Submission #1467: BioSpark's GBA Metroid Fusion "100%" in 1:36:57.52

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 349051
ROM Filename 0690 - Metroid Fusion (U).gba Frame Rate 60
Branch 100% Rerecord Count 44592
Unknown Authors BioSpark
Game Metroid Fusion
Submitted by BioSpark on 3/2/2007 1:30:06 AM

Submission Comments
  • 1.7.2 re-recording v17.1
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Collects 100% of the items
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
  • Manipulates luck
Metroid Fusion is a very linear game where samus has to follow a set path and collect all of the power-ups. My run pushes this game to the limits, especially during boss fights like Yakuza. Because I collect all of the items, I have extra missiles that make the boss fights quite fast and entertaining.
The in-game time at the end is 0:57, 16 minutes faster than the current 100% single-segment run at SDA.


Here are some various notes about the run, listed in order of appearance.
  • I aim for fastest in-game time, even though there are only a few instances where this applies (like going through a door an extra time to build up the speedbooster).
  • Because all of the power-ups need to be collected, the game only measures percent by the amount of missile, energy, and powerbomb expansions picked up.
  • I like to abuse my missiles to make the run a bit more entertaining. I have 250 by the end, so wasting them won't hurt me.
  • Any pause I make before a room is to luck manipulate the eye door to open its eye right away.
  • There are 3 things that are useful to hit at the same time with 2 missiles: eye doors, Core-Xs, and Eye Core-Xs. This does the same damage as 2 missiles at the same time. Double missile shots on eye doors are only helpful before the charge beam is acquired.
  • Jumping for 1 frame off of platforms on to platforms directly below samus save 2 frames each jump.
  • Spinning and "unspinning" on crumble blocks will make samus fall through them faster
  • Shooting 1 frame after pressing the opposite direction will turn samus faster.
  • Jumping and shooting at the same time will make the beam/missile fire from the bottom of samus' sprite. This is also true for morphing at the same time, except it fires at the back of samus' sprite.
  • It is faster to morph in midair because there is no morphing animation.
  • Firing missiles while running will bend them. This can be helpful for killing creatures in a few spots.
  • Pressing left and right repeatedly while in morph ball form makes the ball stop spinning, like it's frozen.
  • The charge beam has a "flare" that appears in front of it while released. Enemies touching the flare will be dealt extra damage, which allows for one-hit eye door kills before super missiles.
  • Zazabi can waste no fewer than 3 jumps.
  • Morphing in midair repeatedly will cause samus to fall very slowly.
  • While speedboosting, pressing nothing for 1 frame, jumping for 1 frame, and pressing forward for one frame will make samus jump in the standing position. This allows samus to keep the shinespark for longer by crouching while approaching the ground.
  • Mega-X is killed in 4 shots by getting the flare damage inside of it each time.
  • Single walljumping is a combination of normal walljumping and morphing on the way back. This is first used to save time getting a missile tank in NOC.
  • Crumble blocks can be jumped off of the frame samus lands on them.
  • On the way to my ship (when the elevator shuts down), you may notice I don't lay the powerbomb right away. The blocks on the left act strangely, sometimes breaking and sometimes not (but I don't know why). The position I lay it in is about the only place the powerbomb will blow up all of the blocks.
  • The Yakuza fight is very interesting. First, I bring it down to one more hit until it would normally enter what I call its "spinny phase", where it would spin all around and spit crap all over the place. Then, I do so much damage that it actually skip its spinny phase (I only had 3 frames of leeway). The game freaks out and leaves behind a glitchy sprite that damages samus if touched.
  • The bomb I lay in the SA-X encounter strangely changes its position. I'm not completely sure what causes this, although it may be because the SA-X can "hear" samus' weapons.
  • During most of the Nettori fight, samus stands on a safe spot that needs pixel-perfect positioning. I also lay powerbombs, which do the same damage as missiles but also let me shoot the next missile a few frames faster.
  • Pressing R with a charge beam and while spinning will fire the beam and keep samus spinning. This allows me to spaceboost (space jumping while speedboosting) from room to room.
  • Firing missiles for Nightmare's low-gravity phase ended up being faster than charge beam shots.
  • My BOX II fight would best be described as, "me messing around". I was surprised to find out that it was faster than my originally intended method.
  • I have no clue why the music continues playing after the BOX II fight, although both the normal music and the boss music are playing at the same time.
  • In my last visit to NOC, I come in too fast from the right and mess up the door transition.
  • For second form of SA-X, I keep the second shot in it as long as possible (I shoot up as it jumps up). This is helpful because the wave beam does damage for each frame it is inside the creature.
  • I use the wave beam to my advantage again for the Omega Metroid. I stand in a position that lets the middle of the wave beam pass entirely through it, killing it very quickly.
  • Once again, my in-game ending time is 0:57.
Suggested screen shot: Frame 305208
Thanks to nate, moozooh, and Dragonfangs for all of your support.

DeHackEd: It has the most votes in a short amount of time, so you have to assume it's good. Plus I liked it despite having never played the game myself.

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