Submission #1638: Baxter's NES Tetris "fastest 999999" in 03:29.67

Nintendo Entertainment System
fastest 999999
FCEU 0.98.12
Submitted by Baxter on 7/21/2007 9:47:05 PM
Submission Comments
This movie clears the A mode of Tetris at level 19. The goal of this movie is to get as score of 999999 as possible. It is 325 frames (5.42 seconds) shorter than Primo's submission (*). This makes it 734 frames (12.23 seconds) faster than the Acmlm's currently published run.
  • A mode
  • Gets 999999 points
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Genre: Puzzle
I made the platform a little higher. This mainly saved time at the start, since Primo had to build up his blocks a little lower. This saved about a second. After this, Primo stayed at the top, so it didn't matter that much for the rest (maybe a little). During the rest of the run, I saved frames here and there which added up to the other 4.41 seconds. It's hard to really compare frames at tetris with other runs, but I tried to do it a little with Primo's run, to give myself an impression on how I was doing... so I thank Primo for his run.
Funny note. You get 1 when holding down when dropping a piece. Roughly 1 point for each tile the block drops. Moving the block left or right, or manipulating will lose the points that block had 'gained' at that point for holding down. This run clears 164 lines, which means 41 tetrisses.34 tetrisses at level 19 for 24000 points each. 3 tetrisses at level 20 for 25200 each. 2 tetrisses at level 21 for 26400 each, and 2 tetrisses at level 22 for 27600 each. Add this up and you will get 999600 points. This means you need to get 399 points from holding down. This run gets exactly 399 points with holding down (not a single one more).
(*) I was thinking about when to end the input for this run. Primo wrote: "Input ends at the earliest posible frame when further input cannot prevent game over." This wasn't true however, since pausing the game prevents the game from ending. Instead of this, I stopped the input to create the shortest AVI time. If you look at when the ending starts, my run is 313 frames faster than Primo. If Primo had used the same way of ending his input, the input of this movie would have been 324 frames shorter.
Last Edited by Baxter on 7/21/2007 9:47 PM
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