Submission #1547: adelikat's SNES Super Punch-Out!! in 15:59.88

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x
Game Version USA Frame Count 57593
ROM Filename Super Punch-Out!! (U).smc Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 6575
Unknown Authors adelikat
Game Super Punch-Out!!
Submitted by adelikat on 5/7/2007 6:28:32 PM

Submission Comments
Well, here is my 5th installment of Super Punch-Out!! submissions. This one is a slight improvement over Phil submitted movie.
The improved time is Bald Bull, which was taken down from 0:08.62 to 0:08.24
Like the previous movies of this game, my submission aims for fastest clock time, which often conflicts with fastest real time. It aims for fastest real time as a secondary goal.
This improvement is no exception, while it is a .38 clock improvement (what would be a 15 frame improvement), the net is only 6 frames since the change in strategy has a longer "fall down" animation. Also 2 "magic" frames appeared (possibly timing differences from 1.502 to 1.51) along the way. As a result, this movie is 8 real frames faster.

Clock times

  • Gabby Jay - 06.26
  • Bear Hugger - 13.49
  • Piston Hurricane - 05.49
  • Bald Bull - 08.24 * (improved from 8.62)
  • Bob Charlie - 05.50
  • Dragon Chan - 07.30
  • Masked Muscle - 06.33
  • Mr. Sandman - 13.13
  • Aran Ryan - 08.45
  • Heiki Kagero - 10.60
  • Mad Clown - 09.05
  • Super Macho Man - 09.43
  • Narcis Prince - 08.43
  • Hoy Quarlow - 8.35
  • Rick Bruiser - 10.67
  • Nick Bruiser - 07.52


  • Uses SNES 1.51
  • Aims for fastest clock time
  • Manipulates luck


I would like to thank Phil for continuing to look for faster strategies.

Improvements for the future

None that I know of. I tested thoroughly each strategy and only came up with this 1 improvement. Then again, so did Phil, and so did I the previous submission. The Piston Hurricane time sat at 5.5 for a long time until Phil found a rather obvious improvement that everyone had over looked. So who knows! Maybe we can continue to improve these record times...

Truncated: Accepted as an improvement to the current version.

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