Dragon View

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Dragon View is a side-scrolling role-playing video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in November 1994. Released in Japan as Super Drakkhen and otherwise known as Drakkhen II, it is meant to be a prequel to Drakkhen although it bears little resemblance to its predecessor. It uses the same pseudo-3D overworld system for which the series is most famous. Other features of Dragon View are its side-view action role-playing game (RPG) hybrid gameplay (used when exploring more detailed areas such as towns and dungeons), its well-translated first person storyline, and its emphasis on player-driven undirected exploration.
In this run, Khaz makes the game realize how boring it really is, and has it jump straight to the credits roughly halfway through the intended story. A side effect of this particular glitch is the cutscene after the credits getting glitched out and having the main character walk in place, forever.
This run is an almost ten minute improvement on the previous run by the same author thanks to more rigorous optimization. More information on how that was achieved can be found in the submission notes.

Game Versions

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Good Dragon View (USA).sfc U SNES SHA1: B6C1BF197AC5B85B6A691F5942783E6BFCCFEB48
MD5: 0DDD927709D83149122E5AE1D9A1AA1A