Submission #1835: Mr_Sweed's NES Super Mario Bros. (E) in 05:14.72

Console Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU0.98
Game Version Europe Frame Count 15736
ROM Filename Super Mario Bros. (E).nes Frame Rate 50
Branch Rerecord Count 1891
Unknown Authors Mr_Sweed
Game Super Mario Bros.
Submitted by Mr_Sweed on 1/25/2008 6:30:16 PM

Submission Comments
  • Useing Programmers Error
  • Aim for Fastest Speed On European Version
  • Take No Damage

I used the European versionen of the game. No switches to NTSC this time. So I maybe got this one published, as the first European version as a TAS movie. I make the flagpole glitch at every stage. The easiest way to make the flagpole trick is that, jump so close as possible the flagpole then hold down left and right and A at the same time, then press B to slide slowley into the flagpole. I make some mistakes at WORLD 4-2.And I tried to make this video Entertaining as mutch as possible...
But have fun to watch this one...
I hope you guys like this one... =)

Truncated: Rejected:
  • The rules states to use (U) version when this is possible. We do not need both (U) and (E) versions published.
  • This movie contains several easily spotted mistakes, like getting fireworks.
  • It also contains several not as easily spotted mistakes, compared to the published movie.

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