Submission #1356: Baxter's NES Adventures of Lolo in 22:43.58

Nintendo Entertainment System
FCEU 0.98.12
Adventures of Lolo (U) [!].nes
Submitted by Baxter on 11/23/2006 1:44:21 AM
Submission Comments
"Your mission: Save the captured princess Lala from the Great Devils evil empire!!! You are the only one who can save Lala."
By collecting every heartpiece in the room a treasure chest opens with a pearl inside. If you collect this pearl a door will open and you advance to the next level. This game contains 50 of these levels.
  • FCEU
  • Uses no passwords
  • Manipulates luck (enemy movement)
  • Abuses programming errors
This is my 6th (!) submission of this game, and once again hopefully the last. This submission wouldn't have been here without Hanzou. You'll see what I mean with this list of improvements:
  • Level 2-4, 87 frames (suggestion by Hanzou)
    • Uses a glitch which enables you to move on the left side of the Don Medusa.
  • Level 3-1, 312 frames (I optimized suggestion by Hanzou)
    • Uses a skull to block Medusa
  • Level 3-3, 1 frame
    • Shoots Leeper to avoid 1 frame pause.
  • Level 4-4, 16 frames (suggestion by Hanzou)
    • Traps Don Medusa on other side, avoiding it by standing on heart.
  • Level 6-3, 200 frames (I optimized suggestion by Hanzou).
    • Uses leeper to block Medusa, skipping a wait.
  • Level 9-5, 32 frames
    • More efficient route.
  • Level 10-1, 1209 frames (I optimized suggestion by Hanzou)
    • Uses a different way to use blocks, taking more risk at the Don Medusa, and completing the level with skulls running wild.
  • Level 10-2, 144 frames (I optimized suggestion by Hanzou)
    • Plays the level more efficient, without blocking the Golma.
  • Level 10-3, 32 frames (suggestion by Hanzou)
    • Better strategy, involving a one frame wait to make the eggs sink sooner.
As you can see by this. Basically all improvements came from suggestions by Hanzou! Many, many thanks.
If you add all these frames you will get a total of 2033 frames faster than the previous run, which is almost 34 seconds.
I for one never thought this was possible to my last submission. I never even suspected a sub 23 minute was possible, but this is nearly 17 seconds sub 23 minutes. The improvements involve making better use of the enemies, and the randomness, and should make the movie more entertaining than the previous one.
Once again: I hope this will be the last version ever!

Truncated: Good improvement to a published run, and it looks overall polished. Accepting.
Bisqwit: Processing.
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