Submission #1474: Xipo's NES Blue Shadow in 11:14.56

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version Europe Frame Count 33728
ROM Filename Blue Shadow (E).nes Frame Rate 50
Branch Rerecord Count 37050
Unknown Authors Xipo
Game Shadow of the Ninja
Submitted by Xipo on 3/9/2007 1:52:19 PM

Submission Comments
This run is 19 seconds faster than last movie.
Guide Principle:
Aim for fastest time
always jump
Abuse programming
Take damage to save time
Manipulate luck
use Bug
use tool,for example — dart and bomb
reduce some damage
jump faster
use tool
kill a little enemy to reduce time delay
use bug

adelikat: This movie uses an European rom but runs it at 60fps. This is unacceptable. But the previous movies were done & published this way too so it is unfair to the author to reject. I am accepting this run. But any future run that is done in this manner (including future Blue shadow submissions) way will be rejected. If using an E rom, it should run in PAL mode.
Bisqwit: Touching the submission to get updated time (compensated for wrongly selected emulation settings) appear in forum topic.

adelikat: Processing

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