Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is the original sidescrolling platformer by Nintendo. Mario and his brother Luigi must run across eight worlds in order to save Princess Toadstool from the evil Bowser. The game introduced powerups like the Super Mushroom and Starman into the Mario franchise as well as a variety of new enemies.
Hacks of this game can be found in the Super Mario Bros. hacks game group.
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Here at TASVideos we make perfect movies... and then we beat them again — this time by 1 frame, which, considering the fiercely competitive history of this run, is actually significant.
And if watching this TAS on an emulator isn't satisfying enough, why not see it played back on a real console!
Note: Using RTA timing, this run clocks in at 04:54.03.
This movie is a full warpless run-through by HappyLee and Mars608.
It is a 00:00.70 second improvement over the previous movie by MrWint by the time Mario touches the final goal on Stage 8-4. Most of the improvement comes from faster Stage 5-1 involving a Bullet Bill and faster Stage 6-2 involving a vine. For detailed information, you can read the authors' comments.
This movie has been replayed on an NES console. Watch the video of it here.
Bowser has kidnapped Peach again, but this time, Mario's hoarding tendencies are kicking in. He's grabbing all of the items in the kingdom, even when he doesn't really need them.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game while collecting every possible item without dying, doing so as fast as possible.
DaSmileKat manages to improve on the previous movie by 00:01.38 seconds through careful optimization of almost every level.

Watch this run being played back on a real console here, or here.
Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach once again, but this time, Mario is tired of jumping around the kingdom to save her. So he instead takes a route that's a bit easier on his legs.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game with the fewest A button presses possible. This movie uses more creative tricks and exploits than what you'd see in other movies for this game. A more in-depth explanation can be found in the authors' comments.
The total amount of A button presses done in this movie is 62, you can turn on Closed Captions in the youtube video to view a button counter.

You can watch Kosmic give an in-depth look of the run here as well as watching the premiere of the TAS here.
If you prefer console verification with no commentary, click here to watch that.
Once again, Bowser has kidnapped Peach, but this time Mario isn't trying to rescue her quite as urgently. Fed up with getting no reward for his endeavors beyond cake, Mario takes a leaf out of Wario's book and decides that while rescuing Peach, he might as well make as much money as he can.
In this movie, the aim is to complete the game while collecting as many coins as possible without dying, doing so as fast as possible. In fact, Mario collects 1431 coins in total, which is rather surprising as there are only 1225 distinct coins in the game!
If you enjoyed this TAS, be sure to check out this movie, in which Mario completes the game without pressing the B button.
Watch this run get played back on a real NES!
This game is Super Mario Bros., the original, but on the Famicom Disk System. It is much similar to the ROM version of the game, except for one minor difference that is demonstrated here.
The -1 stage is completely different. In the NES and Unisystem versions, the -1 stage repeats infinitely and cannot be completed, but in FDS, it can be completed, and then come -2 and -3.
The -3 stage in FDS is a castle level, and completing it ends the game, even though it says "princess is in another castle". The princess is not seen in the ending, but she is sighted twice in the -1 stage, as shown in this movie.
This movie is 84 frames faster than the previous one due to the use of a "cheap trick".
Watch this run being played back on a real console.
Bowser has kidnapped the princess (again) and Mario must save the day. But this time through, he takes a stroll. Nothing bothers Mario as he walks through all the stages, sometimes backwards, on his way to save the princess.
This movie demonstrates that it's possible to complete every single stage without pressing the B button. Having been bothered by the lack of running and shooting in this game, the ending outright asks the player to press B.
This movie also improves the previous one by 00:10.82 seconds through new strategies and better optimization.

The authors have provided a comparison encode, which is available for download at, and as a YouTube stream.
This run can be played back on a real NES console, watch that here!

Game Versions

Type Name Title Override Region Version Platform Hashes
Good Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].nes W NES
Sha1: EA343F4E445A9050D4B4FBAC2C77D0693B1D0922
Md5: 811B027EAF99C2DEF7B933C5208636DE
Good Super Mario Bros. (E) (REVA) [!].nes E REVA NES
Sha1: AB30029EFEC6CCFC5D65DFDA7FBC6E6489A80805
Md5: 673913A23CD612DAF5AD32D4085E0760
Unknown VS Super Mario Bros (VS) [a1].nes VS. Super Mario Bros. UE NES
Sha1: 91FA719B4B05ADBAC0B9D507D2051ED361D1DED4
Md5: FC182E5AEFBCE14D4E82C79491FAE237
Hack Super Mario Bros (JU) [p1][patched].nes Super Duper Mario Bros. JU (Unapproved Graphics Hack) NES
Sha1: 2E5E7B9610AA549063A3D6BE3ED5A8798BE339DE
Md5: 14C3E97B5502C76DEAF159D691D6082A
Good VS. Super Mario Bros. (VS).nes VS. Super Mario Bros. UE NES
Sha1: B21AA940728ED80C72EE23C251C96E42CC84B2D6
Md5: 39D8CFA788E20B6C7B62C9C07EE80F65
Good Super Mario Bros. (1985)(Nintendo).fds J FDS
Sha1: 41CF327605CCC7B65F1891427ABE4F64218354A1
Md5: 28DF158B8B4F129D1070E47557C68D9B
Good Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt (U) [!].nes U NES
Sha1: 663DDEF71CC808C5382A3426EF6D03B5499A51C8
Md5: 1306A0286248A0851005464D7EC8D785
Good Super Mario Bros. (Japan).fds J FDS
Sha1: 383AD8E3890A95DE9595F0A6087648F51177DA13
Md5: 293303FE565DE2333BC1E4115D38FA3F
Good Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet (U) (PRG0) [!].nes U PRG0 NES
Sha1: 2F939ECA208F1F15ADDB560C9F72EB01A2951B7F
Md5: 2041EF14C3D0F86B62E424F28BF6DB2A
Bad Super Mario Bros. (W) [b1].nes W NES
Sha1: B1952F6EE88775CE4BAEC034A04E145AFB4930DF
Md5: 94EDE9347C1416105F1C08EC26B5B73A
Good Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt + World Class Track Meet (U) (PRG1) [!].nes U PRG1/Rev 1 NES
Sha1: 92E9C4F35D90A45407DE4017353FD07B27004C03
Md5: 87F93E3F88563BCF4355EF1384A00521
Bad Super Mario Bros. (W) [p1][b4].nes W NES
Sha1: 6FD00A7889CEA3AFC67157638A3EE766CD925AAA
Md5: B39BEEB6148F9C5DC0AE441195ABD94B
Bad Super Mario Bros. (W) [p1][o1].nes W NES
Sha1: 256193FD83EF1369B9C4D106A049F1111857C157