Submission #1675: Mitjitsu's N64 Duke Nukem 64 in 11:58.87

Console Nintendo 64 Emulator mupen64 0.5 re-recording v8
Game Version USA Frame Count 43132
ROM Filename Duke Nukem 64 (U) [!].z64 Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 14174
Unknown Authors Mitjitsu
Game Duke Nukem 64
Submitted by Mitjitsu on 8/23/2007 11:40:46 PM

Submission Comments
Note: Before watching make sure you have the video plugin Jabo1.6 and goto >> Options >> Video Setting >> and ajust brightness to 190%, also pay attention during the run and if you don't understand something or a paticular choice that was made then read the submission afterwards.
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Played on easiest setting
  • Takes Damage to save time
  • Manipulates luck
This is a my second and somewhat long awaited version of Duke Nukem 64, it completes the game in less than 12 mins and is nearly four minutes faster than my previous run. It was accepted that a new version should be done be on the easiest setting because the game speedrun wise is more about performing sequence breaks than actual dealing with enemies. Almost every level is sequence broken majorly and the few which don't use intentional shortcuts. I did find a few things during the run, but the vast majority of the stuff comes from the Duke Done Quicker run. Hoe, one of the co-authors of the run allowed me to kindly preview relevent tricks and the run itself. There are many minor notes about the run but all the info about glitches, tricks and bugs are listed on
Level notes

Episode 1 - L.A Meltdown

Hollywood Holocaust

The route I use might look strange but I take a detour in order to get Steroids which help in providing 2 very major sequence breaks in the next level. I was stuck on this level for a long time until till I was told that I could manipulate an enemy spawn just as I left the window. I go past the enemy in order to manipulate the direction and then use it as an enemy boost in order to reach the platform which is normally unreachable on the far side. From there the level is promptly completed.

Gun Crazy

Steroids are used to perform a LLP (Large Ledge Push), info about it can be found on red stars, but the trick is not possible on the PC version because the Duke Burger bar doesn't exist. At the end I skip the trap and push the self destruct which requires a very precise angle to activate but it saves a lengthy aliens speech

Death Row

Different route used from the PC version, because the church containing steroids has been replaced with a prision. However, the route I use is still very quick because I skip a couple of keycards by using the pig cop boost and deactivate the forcefields and therefore finish the level

Toxic Dump

I save a lot of time in this level through use of the jump/duck/jump glitch. This allows Duke to skip using the shrinker and also his regular speed is not affected. To descripe the glitch in its simpliest form, its basically crouching while being in a crouched postion.

Launch Facilty

There is a trick to skip a couple of key cards but the position of blue card insertion point has been changed so a SLP (Small ledge push) wasn't possible. The upside is that I can collect the jet pack which allows for some useful stuff in the next level


The jet pack is used at the start to skip the keycard and the jump/duck/jump is used to skip a long detour, the most useful trick comes through the ledge push at the end as it allows Duke to skip almost to the end of the level

Episode 2 - Lunar apocalypse

Space Port

Its possible to get the last key card quicker, but it requires steroids and is not justified for the amount of time it saves.


Steroids are used here to perform an LLP and save Duke from activating a switch and thus waiting a while for a lift to lower.

Warp Factor

I don't think this level route wise can be improved, I head straight for the finish and glitch through the force field using a SLP.

Fusion Station

Jet pack here helps provide a large intentional sequence break

Occupied Territory

Much like Warp Factor the route isn't improvable. Steroids are needed because Duke must be able to move a large distance in one frame, because otherwise he gets stuck in the door and is instantly squished.

Tiberious Station:

Nice little shortcut here into the vents

Lunar reactor

Huge route change since last time, since there is a wall which can be destroyed with explosives

Dark Side

Long level with a lot of waiting for trains, highly populated with enemies. Jet pack is highly useful and I only end up just surviving against the mini Darklord

Episode 3 - Shrapnel City

Raw Meat

Slightly different route which saves about a second. Mostly because there is less swimming and waiting for doors to open.

Bank Roll

Inside of the bank has different layout I was surprised when I discovered that the vault could be accessed more quickly if you throw a pipe bomb into the crack and detonate while its inside. It removes the walls which are only callaspable from the inside and help finish the level very quickly

Flood Zone

The pipe bomb glitch was much improved from last time, but I sacrifice 29 frames at the end just to show a way to fall cancel via using a laser trip bomb.

L.A. Rumble

Jet Pack is useful here as it helps Duke ascend the building very quickly

Movie Set

Jump/Duck/Jump glitch allows Duke to finish the level right away.

Rabid Transit

The key card door seems to have some low tech setting and can be opened purley by kicking it saving roughly 30 seconds.


There is a way to get into the yellow key card building at the start, although there is currently no known way to exit it so a sequence break is killed off.

Hotel Hell:

Threw a pipe bomb through crack, detonanated and ended level.


It should be noted that all of the bosses have the same amount of hit points and strangely the first one is by far the hardest with the last one being surprisingly easy. On the second one I appear to use a pistol at the start, but I use speacial bullets i.e. Dum Dums. They have the same power as a shotgun, so each bullet does 10 times the damage it would normally do.

adelikat: Accepting for publication.

adelikat: Processing :)

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