiny.
  • JXQ - 1 frame saved when getting key
Star World 4
The improvement here is a corollary to improvement in the final level - a second feather wasn't needed.
Front Door
  • Arne_the_great - Keeping flight through doors
Here's the bulk of the improvement. When Mario starts flying, a counter starts at 80 and counts down to zero. As long Mario hits the peak of his jump when this counter is above zero, flight begins. This counter does not decrement between doors or pipes, which allows for running up to flight speed in one room and starting flight in the next. This is the basis of several tricks seen before, such as keeping flight through a pipe, or stomping the ground and flying again immediately after.
  • Flagitious - Flight invincibility abuse in Room 5
By flying at the beginning of room 5, the thwomp can be reached that will not crash down into Mario a second time before he can escape, and still be able to abuse flight invincibility.
Enjoy the run!

Bisqwit: Updated the submission file per JXQ's request.
Bisqwit: Accepting and processing.

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