Submission #1457: kirbymuncher's GBA Pokemon Sapphire in 1:49:16.33

System Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA v1.0 Frame Count 393380
ROM Filename Pokemon - Sapphire Version (U) (V1.0) [!].gba Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 8307
Unknown Authors kirbymuncher
Game Pokémon: Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Versions
Submitted by kirbymuncher on 2/17/2007 8:55:17 PM

Submission Comments
Pokemon Sapphire is a pokemon game from the third generation, along with Ruby and Emerald. The reason I chose Sapphire is that Ruby has a Groudon instead of a Kyogre, which isn't quite as useful, and Emerald is slightly longer. Mudkip is picked as the starter because it learns a lot of HMs and is good against many of the gyms. Although Blaziken is very useful for battling the Elite Four, I have Kyogre by then and have completely abandoned my starter. Of course, almost every hit in this movie is a critical hit, as they do about twice as much damage.

Settings (According to FractalFusion):

  • Visual Boy Advance
  • Sync Emulation Speed
  • Lag Reduction Speed (automatic)
  • Save Type Automatic Flash 128K
  • Note: Turn off Real Time Clock
Without following these settings exactly, you will probably get a desynch.

Points of intrest or confusion

  • In the first battle, just after getting my starter, I didn't seem to be able to get a critical hit. Maybe they aren't allowed in the first battle?
  • Most of the time, walking up to a trainer and talking to them is faster than just walking in front of them, because you don't have to wait for the exclamation mark above their head.
  • The Zigzagoon I catch is to teach Rock Smash and Cut to. Also, it conviently picks up a King's Rock for me.
  • The Quick Claw gives you a chance to sometimes (Read: Always) attack before your opponent, even if they are faster than you.
  • If my starter gets below 1/3 of his max health, his water attacks get stronger. So, I guess there is a bit of taking damage to save time in this run.
  • The attack 'Bide' revolves around taking damage, so I don't learn it.
  • King's Rock makes the opponent sometimes flinch, which makes them not attack that turn. It only works on things slower than you, so its usefulness degrades after the second gym.
  • Mud Slap does damage and decreases the opponents accuracy, so it really helps avoid damage.
  • I use a few potions to heal, because when you die you go back to the last pokemon centre you visited, and I want to use this to my advantage.
  • Golbat can't be hit by Mud Slap, so he will always hit me once. I use a TM and a potion to defeat him.
  • I die to warp back to my house, which happens to be right near the fifth gym.
  • The sixth gym presents problems, my starter dies and I beat the gym with the Castform the weatherman gave me. This includes healing at the only pokemon centre I use in the run.
  • I have to defeat my rival to get into the shop and buy Blizzard and Thunder TMs.
  • I catch a Wingull for using Fly to get back to Slateport.
  • The seventh gym is a double battle, and Blizzard hits both pokemon, so they both get frozen.
  • Explooring the undersea base turns my starter into an HM slave, but it doesn't matter because I soon get Kyogre.
  • Kyogre gets Thunder to kill the last gym, and then I head to the Elite Four.
  • Victory Road is dark because I don't have flash, so it's hard to tell what is happening.
  • Kyogre needs Waterfall and Surf to have enough PP for the Elite Four.
  • During the credits, it shows all the pokemon that you caught. I only got seven, so the pictures repeat again and again.
Thanks to Blackshellbowser for his first TAS of the game, Kitsune for advice, and FractalFusion for being the only one who could watch my WIPs and for a constant supply of new ideas.

Bisqwit: Accepting, and claiming for processing.

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