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#638479355124534524 - SMB1 Bad Apple

In 04:48.14 (17317 frames), 2 rerecords
Uploaded 19 days ago by OnehundredthCoin (see all 10)
My efforts to shrink the input log's file size ended up corrupting the input log for the previously uploaded .bk2 and apparently the .tasproj as well. This is the full unmodified tasproj, which I honestly thought I was uploading last time. I have checked this tasproj multiple times before uploading.
The rerecord count is incorrect, and should be 37512

#638430861225490426 - Super Mario Bros. With Flagpole Glitch

Super Mario Bros. (Japan, USA) with fpg.ass
Uploaded 2/9/2024 2:35 PM by MaysontheSpeedrunner (see all 8)
This uses fpg on all 5 overworld levels.
note: Mario does not hug the pole.

#638422230404153845 - Super Mario Bros. Maximum Coins with Warps

max coins with warps.ass
Uploaded 1/30/2024 2:50 PM by MaysontheSpeedrunner (see all 8)
Coins Collected: 108 Warps used: 2 Levels gone through: 8

#638422152003367121 - Super Mario Bros. AOAUIG, AISSON and ZZZLTT

Uploaded 1/30/2024 12:40 PM by MaysontheSpeedrunner (see all 8)
I used a three game pack rom.

#638413616243504348 - Super Mario Bros. 1 (NES) Tas (Glitchless) (Power-up-less)

smb1 tas glitchless pwupless.fm2
In 05:27.91 (19707 frames), 2890 rerecords
Uploaded 1/20/2024 3:33 PM by SysDataSoft (see all 1)
a TAS for Super Mario Bros what completes the game in 19706 frames without glitches and power-ups.

#638398423526853571 - Super Mario Bros. ACE Total Control "Travelling Salesman" playaround

In 02:25.38 (100726 frames), 0 rerecords
1 comment, 127 downloads
Uploaded 1/3/2024 1:32 AM by OnehundredthCoin (see all 10)
Uses subneshawk in Bizhawk 2.9.1, this TAS begins with pre-set RAM. (would be obtained through a brief SMB3 TAS and then cartridge swapping)
This demonstration includes: Custom music, custom screens, bad jokes.
in an earlier Userfile, I demonstrated simply changing the game from world N-2 to 8-4, winning the game about a minute and 15 seconds after the console was turned on. This time I decided to play around with ACE as much as possible, utilizing the 2Kb on RAM to set up code which lets me write more code. I end up writing a nice loop allowing me to read the controller to determine what needs updated: APU registers, OAM, the Nametables, or perhaps nothing at all. With it I tell the story of what happens to Mario after saving the day, and according to myself it involves the Travelling Salesman Problem.
"Cool, so how does this work?"
Let's begin by explaining how this ACE Exploit works.
In Super Mario Bros., killing Bowser with fireballs will "Reveal his true form". In world one, he's really a goomba, in world 2, a buzzy beetle, and so on. When you parse this table out of bounds, some tomfoolery occurs. World 'N' is world 0x16, so we're replacing Bowser with the 23rd entry in a table 8 entries long. This results in Bowser becoming an object beyond the bounds on the object table! Regardless, the game loads that ID and jumps somewhere to determine how it should behave. It ends up jumping the PC to the end of the level loading routine, right at the part where existing sprites are all cleared out, and the "gameplay loop mode" is incremented. Normally, this would increment it from 2 (setting up a stage) to 3 (normal gameplay loop) but since it was already at 3, now it becomes 4 which, again, will parse a table out of bounds. When the game determines where to jump for "Gameplay loop mode 4" it ends up in open bus! (with 53 on the databus) This runs `SRE ($53),Y` and to make a long story short that ends up shifting address $000A to the right, and this new value is on the databus. Luckily for us, we can manipulate address $000A before killing bowser. If we set it to the value 0x80 (by simply holding the A button and *not* the B button) this will shift into 0x40, which will place an `RTI` instruction in open bus, jumping the PC to address $181.
Address $181 is not cleared when the game boots up, so if you were to write a payload there in another game, such as Super Mario Bros. 3, and swap cartridges without turning off the power, the code you write will still exist when killing Bowser in SMB1. Okay... so what code do I put there?
The code I write will begin by reading the controller twice and storing the values read at $c3 and $c2. This will be a pointer to where we write our own custom code. I read the controller once more, this time storing the value at $c1. This will be the payload length. I read the controller X times, where X is the payload length, storing the values read at where ($c2) points. Once all the bytes are written, I read the controller one more time to determine if we should restart the loop, change the pointer, and write something new. Otherwise, I read the controller 2 more times (forming a pointer) and jump there. This lets me execute the custom code I write.
Fun fact, I cannot use the NMI to wait for V-Blank. My solution is to use address $2002, which might've raised a few eyebrows. Reads from $2002 if on the wrong PPU cycle can cause a race-condition wherein the console returns a false-negative, stating the V-Blank has not occurred when in reality it has. My work around for this is to start each frame by reading the controller, and if in that input I press the right button, a function I wrote will waste precisely 1 CPU cycle, circumventing the race condition. I wrote a lua script to automate the process of pressing the right button, since it happens a lot.
I begin by writing code that let's me update the nametables. I clear them and draw a blue box. I spend a few frames writing a custom audio engine, but I decide to keep using SMB1's built in audio engine to finish playing the Bowser Defeated sound and the victory jingle. During this time I also update the nametable to add some humorous text. "Bowser is defeated" "Peace has returned to the kingdom" ... "Mario files for unemployment" "The kingdom assigns him the title of..." and now it's time for part 2.
Part 2: moving the screen and playing custom music.
The loop of code I wrote is essentially, "read controller to determine if we need to update audio. (if we do, read the controller to determine which channels need updating, then read the controller multiple times per channel) Read the controller to determine the horizontal scroll of the screen"
With my custom music player, I was able to extract data from famitracker, run it though a program I made (converting it into button presses) and play it in my TAS via pressing buttons! As the screen scrolls during this section (also done through pressing buttons)it reveals the title the kingdom has assigned Mario. he is now the Travelling Salesman! ("The NP-Hard game to TAS!")
Part 3: OAM
I modified the loop since I no longer need to scroll the screen. For here, I added some code to modify OAM data. This lets me make Mario run across the screen. The loop is now "Read the controller for the Race-Condition-Fix. Read the controller to determine audio channels that need changed. Read multiple times per changed audio channel. Read to determine graphical changes (the lower 3 bits are Nametable, OAM, and Scroll). Read for OAM changes if needed, 1 read to determine how many bytes, 1 read for the OAM offset, then x reads to fill in the data. If updating the nametable, this jumps to the main setup loop, where I write the payload at address $380, then set up some bytes for my 'Fast Nametable Writer', including the payload destination on the PPU Bus (2 bytes) the location of the payload to be copied (usually at $380) the length of the payload, then the value of the PPUAddress after the payload is written (affects the screen scroll)" Phew- that's a lot of controller reads for just one frame, you following along? Luckily if no graphical or audio changes are needed, every frame is only 3 inputs long. (Race-Condition-Prevention, no audio, no graphics)
With this set up, I can essentially make any audio and visual the NES is able to produce (except sample audio), with the huge caveat that the pattern data is restricted to whatever is contained inside the Super Mario Bros. cartridge. Speaking of...
Part 4: Drawing a character not present in SMB1's pattern table
I ask the question "Are you familiar with the travelling salesman problem?". Like most questions, this ends in a question mark. SMB1 does not have a question mark in the pattern data, so I had to get clever. It's actually a series of sprites using the '.' character, assembled in the shape of a question mark. I also used some sprites colored the same colored the background, overlapping others to allow for some thinner parts of the question mark, so it wasn't super blocky.
Part 5: The travelling salesman
The grand finale! (except for the fact that the TAS has a scene afterwards)
I made Mario run to 32 toad houses in a near-optimal path. I intentionally chose the 2nd best path I was able to generate for a joke in the next scene. This was just a combination of all the other tools I had programmed for myself. I have custom music, I update the OAM data to animate Mario running, and whenever he runs over a house I update it's color. The average frame here has 56 inputs.
Part 6: The end
A little card pops up reading "SUCCESS!" Then lists some stats. Mario ran to all 32 toad houses. He ran 1068 pixels, for 617 frames. Toad slides on screen, and says "Thank you mario! But your route was suboptimal!"
And the run ends.
Part 7: Where do I go from here?
Anyway, I'm going to continue to work on this. I don't know what I'll make happen next, other than Toad firing mario from his Travelling Salesman career, and Mario will likely be assigned another role.
I hope this explained it enough! Cheers!

#638346272618306577 - Rohrleitung Gate abuse ending

Rohrleitung Gate abuse ending.fm2
In 08:50.54 (31885 frames), 32358 rerecords
Uploaded 11/3/2023 4:54 PM by chatterbox (see all 17)

#638299890161620815 - Super Mario Bros: Warps in 4:55.13 RTA timing

In 05:15.08 (18936 frames), 1462 rerecords
Uploaded 9/11/2023 12:30 AM by JayKondeck (see all 1)
2nd full game tas

#638295602298466579 - Adventure! (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:18.38 (8317 frames), 4866 rerecords
Uploaded 9/6/2023 1:23 AM by Αsumeh (see all 35)

#638290615063310041 - Super mario bros crash in 18.95

In 00:18.92 (1137 frames), 8771 rerecords
Uploaded 8/31/2023 6:51 AM by RAT926 (see all 4)
Example of another point freeze by fast flower grab. The time could not be updated, but it is interesting to note that the same time was obtained with a completely different method, so I would like to keep this as a record.

#638271464616392698 - Super mario bros crash improvement ideas

In 00:14.44 (868 frames), 3494 rerecords
Uploaded 8/9/2023 2:54 AM by RAT926 (see all 4)
I have been looking for a new improvement for a while and have found a solution that grabs flowers in 868 frames. Whether this will be an overall improvement is still under investigation.
(Edit)Initial investigation resulted in a movie that crashed at the exact same 1143 frames.

#638271097084846185 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. "fastest crash" by RAT926 in 00:19.15, or 0m 16s 007ms

In 00:19.15 (1151 frames), 19256 rerecords
Uploaded 8/8/2023 4:41 PM by BlackWinnerYoshi (see all 28)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System | Emulator: FCEUX 2.6.5 / BizHawk 2.9.2@4ee7e4ca | Game Version: World | Frame Count: 1151 | ROM Filename: Super Mario Bros. (World).nes | Frame Rate: 3579546/59561 | Branch: fastest crash | Rerecord Count: 19256 | Start Type: PowerOn | Authors: RAT926
RTA time calculated from the frame 400 appears to the frame coin icon becomes blank: 1158 - 196 = 962

#638267602098260189 - [TAS] NES SMB "GAGOTO' World-2 in 4:28.441 by Mr.TASer

In 04:28.44 (16133 frames), 2523 rerecords
Uploaded 8/4/2023 3:36 PM by MrTASer (see all 46)

#638264808789603209 - Super mario bros crash in 19.30

In 00:19.27 (1158 frames), 19256 rerecords
Uploaded 8/1/2023 10:01 AM by RAT926 (see all 4)
16 frame improvement by shifting Mario's position to the right. The previous record was as I thought it was not yet perfect.

#638256620931342443 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. "fastest crash" by RAT926 in 00:19.42, or 0m 16s 273ms

In 00:19.42 (1167 frames), 13340 rerecords
1 comment, 74 downloads
Uploaded 7/22/2023 10:34 PM by BlackWinnerYoshi (see all 28)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System | Emulator: FCEUX 2.6.5 / BizHawk 2.9.1 | Game Version: World | Frame Count: 1167 | ROM Filename: Super Mario Bros. (World).nes | Frame Rate: 3579546/59561 | Branch: fastest crash | Rerecord Count: 13340 | Start Type: PowerOn | Authors: RAT926
RTA time calculated from the frame 400 appears to the frame coin icon becomes blank: 1174 - 196 = 978

#638256334926109167 - Super mario bros crash in 19.56

In 00:19.53 (1174 frames), 13340 rerecords
Uploaded 7/22/2023 2:38 PM by RAT926 (see all 4)
Challenge to crash Super Mario Bros. in less than 20 seconds.

#638242850875487965 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. "warps, glitchless" by BlackWinnerYoshi in 05:08.36

In 05:08.36 (18532 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 7/7/2023 12:04 AM by BlackWinnerYoshi (see all 28)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System | Emulator: BizHawk 2.9.2@4ee7e4ca | Game Version: World | Frame Count: 18532 | ROM Filename: Super Mario Bros. (World).nes | Frame Rate: 3579546/59561 | Branch: warps, glitchless | Rerecord Count: unknown | Start Type: PowerOn | Authors: BlackWinnerYoshi

#638242655181545054 - NEW SMB TAS, not 50 frames

Super Mario Bros New TAS.bk2
In 05:41.47 (17076 frames), 433 rerecords
Uploaded 7/6/2023 6:38 PM by lolr4v82 (see all 3)
NEW SMB TAS, not 50 frames

#638242598090415415 - Super Mario Bros. TAS "No glitches, warps"

Super Mario Bros TAS No glitches, warps.bk2
In 00:01.00 (50 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 7/6/2023 5:03 PM by lolr4v82 (see all 3)
Super Mario Bros. TAS "No glitches, warps" If you are wondering why I took damage in late game, it was to become small so I could finish stuff faster in castle.

#638237342857273569 - [TAS] NES HL Coins Land by Αsumeh in 10:34.92

In 10:34.92 (38158 frames), 18910 rerecords
Uploaded 6/30/2023 3:04 PM by BlackWinnerYoshi (see all 28)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System | Emulator: BizHawk 2.9.1 | Game Version: JPN/USA | Frame Count: 38158 | ROM Filename: HL Coins Land (SMB1 Hack).nes | Frame Rate: 3579546/59561 | Branch: (baseline) | Rerecord Count: 8166 (actual 18910) | Start Type: PowerOn | Authors: Αsumeh

#638236843126175874 - HL Coins Land (SMB1 Hack)

In 10:35.19 (38174 frames), 8166 rerecords
Uploaded 6/30/2023 1:11 AM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
HL Coins Land is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack created by HappyLee somewhere in the mid-2000s where your goal is to collect 100 coins by World X-3 to get extra lives and proceed in the game. Like Air 2 and Hard Relay Mario, savestates and abuse of complex Super Mario Bros. glitches are required to collect every coin and beat every level, making this hack practically impossible to complete in real-time.
My TAS beats HappyLee's 2011 run by 14.19 seconds thanks to better optimization on most stages. Actual rerecord count is 18910.
Download the IPS patch here, but be warned of this hack's difficulty...

#638223632803640018 - Mario's post landing Moonwalk [SMB "GAGOTO-WarpLess"]

SMB GAGOTO-WL (Post_Landing_Moonwalk).bk2
In 03:57.59 (14279 frames), 3913 rerecords
Uploaded 6/14/2023 6:14 PM by MrTASer (see all 46)

#638218286899354923 - RAM Map: [NES] Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. (W) [!].wch
Uploaded 6/8/2023 1:44 PM by eien86 (see all 90)
Work based on many sources and my own research. Works for superfast mario as well

#638205751142482836 - Starlight Mario Underworld "parallel 1-1 ending" (5/24/23)

In 09:36.50 (34647 frames), 26497 rerecords
Uploaded 5/25/2023 1:31 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This hack has a secret ending that can only be accessed in hard mode, which I showcase in this run. It requires first beating the game, and then playing 1-1 back in hard mode. There is also another secret "VOID ending" which I probably will not end up TASing. I'll leave that for y'all to find on your own :)
I won't go through every level but here's some stuff to mention.
Power-up Grabs:
Excluding power-up time, this run loses one framerule grabbing the mushroom in 1-1, and does not lose any time grabbing the fire flower in 1-3. Extra time is made up due to required slow-downs in 1-3 when playing as small Mario, since fire Mario can kill the enemies in the way, which allows us to finish on the same framerule. 1-3 is 7 frames from saving the framerule, nearly 6 of which can theoretically be made up by getting a running-speed grab. However, since we would still be a frame away, I did not bother trying to achieve this. So overall, only one framerule, plus 122 frames of transition time, are lost to power-up grabs, which is all made up later through bowser kills.
This run abuses the fire-bar position carry-over. When a firebar is despawned, its rotation is saved and used for the next firebar that loads in. I slow down slightly in the middle of the level to allow some firebars to rotate one position further, in order to pass the next section without slowing down. Also, this is the only level that is very close to a framerule being saved (R18), but the closest I was able to get was R20 with optimal walljumps. Maybe it would be possible with better firebar manipulation.
Secret Level:
The game crashes in the boss fight area if any of the enemies are killed, but even though we clip through the ceiling by bouncing off of the hammer bro, we can still run to the axe before it despawns, keeping the game from crashing.

#638183739185797622 - [WIP] SMB "GAGOTO World-1" in 1:58.903 by Mr.TASer

SMB GAGOTO (World-1).bk2
In 01:58.90 (7146 frames), 3627 rerecords
Uploaded 4/29/2023 2:05 PM by MrTASer (see all 46)
This one is more exciting than the Warps GAGOTO. I will be posting more WIPs so stay tuned.
Procedure :
  • Open ROM.
  • Open TAS Studio.
  • Open Cheats Tab.
    • Add the Cheat in the Cheat Code Converter.
  • Open the bk2 in the TAS Studio.
  • Play the movie.
    • If BizHawk asks whether to continue playing movie with cheats, hit Yes
After a lot of problems, this method was the best I could find.

#638179553100801346 - SMB1 ACE With Entertainment, by Mizumaririn and SeraphmIII

In 01:23.80 (5036 frames), 2110 rerecords
Uploaded 4/24/2023 5:48 PM by OnehundredthCoin (see all 10)

#638164554125206657 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bors. "Fastest Game Over" in 21.863 by Mr.TASer

fastestgameover blackwinneryoshi_Mr.TASer-Edit.bk2
In 00:21.86 (1314 frames), 37 rerecords
2 comments, 75 downloads
Uploaded 4/7/2023 9:10 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)

#638164127649489729 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. "Fastest Game Over" by BlackWinnerYoshi in 00:21.90

In 00:21.90 (1316 frames), 0 rerecords
1 comment, 80 downloads
Uploaded 4/6/2023 9:19 PM by BlackWinnerYoshi (see all 28)
System: Nintendo Entertainment System | Emulator: BizHawk 2.9-rc3 | Game Version: JPN/USA | Frame Count: 1316 | ROM Filename: Super Mario Bros. (World).nes | Frame Rate: 3579546/59561 | Branch: Fastest Game Over | Rerecord Count: unknown | Start Type: PowerOn | Authors: BlackWinnerYoshi

#638137017791633824 - Super Mario Bros. "no wrong warps" in 5:01.703 by DJ Incendration and NotThinkAnything

In 05:01.70 (18132 frames), 22834 rerecords
Uploaded 3/6/2023 12:16 PM by NotThinkAnything2008 (see all 3)
Just a small improvement to this: The goal is beating the game fastest without using wrong warps I help him doing 8-2 and small part of 8-4.Rest are make by him We try making this entertaining as we could. Hope you like this :)

#638083583322653250 - The Black Stars (SMB1 Hack) in 5:41.687

The Black Stars 541687.fm2
In 05:41.70 (20536 frames), 12095 rerecords
Uploaded 1/3/2023 3:58 PM by SeraphmIII (see all 1)
Saves 1.2 seconds over my old TAS and 2.1 seconds over chatterbox's TAS

#638074107918036490 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros in 05:36.196 by Darwen

Super Mario Bros.bk2
In 05:36.20 (20205 frames), 235 rerecords
Uploaded 12/23/2022 4:46 PM by Darwen (see all 2)
TAS NES Super Mario Bros in 00:05:36.196 by Darwen

#638074082459299907 - Darwen's Super Mario Bros. Light Spike

In 05:12.99 (18810 frames), 235 rerecords
Uploaded 12/23/2022 4:04 PM by Spikestuff (see all 274)

#638068893205467257 - [TAS] Super Mario Bros "warpless" Level 1

[TAS] Super Mario Bros (warpless) level 1.fm2
In 00:36.27 (2180 frames), 131 rerecords
Uploaded 12/17/2022 3:55 PM by Darwen (see all 2)
It's the first TAS Video i recorded in my life

#638064031079847196 - Super Mario Brothers Famicom Disk System version, minus world ending 02:39

super mario bros famicom speedrun tas.fm2
In 03:01.68 (10919 frames), 788 rerecords
Uploaded 12/12/2022 12:51 AM by Bhernardo (see all 1)
A Super Mario Brothers minus world ending TAS speedrun that i made last month (the wall clip at world -3 made the run a little slower, and the pipe entering at world 1-2 i made a useless move)

#638045217870235583 - SMB97 (9/9/22)

In 07:46.58 (28041 frames), 23371 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 6:16 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This is a joke hack made to purposely be low-quality. Because the level design is so terrible, it makes for a very interesting run, as some strategies are used that would not often be seen in vanilla-styled hacks.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045216083516636 - Luigi's Turn by AntimonySM51, fella8, Pixel_, VeganSlayerGaming, & 108pi (6/19/22)

In 18:53.02 (68093 frames), 1138 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 6:13 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This hack has reduced acceleration, in order to be more accurate to Luigi's usual physics. This made it difficult to optimize certain sections of the TAS, but we eventually figured out the fastest way to accelerate. It is faster to avoid power-ups and just beat the game as small Mario, since there is no bowser until the final level.
This hack can be downloaded here:

#638045209785796160 - Super Ale Bros. Redux Demo (6/6/22)

In 01:14.73 (4491 frames), 3566 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 6:02 AM by fella8 (see all 26)

#638045202447066887 - I'm not gonna do anything if you got first try gulpingcock.niija website (9/21/21)

In 01:44.26 (6266 frames), 1120 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 5:50 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
The title of this hack is a mouthful.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045150804042275 - Void (9/10/21)

In 01:11.72 (4310 frames), 3192 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 4:24 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This is a pretty short hack, but it was fun to optimize because it eliminates the use of framerules, so every frame matters in every level.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045139947591509 - Hebereke: Rescue O-Chan (9/6/21)

In 02:27.91 (8890 frames), 2228 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 4:06 AM by fella8 (see all 26)

#638045135276090309 - B "all levels" by fella8 and Mizumaririn (8/31/21)

In 02:41.09 (9681 frames), 3410 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:58 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
It's possible to grab the axe in 1-2 but we decided to do an all levels TAS instead to show off the whole game.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045130029596159 - Syobon Action JAM (8/27/21)

In 00:36.04 (2166 frames), 2720 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:50 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This TAS was pretty rushed, so it's not very optimized. It was beaten a few days later by bruhmoment and then DaSmileKat. Of course my most viewed YouTube video is the horribly unoptimized one.
This hack can be downloaded here:

#638045125693641387 - Super Mario Bros. Bad Future (8/24/21)

In 02:45.73 (9960 frames), 3102 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:42 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This hack features a new mechanic with the conveyor belts in 1-3. Since they push Mario's position forward but not the screen, I was able to get Mario all the way to the right side of the screen by the end of the level and have him wrap around to the left after the flagpole, starting the countdown sooner.
This hack can be downloaded here:

#638045118545160920 - LeegiShmeegi (8/5/21)

In 02:41.33 (9696 frames), 4303 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:30 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This hack is pretty fun. There's a lot of opportunity for wrong warps because of all the upside-down pipes.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045112037257976 - togetoge (7/21/21)

In 01:16.36 (4589 frames), 5719 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:20 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This is a fun little hack with really precise platforming. I opted to end timing on the 2-1 axe grab for some reason even though it's an auto level. Time could be saved by using a soft reset after 1-2 instead of waiting to press B.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045106701553056 - Among Us Bros. (5/27/21)

In 02:41.78 (9723 frames), 3571 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:11 AM by fella8 (see all 26)

#638045101234075517 - Summer (5/16/21)

In 03:01.20 (10890 frames), 13857 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 3:02 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This run is decent in my opinion. I'm not very attached to it since I basically just used Asumeh's previous TAS as a guideline for how to beat all the levels, with a few of my own optimizations. It did teach me a lot about the game, however, with all the lesser-known glitches that are required. My run has since been improved by Asumeh and Zejoant by about 6.3 seconds.
This hack can be downloaded here:

#638045079815750672 - Balloon Mario Bros. (5/14/21)

In 00:47.01 (2825 frames), 2957 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 2:26 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
I honestly forgot I ever made this TAS. I would not be surprised if it could be improved. 1-1 seems so suboptimal to me.
I unfortunately do not have a download link for this hack, as it was given to me in private.

#638045073641300506 - LeegiDX "warpless" (5/9/21)

In 08:01.02 (28909 frames), 14911 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 2:16 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This TAS is somewhat boring, since most of the levels are pretty straightforward, so I tried to use the fireballs to make it as entertaining as possible. The most interesting part is probably the Bowser kills, since he always spawns with 11 health, which means I had to strategize my fireball shots a bit more than normal.
Level-Specific Comments
1-2: I told someone that FFPG would probably be possible here, but I actually don't think it is. The platform would have to be only one block away from the wall.
1-3: The running-speed grab is surprisingly generous. Mario has 24 speed for multiple frames before grabbing the flower.

#638045037741701171 - Platina "true ending" (4/12/21)

In 04:29.62 (16204 frames), 33368 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 1:16 AM by fella8 (see all 26)
This is not a great TAS by any means, but arguably quite a big undertaking for my skill at the time. While working on this project, I learned how to use RAM watch, which helped me improve my skill immensely. I spent about a month working on TASes for this game, including "bad ending" and "bad ending, warpless" categories, all of which have since been improved by Asumeh. I probably won't upload the files for those, but there are videos on my YouTube still. I also used the same file for every iteration of each category, hence the ungodly amount of rerecords.
This hack can be downloaded here:

#638045026355564114 - Toadette's Christmas Adventure (3/13/21)

In 01:44.06 (6254 frames), 2281 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 12:57 AM by fella8 (see all 26)

#638045020074985047 - Toad's Christmas Adventure (3/13/21)

In 01:43.23 (6204 frames), 2676 rerecords
Uploaded 11/20/2022 12:46 AM by fella8 (see all 26)

#638031663426063301 - Super Mario Bros. TAS test

Super Mario Bros.fm2
In 05:49.08 (20979 frames), 737 rerecords
Uploaded 11/4/2022 1:45 PM by RetroCake97 (see all 1)
This is just a test.

#638004946741572193 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros "warps" by Kevintendo HU in 5:30.10

Super Mario Bros.fm2
In 05:49.08 (20979 frames), 737 rerecords
1 comment, 144 downloads
Uploaded 10/4/2022 3:37 PM by Kevintendo_HU (see all 1)
I'm the first hungarian person, who made a TAS in the first Mario game on NES

#638002253245696732 - SMB. EATSSY TAS in 4:43.60 (RTA 4:40.322)

Super Mario Bros. (World)-0.fm2
In 04:43.60 (17044 frames), 817 rerecords
Uploaded 10/1/2022 12:48 PM by qwrwerewt (see all 2)

#637983424179867002 - SMB1 One glitch% in 5:01.70 (RTA 4:58.425)

one glitch.fm2
In 05:01.70 (18132 frames), 1532 rerecords
Uploaded 9/9/2022 5:46 PM by every0ne (see all 2)

#637974469177028364 - [NES] SMB - NOT AN IMPROVEMENT. Faster 4-2

In 02:12.37 (7955 frames), 9751 rerecords
1 comment, 109 downloads
Uploaded 8/30/2022 9:01 AM by eien86 (see all 90)
Just an interesting remark: 4-2 can be solved 3 frames faster than current TAS. But then of course the frame rule eats it up. Perhaps this was known and the current TAS waits these frames to manip RNG. In any case,
I'll just leave it here just in case and join the infamous list of SMB movie uploaders.

#637965822736881805 - FDS AISSON (YLSUUYAA) Minus world ending in 2:41.33 (RTA 2:26.72)

Super Mario Brothers (Japan)-0.fm2
In 02:41.33 (9696 frames), 156 rerecords
1 comment, 132 downloads
Uploaded 8/20/2022 8:51 AM by every0ne (see all 2)

#637948407687983364 - Super Mario Bros. 10 Walljumps TAS

In 00:10.73 (645 frames), 145 rerecords
Uploaded 7/31/2022 5:06 AM by DaSmileKat (see all 7)

#637946158032733323 - 1-1 as Fire Mario (with RTA Rules)

1-1 as Fire Mario TAS with RTA Rules.fm2
In 00:28.92 (1738 frames), 179 rerecords
Uploaded 7/28/2022 2:36 PM by Toms (see all 42)
I did my best.
You can modify it to improve it.
I don't have any problem.

#637935922185822998 - NES Super Mario Bros Ram Addresses

Uploaded 7/16/2022 6:16 PM by adelikat (see all 20)
a BizHawk .wch file for NES Super Mario Bros

#637912781916759106 - Mario VS Airman [d] version - first full draft

SMB LuigiVSAirman MK edition.bk2
In 01:44.43 (6276 frames), 2304 rerecords
1 comment, 112 downloads
Uploaded 6/19/2022 11:29 PM by Darkman425 (see all 49)
Emulator used: BizHawk 2.8, NESHawk core
ROM hack available here.
YouTube encode here.
This is a completed first draft. For improvements I got better screen transition locations that saved 15 frames. I'm not happy with the Air Man fight since he got 6 attacks in compared to HappyLee's regular Luigi run where Air Man only attacked 3 times. Figuring out the boss fight strats will be a huge time save right. There's also the problem that I haven't quite figured out how to get fast acceleration on Luigi quite yet, so there's probably a decent number of frames to be saved there.

#637909460071874925 - [TAS] NES SMB "Super Sonic Speed" in 3:50.544

Retro Cheats Challenge 'Super Sonic Speed'.bk2
In 03:53.32 (14022 frames), 5748 rerecords
Uploaded 6/16/2022 3:13 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)
I was challenged.
I won
Now I experienced that cheats are jank.
It would be a good one if the scrolling didnt just left behind Mario...
Cheats used :
B5F2:10 - Sonic Speed
07FC:01 - Enable Hard Mode
010F:00 - Flag gives 5000 points
0787:12 - Infinite Time
075A:03 - Infinite lives, change 3 to any value

#637906163423981479 - Super Mario Bros + TAS

Super Mario Bros + Hacked Game1.bk2
In 00:55.56 (3339 frames), 5 rerecords
3 comments, 121 downloads
Uploaded 6/12/2022 7:39 AM by Sapbot (see all 1)
WARNING! this is not Super Mario Bros this is
Mod edit: Removed ROM link, don't link ROMs (only link patches for ROM hacks)

#637904312026214209 - [TAS] Super Mario Bros. "GLGLLK" in 3:51.725

SMB 60X.bk2
In 04:16.30 (15403 frames), 3137 rerecords
Uploaded 6/10/2022 4:13 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)
It was the best cheat I've ever TASed...
This cheat increases mario's X-Speed from 40 to 60 which make possible the Full FlagPole Glitch possible on every level.
Also, clipping is also some sort of easy now
And I had to clip in the staircase of 4-1, because I can't find a way to get to the top without bonking in it.
Also, the Pirhana was quite disturbing in 8-1 wall jump area.

#637902124301784462 - [TAS] SMB Hack "B" in 2:41.766

In 03:06.13 (11187 frames), 2715 rerecords
Uploaded 6/7/2022 3:27 PM by MrTASer (see all 46)

#637893545570544745 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. In 4:54.814

In 04:58.06 (17913 frames), 4660 rerecords
Uploaded 5/28/2022 5:09 PM by MrTASer (see all 46)
My best SMB any% so far...
Can someone suggest a better manipulation for BBG in 8-2??? And also some improvement advise in 8-4

#637887303580606730 - Super Mario Bros. "warps, Pacifist" by NotThinkAnything

In 04:58.01 (17910 frames), 4481 rerecords
Uploaded 5/21/2022 11:45 AM by NotThinkAnything2008 (see all 3)

#637882904354699048 - Super Mario Bros. "warpless" No Left by NotThinkAnything

In 18:59.94 (68509 frames), 12706 rerecords
Uploaded 5/16/2022 9:33 AM by NotThinkAnything2008 (see all 3)
RTA Timing:18:56.66 TAS Timing:18:59.93
This is the first warpless TAS made by me.Hope you enjoy it :)

#637869765079974998 - Truncated file of [7463S]

In 04:58.71 (17952 frames), 2419 rerecords
1 comment, 95 downloads
Uploaded 5/1/2022 4:35 AM by GMP (see all 17)
Truncated to remove blank inputs at the end, also added a dummy A input right before the axe since that's where HappyLee's record ends it.
Note - I am not the author of this, all credits belong to Thegame22

#637865476134569075 - #4 SMB Warpless TAS in 18:46.983

WL #4.bk2
In 18:48.39 (67815 frames), 9009 rerecords
Uploaded 4/26/2022 5:26 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)
My 4th and best Warpless TAS
So many possible time saves, but not possible by me in present times...
Worst mistake : Bad firebar at 5-4
Good point : Bullet Bill Glitch at 8-2
1440@60 4:3 encode :

#637857202089489223 - My first TAS broke Super Mario Bros. At 1-2

#1SMB TAS.fm2
In 05:12.87 (18803 frames), 25 rerecords
6 comments, 104 downloads
Uploaded 4/16/2022 3:36 PM by MrTASer (see all 46)
It was my first TAS on FCEUX and I was so excited that I forgot that taking fire flower wastes time, but it made my first TAS special as it spawned a glitched green block at 1-2.
Please don't judge it as a mature movie, it was a 14 yr old's play...
Can some one tell me how this glitch works???

#637855851927834397 - [TAS] Super Mario Bros. 'AEPLLG' in 4:44.216(RTA)

In 04:47.01 (17249 frames), 3636 rerecords
Uploaded 4/15/2022 2:06 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)
AEPLLG = Mid-Air-Jump allowed
This was my most interesting TAS and I never got stressful in making this, unlike my AISSON TAS.
YouTube 2K;60FPS encode:
I did FullFlagPole glitches in every level.
I got a faster backwards acceleration in 4-2 wall clip.
19 1-Ups in 8-1 (never seen those many in casual gameplay).
FFPG from below the ground in 8-3 saving some time.
No wall jump required in 8-4. Also, a dead hammer bro at 8-4 threw hammer at the ending screen...
Possible time saves :
1-2 exit
4-2 faster exit
8-4 fast accel. At start ; faster turnaround at wrong warp.
Thank You

#637855505079819264 - smb over the flagpole tas improved

Super Mario Bros. (World).fm2
In 01:25.76 (5154 frames), 3661 rerecords
Uploaded 4/14/2022 4:28 PM by Katistrofic2 (see all 4)

#637848660572265635 - smb over the flagpole tas

Super Mario Bros. (World).fm2
In 01:27.87 (5281 frames), 3589 rerecords
1 comment, 95 downloads
Uploaded 4/6/2022 6:20 PM by Katistrofic2 (see all 4)
why do i need a description aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

#637823195478879893 - Super Mario Bros. Warpless

Super Mario Bros Warpless.bk2
In 20:56.41 (75509 frames), 27 rerecords
Uploaded 3/8/2022 6:59 AM by DrakeekarD (see all 10)
A playthrough of Super Mario Bros. without warps. Enjoy.

#637821947939369445 - Super Mario Bros. "warpless" by Yy - FCEUX Resync

SMB yy warpless resync.fm2
In 19:24.71 (69998 frames), 14 rerecords
1 comment, 133 downloads
Uploaded 3/6/2022 8:19 PM by despoa (see all 9)
Yy's warpless run on Super Mario Bros., resynced on FCEUX 2.6.2 for verification.

#637798498327963436 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON 1 warp in 10:09.213

In 10:09.00 (36614 frames), 4175 rerecords
Uploaded 2/7/2022 4:57 PM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
First AISSON 1 warp TAS. Gone through a few revisions before publishing here.
RTA timing: 10:05.952
Edit: realised that the timing that TASvideos added is kinda not good, just ignore that timing

#637779016362867321 - [NEW RECORD] Super Mario Bros. no L+R warpless speedrun use RTAtiming in 18:36.877

[TAS] NO L+R Super Mario Bros. warpless speedrun RTAtiming-18m 36s 878ms.fm2
In 18:46.00 (67677 frames), 50328 rerecords
Uploaded 1/16/2022 3:47 AM by yizhihongzhunan (see all 3)
Rerecord count: 50328 By: yizhihongzhunan
Due to the FPS was not accurate enough when calculating RTA time before,the RTA timing has been revised to 18:36.877
FPS: 60.098813897441
18:36 has been achieved!
The new video used new wall clips step save 42 frames in 6-2.
According to this RTArule TAS, the human limit most likely in 18:36.877 at warpless speedrun.
Wait 6 seconds at the beginning of the video in order to get prefect bullet in 5-1.
The TAS is lose 203 frame than L+R TAS, respectively 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-2, 4-4, 5-4, 6-2, 6-4 and 7-1 each lose 21 frames, 8-4 lose 14 frames.

#76101061698125742 - SMB 1-1 Getting 7 1-Ups

1-1 7UP demo_HappyLee.fm2
In 01:07.89 (4080 frames), 910 rerecords
Uploaded 12/10/2021 5:11 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)

#75784587902129666 - Super Mario Bros. no L+R warpless speedrun use RTAtiming in 18:37.576

[TAS] NO L+R Super Mario Bros. warpless speedrun RTAtiming-18m 37s 576ms.fm2
In 18:46.79 (67719 frames), 48638 rerecords
Uploaded 11/25/2021 11:07 PM by yizhihongzhunan (see all 3)
Rerecord count: 48638 By: yizhihongzhunan
The new video save 21 frame in 1-3. By chance I press extra 2 frame A, Mario can touch floor 1 frame ahead of time, it make mushroom grab 2 frame ahead of time and save framerule in 1-3.
And the video adopt to new step without fast accel in 3-2.
According to this RTArule TAS, the human limit most likely in 18:37.576 at warpless speedrun.
Wait 6 seconds at the beginning of the video in order to get prefect bullet in 5-1.
The TAS is lose 245 frame than L+R TAS, respectively 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-2, 4-4, 5-4, 6-4 and 7-1 each lose 21 frame, 6-2 lose 63 frame, 8-4 lose 14 frame.

#75351461061927446 - SMB1 new warps TAS

In 04:57.31 (17868 frames), 4500 rerecords
Uploaded 11/6/2021 10:59 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
I remade this TAS for entertainment, and I think this may be the most entertaining 4:54.032 TAS out there.

#75318652127613703 - [NO L+R TAS]Super Mario Bros. warpless speedrun use RTAtiming in 18:37.926

【TAS】NO L+R Super Mario Bros. warpless speedrun RTAtiming-18m 37s 926ms.fm2
In 18:46.79 (67719 frames), 48022 rerecords
Uploaded 11/4/2021 11:31 PM by yizhihongzhunan (see all 3)
Rerecord count: 48022 By: yizhihongzhunan
According to this RTArule TAS, the human limit most likely in 18:37.926 at warpless speedrun.
Wait 5 seconds at the beginning of the video in order to get prefect bullet in 5-1.
The TAS is lose 266 frame than L+R TAS, respectively 1-3, 1-4, 2-4, 3-4, 4-2, 4-4, 5-4, 6-4 and 7-1 each lose 21 frame, 6-2 lose 63 frame, 8-4 lose 14 frame.

#75038995660751352 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. 'GAGOTO+'AISSON' in 4:44.333 by Mr.TASer

In 05:09.69 (18612 frames), 3143 rerecords
Uploaded 10/23/2021 9:15 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)
Cheats used:-
GAGOTO - Fly/swim everywhere
AISSON - Walk through walls or blocks
Made using TAS Studio in BizHawk
2K ; 60FPS ; 4:3 encode on my channel

#74290152453809895 - Escalator TAS but with RTA Rules

Escalator (with RTA Rules of SMB1) TAS.fm2
In 00:21.12 (1269 frames), 38 rerecords
Uploaded 9/19/2021 3:52 PM by Toms (see all 42)
RTA rules are simple: I can't press L+R or U+D at the same time
RTA timing: 00:17.70

#74206627305658856 - Escalator speedrun in 0:18.336 *World Record*

Escalator speedrun.fm2
In 00:24.76 (1488 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 9/15/2021 9:35 PM by Toms (see all 42)
ATA's ROM Hack speedrun with improvement
This speedrun gets an improvement of 1.78 seconds (107 frames) & beated in 0:18.336 (1102 frames)

#74189446696476777 - Escalator speedrun in 0:20.117 *Obsoleted Record*

In 00:44.59 (2680 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 9/15/2021 3:01 AM by Toms (see all 42)
A speedrun that I did, this is the movie input.
Yes, I record my quickest attempt to beat the ATA's ROM hack.
The time is: 0m 20s 117ms (1209 frames 60.098813897441 FPS)
Really, I don't why I'm uploading this speedrun of a TAS website.
But never mind, it's just the userfiles

#73890793151588632 - Super Mario Bros. Hack: Giant Mario Bros.

Giant Mario Bros. playthrough.fm2
In 06:03.32 (21835 frames), 26401 rerecords
Uploaded 9/1/2021 4:13 PM by chatterbox (see all 17)
This ROM Hack almost doubles Mario's height. The width has slightly increased too, but it's not easily noticed, and some cramped areas on the stages have been modified according to his new size. I resumed creating movies after a long time starting with this and Mario's size has grown ridiculously, which has contributed to increasing difficulty in making xD

#73577180177736280 - AISSON Softlock 2 frame improvement

aisson softlock.fm2
In 00:22.60 (1358 frames), 3928 rerecords
1 comment, 244 downloads
Uploaded 8/18/2021 1:15 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
I thought my previous TAS was perfect, but I was wrong. 2-frame improvement!

#73536684563792542 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON in 4:40.904

In 04:40.90 (16882 frames), 181 rerecords
6 comments, 259 downloads
Uploaded 8/16/2021 5:29 PM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
Might be perfect if you ignore like 1 frame out of first room or something.
2 frames of timesave (both in second room of 8-4), found by DaSmileKat - all credit goes to him.
RTA timing is 4:37.626.

#73006903661142842 - [IMPROVED] Summer (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:55.63 (10555 frames), 3561 rerecords
1 comment, 275 downloads
Uploaded 7/23/2021 8:52 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Currently obsoleted by Zejoant's run.

Quite a fitting time to upload this, right? Now that Summer has come about... :P

This is an improved TAS of Summer, a cryptic and difficult Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack created by Mana in 2002.
This hack may not be notable for being complex, but it requires a vast amount of skill and will sometimes force players to use glitches against their will.
My new run beats fella8’s run (which also beat my original run in 2018 by 63 frames) by 5.57 seconds due to, once again, better strategies and improved optimization.
And now... have it here! The IPS patch is here for you to download! :D

#72903537506394732 - The Desert Trip (SMB1 Hack) 1-1 TAS

The Dessert Trip 1-1 TAS.fm2
In 00:28.75 (1728 frames), 43 rerecords
Uploaded 7/19/2021 5:09 AM by Toms (see all 42)
After 1 week of inactivity, "It was time to go home"
This is a Tool-Assisted Speedrun of a ROM Hack of Super Mario Bros.: The Desert Trip (on his current version 1.2)
In this TAS, I play the first level.
If you want to edit the input of the movie or continue the TAS, you can.
It's obvious that it's necessary to give credits.
And... thank you for some people that put my name on his/her homepage of this website, I don't feel angry with that, I just feel happy and get me thinking that I'm getting the popularity that I like.
I'll see you next time, bye.

#72880072421944057 - Super Mario Bros. GG Code TEYIUT

In 03:41.44 (13308 frames), 2334 rerecords
Uploaded 7/18/2021 3:47 AM by ItsPietroFelix (see all 3)
Will improve this someday.

#72816202078728240 - SMB no castle theme until world 8

In 02:38.52 (9527 frames), 340 rerecords
2 comments, 256 downloads
Uploaded 7/15/2021 6:45 AM by redatchyon2098 (see all 4)
The name explains it.
(By the way this was also a challenge for myself. I did not use the TAS editor to make this at all. All of this was made via save-states and real-time, with a bit of frame-advancing. Normally I just click on the TAS editor for the entire run, which is very painstaking.)
Also, if I get better at TASing this game, I will attempt a "No Going Into The Castle" TAS.(It is impossible to skip the castle theme in 8-1 and 8-3.

#72637183058358299 - Super Mario Bros. any% TAS

Super Mario Bros.bk2
In 05:24.76 (16240 frames), 2370 rerecords
Uploaded 7/7/2021 5:15 AM by YeahYeahBeebiss1 (see all 2)
ye lol. second tas woohoo

#72467714410344781 - SMB1 4:57.31 (final?) update

SMB1 update.fm2
In 04:57.31 (17868 frames), 4888 rerecords
Uploaded 6/29/2021 2:05 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
I decided to do a 4:54.032 TAS with things that aren't usually seen in TASes. Examples of this are the end of 1-2, 4-2 and the end of 8-2.

#72417038604601695 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON RTA rules in 4:41.902

In 04:41.90 (16942 frames), 6834 rerecords
Uploaded 6/27/2021 7:19 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
Saves 1 frame over my previous TAS, in the first room of 8-4.
RTA timing: 4:38.624
Idk how to save any more frames rn

#72375263263627707 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON RTA rules in 4:41.919

In 04:41.92 (16943 frames), 5978 rerecords
Uploaded 6/25/2021 10:10 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
Saves 5 frames over my previous AISSON RTA TAS:
  • 4 frames in first room
  • 1 frame in turnaround room
Never thought my previous TAS was this unoptimised lol, I'm gonna see if I can optimise this further.
Took a month to finish this (bowser got in the way constantly). RTA timing is 4:38.641.

#72249059835263123 - another Escalator improvement

SMB1 - Escalator (SMB1 Hack)-0.fm2
In 00:20.88 (1255 frames), 63 rerecords
Uploaded 6/19/2021 5:45 PM by Toms (see all 42)

#72249039015798234 - Escalator improvement

escalator improvement.fm2
In 00:20.90 (1256 frames), 257 rerecords
Uploaded 6/19/2021 5:44 PM by Toms (see all 42)
RTA timing: 00:17.62

#72185777126352460 - Super Mario Bros (Warps) TAS

Super Mario Bros.bk2
In 05:35.21 (16763 frames), 2756 rerecords
Uploaded 6/16/2021 9:21 PM by YeahYeahBeebiss1 (see all 2)
My first TAS. Wonder what my future ones will look like.

#72160662718611720 - YY's TAS accuracy fix

In 19:24.71 (69998 frames), 136 rerecords
6 comments, 253 downloads
Uploaded 6/15/2021 6:13 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
I converted YY's Famtasia movie to FCEUX for better audio accuracy when playing it back.

#72002115950934231 - SMB1 "warps" TAS

Toms SMB1 TAS.fm2
In 05:02.87 (18202 frames), 1258 rerecords
Uploaded 6/8/2021 2:51 PM by Toms (see all 42)
After 1 week, I'm releasing the SMB1 "warps" TAS. This TAS only has the vine skip glitch.
RTA timing: 04:59.59
RTA timing rank
RankPlayed byTime
7thPhil & Genisto4:56.42
9thToms (me)4:59.58
10thMichael Fried4:59.95
11thMichael Fried5:02.11
13thMichael Fried5:04.19
14thMichael Fried5:04.66

#71965506304914893 - Daboss7173's first Super Mario Bros. TAS

SMB Daboss7173 First Tas.fm2
In 05:19.86 (19223 frames), 2572 rerecords
Uploaded 6/6/2021 11:17 PM by Daboss7173 (see all 1)
I made a Super Mario Bros Any% tas. I am honestly really proud of this.

#71702946798610564 - AISSON softlock in 19.351

aisson softlock.fm2
In 00:22.63 (1360 frames), 3623 rerecords
4 comments, 270 downloads
Uploaded 5/26/2021 3:29 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#71671429050942510 - Mario's Keep 1.21 AISSON+TEYIUT+AEPLLG (TAS)

mario's keep_cheated by toms.fm2
In 01:31.13 (5477 frames), 380 rerecords
Uploaded 5/24/2021 5:25 PM by Toms (see all 42)
Mario's Keep is a puzzle ROM Hack of Super Mario Bros., this time you can play 2 versions

Cheats information:

  • AISSON: walk trough walls
  • TEYIUT: press down & you can warp at the near pipe of the level
  • AEPLLG: you can jump in the air by pressing A

#71664827268535751 - Super Mario Bros. PIGOAP in 4:39.173

In 04:39.17 (16778 frames), 2450 rerecords
Uploaded 5/24/2021 10:17 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
Game genie TASes are my job now I guess.
  • 1 framerule saved in 4-2
RTA timing: 4:35.895

#71649883029427068 - Escalator (SMB1 Hack) first TAS (Obsoleted)

In 00:21.32 (1282 frames), 50 rerecords
Uploaded 5/23/2021 6:08 PM by Toms (see all 42)
Hi, this movie is a old TAS that I do beating the DJ Incendration movie.

#71550104104930398 - Super Mario Bros. TEYIUT + AEPLLG in 3:28.689

In 03:28.69 (12542 frames), 1364 rerecords
Uploaded 5/19/2021 6:17 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
This TAS uses the Game Genie codes TEYIUT (any block can be used for warping) and AEPLLG (infinite mid-air jumps).
RTA timing is 3:25.411.

#71516467632904858 - Paper Sai (SMB1 Hack) World 4 ending TAS

In 01:23.65 (5027 frames), 186 rerecords
1 comment, 244 downloads
Uploaded 5/17/2021 5:56 PM by Toms (see all 42)
Paper Sai is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack that it changed the music, graphic with a 3D perspective in the ground(maded with bricks), bricks & question mark blocks. To go to world 4-1 is simple, in 1-2 you need to find a special star, If you touch the star it warps you to a Warp zone

#71311660006554920 - Starlight Mario TAS WIP (World 1)

In 02:56.96 (10635 frames), 3466 rerecords
Uploaded 5/8/2021 12:34 PM by chbld (see all 1)
A work-in-progress of the first 4 levels of the SMB1 hack Starlight Mario. The ceiling clip with a Parakoopa in 1-3 was found by Kriller37.

#71108612971327432 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON warpless in 17:48.657

SMB AISSON warpless_1748.fm2
In 17:48.66 (64225 frames), 1839 rerecords
Uploaded 4/29/2021 9:06 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
3 framerules of timesave:
  • 1 in 1-3
  • 1 in 5-4
  • 1 in 7-2
All timesaves found by periwinkle
RTA timing: 17:45.379

#71107838056906462 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON RTA rules in 4:42.002

SMB AISSON RTA rules 4.42.002.fm2
In 04:42.00 (16948 frames), 4976 rerecords
Uploaded 4/29/2021 8:16 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
Saves 1 frame over the previous RTA rules TAS, coming from a better first room in 8-4.
RTA timing is 4:38.724.
Might improve in the future.

#71049502382149538 - SMB1 AISSON TAS in 4:37.659 (tied TAS)

SMB1 AISSON perfect inputs TAS.fm2
In 04:40.94 (16884 frames), 2434 rerecords
Uploaded 4/26/2021 5:13 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Perfect inputs TAS, 4:37.659. I try to end each level on the first frame possible.

#71039371563671988 - Impossible Floor Clip with a Vine and 2 Enemies (SMB Glitch)

Impossible Floor Clip (Vine + 2 Enemies in 1-2).fm2
In 04:49.42 (17394 frames), 108 rerecords
Uploaded 4/26/2021 6:16 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
Downward floor clip is usually considered impossible in Super Mario Bros (NTSC version). This one is a rare exception.
DaSmileKat came up with the idea of using a vine and enemies to do a floor clip. It requires at least 2 enemies in SMB1, and 1 in SMB2J because of higher bounce. But it's hard to think of a place to actually perform it without using hacks or memory editing, so I came up with the idea of showing it in the beginning of 1-2, with a vine "stolen" from 5-2 by Luigi's death.
This glitch requires extremely precise Y subspeed and Y subpixel. The vine is used because it provides a different Y subspeed than jumping and sliding, and the 2 Goombas are used to further adjust Y subspeed until we get the perfect Y subspeed required for this ground clip.
There hasn't been a completely new SMB glitch found in 2 years, because rare glitches like this are extremely hard to find. Thanks to DaSmileKat for this. :)

#71018495617203595 - SMBistic's Super Mario Bros. "warps" Light Spike

In 04:57.31 (17868 frames), 2666 rerecords
Uploaded 4/25/2021 7:42 AM by Spikestuff (see all 274)
When the time matches the currently published TAS.

#71006184057923263 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON warpless in 17:49.721

In 17:49.72 (64289 frames), 951 rerecords
Uploaded 4/24/2021 6:24 PM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
Saves 46 frames over previous AISSON warpless TAS, in these places:
  • Framerule in 1-2
  • Framerule in 4-4
  • Several less lag frames
RTA timing is 17:46.443.

#70958014127446022 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON warpless in 17:50.470

In 17:50.49 (64335 frames), 25 rerecords
2 comments, 280 downloads
Uploaded 4/22/2021 2:20 PM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
This is an smb warpless TAS using AISSON (aka noclip). Made by electricpants and PP Unknown. RTA timing is 17:47.192.
Saves a bunch of time (about a second lol) over the previous AISSON warpless TAS by electricpants, coming from a better 8-4 and a couple of framerules.

#70928304888519937 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON in 4:40.937

AISSON 4.40.937-PPUnknown.fm2
In 04:40.94 (16884 frames), 87 rerecords
Uploaded 4/21/2021 6:13 AM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
This TAS saves 3 frames over the previous AISSON TAS, coming from a better first room in 8-4.
Uploaded this because periwinkle found the timesave in first room. RTA timing is 4:37.659.
Unless someone else improves this TAS, this will be my final AISSON any% TAS for a while.

#70892776186645618 - Super Mario Bros. AISSON RTA rules in 4:42.018

SMB AISSON RTA rules 4.42.018.fm2
In 04:42.04 (16950 frames), 4603 rerecords
Uploaded 4/19/2021 3:49 PM by PP_Unknown (see all 12)
This TAS uses the game genie code AISSON, and follows the RTA rules, which basically means no L+R at the same time. Made this in order to see how much time could be saved over the wr. Loses time over my normal AISSON TAS in these places:
  • framerule in 4-2
  • framerule in 8-3
  • some time in 8-4
This ends up being just over a second slower. RTA timing is 4:38.740.

#70733209713475564 - Super mario bros crash%

In 00:50.60 (3041 frames), -2147483648 rerecords
11 comments, 383 downloads
Uploaded 4/12/2021 11:21 AM by redatchyon2098 (see all 4)
This movie crashes the game.

#70141785768239663 - Nes Super Mario Bros Japan / Usa warped by I like bleach 64 / Oray Beast in 4:57.93

In 04:57.83 (17899 frames), 2107 rerecords
Uploaded 3/16/2021 8:07 PM by I_like_bleach_64 (see all 4)
Tool-Assisted Speedrun, n. Refers to a speedrun of a video game, using an emulator's slowdown and rewind functions to reach an inhuman time. TASes do not use cheats (though glitches are fair game), meaning that in theory, anyone could replicate a TAS on a real console, though no human has the reflexes to do so.
Hey, did you check out that awesome TAS of Super Mario Bros.?
by -Bent- May 03, 2007

#70091620425248727 - Escalator (SMB1 Hack) TAS

Escalator (SMB1 Hack) TAS.fm2
In 00:21.68 (1303 frames), 327 rerecords
Uploaded 3/14/2021 1:54 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
This is a short, one-level hack. Parts of this TAS were created with SMBBot.

#69934771894672361 - optimized until 8-4, some improvements may remain

AISSON TAS optimized inputs to 8-4.fm2
In 04:40.67 (16868 frames), 2121 rerecords
Uploaded 3/7/2021 12:22 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Uses FCEUX 2.3.0, cheats dialogue instead of GG ROM. I can't figure out the RTA timing, because I didn't know where to end the TAS. I ended on the first frame that beats the game, the last frame of input.

#69871107499696049 - NES Super Mario Bros. In 4:58.24

warps 2001.fm2
In 04:58.24 (17924 frames), 455 rerecords
2 comments, 313 downloads
Uploaded 3/4/2021 3:33 PM by I_like_bleach_64 (see all 4)
A tool-assisted speedrun or tool-assisted superplay (TAS) is generally defined as speedrunning a game in an emulator with the goal of creating a theoretically perfect playthrough. As the name implies, a TAS is not performed by an actual human being, but rather by a program or a piece of software that delivers frame-perfect optimized controller input to complete the game in the fastest way possible. The script that delivers these inputs is provided by the TAS author, who would use their knowledge of the game's mechanics and various tools built into the emulator to optimize a speedrun until no more improvements can be identified.

#69871047320661621 - Super Mario Bros. (FDS) Lowest Score (No continues)

In 08:10.33 (29468 frames), 468 rerecords
Uploaded 3/4/2021 3:29 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)
Lowest possible score with the minus world ending route, no continues. I could've made this more entertaining, I kind of just went for speed, I'm sorry. Encode:

#69314895304749663 - I did it! New AISSON TAS done!

In 04:43.65 (17047 frames), 4628 rerecords
Uploaded 2/7/2021 2:22 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Improves 4-2 by a framerule, and other levels by a few frames. I kind of can't believe it! If I'm right, this is a new TAS WR!

#69166605693772147 - AEPLLG Glitchless TAS

AEPLLG glitchless.fm2
In 05:07.99 (18510 frames), 3268 rerecords
Uploaded 1/31/2021 10:06 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
In areas you may think have glitches, I don't think they are. 4-2 is just using the jumping code to our advantage, not using wrong warps or anything like that. 8-4 is just jumping to a height that you can reach the pipe without turning around or slowing down.

#69161276234965799 - AEPLLG v2

DJ Incendration AEPLLG TAS v2.fm2
In 04:49.81 (17417 frames), 2143 rerecords
Uploaded 1/31/2021 4:20 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Turns out that the timer freezing for too long wastes time at the end of the level. Fixed now.

#69160256084507291 - my own AEPLLG TAS

my own aepllg tas.fm2
In 04:50.12 (17436 frames), 1670 rerecords
Uploaded 1/31/2021 3:14 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
1-1: I think this is the fastest it can happen. 1-2: I was unable to get the fastest 1-2; 1 framerule off. 4-1: I didn't take advantage of infinite jumps as much as I could have, but I was having some trouble with FPG. 4-2: Did the top clip on my own; not the fastest clip you can do with AEPLLG but still good. 8-1: Solid. 8-2 and 8-3: You can freeze the timer if you are high up enough This is used to avoid fireworks. 8-4: There's a wrong warp one can do in room 1, but I have no idea how that works. It saves time in WJ room, too. I just go the normal route.
I ended input on the first frame possible.

#69146444502106434 - AISSON+TEYIUT tied TAS record

In 03:41.14 (13290 frames), 4995 rerecords
Uploaded 1/31/2021 12:18 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#69015692389962788 - Super Mario Bros. "no Left" TAS in 10:47.93

SMB_NoLeft_TAS_HappyLee, Kriller37, Mars608 & KFCMario.fm2
In 10:47.92 (38940 frames), 21151 rerecords
1 comment, 357 downloads
Uploaded 1/25/2021 2:59 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
SMB can be completed without ever pressing Left. This TAS demonstrates the fastest way possible. It's interesting that the fastest route happens to show entering 5-1 through 1-2 wrong warp glitch.
Authors (who have their Left button broken): HappyLee, Kriller37, Mars608 & KFCMario
HappyLee: I started this project back in 2009. Mars608 and KFCMario joined the project mostly during 2012 to 2015. We've made several demo runs, but the project was postponed many times simply because a Firebar in 6-4 always gets in our way. I felt that there should be a way to avoid that.
I restarted this project in 2020 with Kriller37. The 6-4 Firebar problem was solved with 5-1 Bullet Bill glitch ending, which is the hardest and the last piece of the puzzle. Killer37 finished many stages like 5-3, 7-1, 8-1 and 8-2, and his great skills and high efficiency make this TAS finally see the light of the day in 2020.
Q: Why do you slow down in many places? A: Most of the slow downs are for entertainment, and some to avoid certain timer. This game has 21 frame rule, so slowing down doesn't necessarily mean time loss.
Q: Can this be done by real-time speedrunners? A: I believe YES, because SMB speedrunners nowadays have done crazier things. There's no super-hard glitch involved in this route. I'd certainly love to see a "no Left" real-time speedrun someday. :)

#68969178445124590 - updated no FPG TAS

In 04:59.41 (17994 frames), 601 rerecords
Uploaded 1/23/2021 12:42 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Updated to end at the same time as other TASes. TAS timing: 4:59.407, RTA timing: 4:56.129

#68967844357798879 - No FPG

In 04:59.33 (17990 frames), 587 rerecords
Uploaded 1/22/2021 11:16 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
No FPG TAS of SMB1. New strats have saved time, even without FPG.

#68809813823907678 -

SMB1 TAS through last input.fm2
In 04:57.01 (17850 frames), 4978 rerecords
Uploaded 1/15/2021 8:27 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#68701263226221507 - Mario 4:54 updated

In 04:57.31 (17868 frames), 4972 rerecords
Uploaded 1/10/2021 11:08 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
updated 4:54

#68678769840977003 - SMB1 new AISSON TAS

In 04:44.02 (17070 frames), 1487 rerecords
Uploaded 1/9/2021 10:49 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
This is it for me. WW in 8-4 done, new TAS complete!

#68410246126700593 - SMB1 human theory TAS

Smb1 human theory TAS.fm2
In 04:57.21 (17862 frames), 4291 rerecords
1 comment, 331 downloads
Uploaded 12/28/2020 8:35 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
This is a human theory TAS of SMB1. Though I do some things that are not humanly possible (very fast jumps in some places and the 8-3 FPG setup), it shows the lowest a human could theoretically get. The only thing that differs in this run than an RTA rules TAS is the 1st room of 8-4.

#68188906756779325 - 4:54.03?

SMB any% TAS.fm2
In 04:57.01 (17850 frames), 4571 rerecords
Uploaded 12/18/2020 9:21 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
slightly more entertaining

#68188844139140517 - SMB1 TWR?

In 04:57.94 (17906 frames), 4549 rerecords
Uploaded 12/18/2020 9:17 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Hopefully, this is the 4:54.03.

#68183067587992764 - SMB1 ANY% TAS with blank input removed

In 04:56.96 (17847 frames), 3693 rerecords
5 comments, 332 downloads
Uploaded 12/18/2020 3:02 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#68182789037457453 - my first full any% TAS

SMB1 any% TAS.fm2
In 04:57.27 (17866 frames), 3681 rerecords
Uploaded 12/18/2020 2:44 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
I don't know the RTA timing yet.

#68128138477165271 - Mario's Keep TAS Improvement (ultimate)?

Mario's Keep (ultimate?) AISSON+TEYIUT+AEPLLG TAS.fm2
In 01:24.99 (5108 frames), 1499 rerecords
Uploaded 12/16/2020 3:40 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Seems like a pretty big improvement.

#68094829511733547 -

In 01:25.64 (5147 frames), 918 rerecords
Uploaded 12/14/2020 3:40 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Not exactly perfect, there's an improvement in 2-1.

#67642333095295870 - Super Mario Bros. "anti-pacifist, warpless"

smb anti-pacifist warpless.fm2
In 18:46.60 (67708 frames), 75284 rerecords
3 comments, 380 downloads
Uploaded 11/24/2020 6:35 AM by chatterbox (see all 17)
"anti-pacifist" is a category originally created by the Super Mario Bros. speedrunner RoyLGamer. The goal is to kill all enemies who appear on the screen as stated on the branch. This means you don't have to kill an enemies that exist where you haven't visited, so I ignored some hidden stages which contain an underwater enemies. Also, enemies simply walking into a pit are not count as killed.
We made some exception to the rule because Buzzy Beetles are generally impossible to kill without using Power Star or kicking another shell, so even if you just stomp on Buzzy Beetles, we admit it as being killed.
Enemies not included: Bullet Bills, Flying Cheep Cheeps in 8-4 & Podoboos
Footnotes on some levels:
4-1: Lakitu reappears after a certain period of frames after it dies, and item blocks can manipulate its appearance timing.
5-1: At the end of the level, BBG was performed but it doesn't saved any time compared to doing normal flagpole glitch because the Bullet Bill didn't shot fast enough to reach the next frame rule. I believe it would be impossible to fire it more faster while killing all the enemies in the level.
5-4: There was 1 missing frame due to bad Firebar RNG and I never found it. I'd be very grateful if someone discover the solution of this unsolvable puzzle.
7-1: The last Buzzy Beetle was used for full-fpg and it emerges from its shell by the time the level is finished. Kicking the shell off the screen would be a clear and uncontroversial way, but I chose an improvements that could save more frames.

#67443192914117791 - "Cheep accel" proof of concept by Tole

In 00:50.97 (3064 frames), 761 rerecords
1 comment, 301 downloads
Uploaded 11/15/2020 7:21 AM by DaSmileKat (see all 7)
Play this movie on SMB1 Pellsson ROM used for practice in RTA.

#67328355154827732 - Super Mario Bros. "No Left Button"

Super Mario Bros. No Left 5-2.fm2
In 02:17.91 (8289 frames), 2850 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2020 3:13 AM by Wade07 (see all 1)
This tas is a Work In Progress! The goal of this TAS is simple. Beat Super Mario Bros. without pressing the left button.
1-1: 1-1 is played normally, but without fast accelerations or FPG because they are impossible without pressing left. The underground section can't be completed optimally either.
1-2: I pick up a mushroom in 1-2 to clip into the warpzone. I don't properly load the warpzone and take the middle pipe. This brings me to World 5. 1-2 is probably the biggest source of improvement.
5-1: 5-1 is played normally but can be finished with BBG as shown in the warpless TAS. I intentionally didn't go for that, because I couldn't find any setup.
5-2: In 5-2, I need to pick up a Fireflower to help kill bowser in the -4 levels, however, this is where I am stuck. With my current flower grab, I am 7 frames behind ending the level with 347 and avoiding 6 fireworks.
If you can help me in any way, please comment or DM me on Discord at Wade07#4829

#66913147152791795 - The Ultimate Super Mario Challenge Any%

Ultimate Super Mario Challenge TAS in 4m58.708.fm3
In 05:02.00 (18150 frames), 1493 rerecords
Uploaded 10/22/2020 10:27 AM by WolfAeterni (see all 4)

#66913068729582314 - The Ultimate Super Mario Challenge Warpless

Ultimate Super Mario Challenge Warpless TAS in 19m05.197.fm3
In 19:08.49 (69023 frames), 2926 rerecords
Uploaded 10/22/2020 10:22 AM by WolfAeterni (see all 4)

#66694195156713933 - SMB All Items WIP to 5-2

In 16:56.28 (61077 frames), 37586 rerecords
1 comment, 381 downloads
Uploaded 10/12/2020 1:48 PM by DaSmileKat (see all 7)
I am making a new and faster SMB all items TAS. Currently, I am 3 framerules ahead, 1 from MrWint's faster wall clip in 4-4, and 2 from precise optimization in 5-2 that allowed me to perform flagpole glitch while still avoiding fireworks.
Edit: Saved a framerule in 6-1 from a new strat and better optimization, so 4 framerules ahead now!

#66496276481583518 - SMB1 no left

Super Mario Bros no left.bk2
In 01:05.45 (3934 frames), 703 rerecords
Uploaded 10/3/2020 3:52 PM by EZGames69 (see all 146)

#65739365940213007 - just the in-game input for SSASSA+TEYIUT=AISSON. Used for me to figure out the RTA timing.

In 03:26.48 (12409 frames), 1489 rerecords
Uploaded 8/30/2020 1:46 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#65716516999577318 - there we go

In 03:42.95 (13399 frames), 1489 rerecords
Uploaded 8/29/2020 1:04 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Fixed the ROM the movie was set to.

#65716307911944679 -

In 03:42.95 (13399 frames), 1489 rerecords
Uploaded 8/29/2020 12:51 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#65702101652704438 - Improvement?

In 03:43.25 (13417 frames), 914 rerecords
1 comment, 420 downloads
Uploaded 8/28/2020 9:30 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
This may be an improvement, not sure. What I do know is I used better fast accelerations after going down pipes, and used the GG ROM for better playability on console (as long as you have a game genie).

#64925930327275932 - improved AEPLLG TAS

AEPLLG improved.fm2
In 04:47.27 (17265 frames), 1404 rerecords
Uploaded 7/24/2020 10:34 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
This TAS is exactly the same up to the Turn-Around room. From there, non-AEPLLG inputs were used up until the end of Water, then since Bowser was different, I did that part.
Note: One framerule can be saved in 1-2, I think, which would bring this down to .35 seconds less than it is now. What I did to make it seem longer is that I put the Game Genie code in the GG ROM, at the start. I'll encode this soon.

#64921836582319517 - Super Mario Bros. "AEPLLG" Any%

AEPLLG TAS (4m40.505).fm3
In 04:44.21 (17081 frames), 1046 rerecords
2 comments, 555 downloads
Uploaded 7/24/2020 6:09 PM by WolfAeterni (see all 4)
AEPLLG is a Game Genie code that allows you to jump mid air. This codes allows some impossible tricks in normal gameplay to be used here. I used a brand new trick in 8-4 that saves about 2.5 seconds

#64582201743104342 - cheat $05F5:C2's interesting effects 2

05F5 C2 corrupted powerups.fm2
In 00:44.15 (2654 frames), 3 rerecords
Uploaded 7/9/2020 11:03 AM by redatchyon2098 (see all 4)
My favorite cheat corrupting powerups and crashing the game. Please use with $05F5 frozen to C2 in the hex editor.

#64582136291305262 - cheat $05F5:C2's interesting effects

05F5 C2 playaround.fm2
In 01:21.55 (4901 frames), 14 rerecords
2 comments, 398 downloads
Uploaded 7/9/2020 10:59 AM by redatchyon2098 (see all 4)
If you make Mario collect too many coins too fast by making him stand in a tile that was frozen to C2(a coin) in the hex editor, weird things happen. This is an example. Please use with $05F5 frozen to C2. Please help me explain why these glitches happen and whether similar results can be reached without cheats.

#63142191243839512 - SMB "I see Bowser's butts" Playaround TAS (1-2 Graphic Glitch)

In 01:38.06 (5894 frames), 397 rerecords
Uploaded 5/5/2020 2:37 PM by HappyLee (see all 8)

#62544589783137537 - YLSUUYAA minus world ending TAS

In 02:48.66 (10136 frames), 1821 rerecords
Uploaded 4/8/2020 4:42 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Improves my previous TAS. I had originally thought that my last one was 2:20.XX RTA timing, but seeing as this is an improvement, and my stopwatch (which isn't that accurate) said 2:27, I know that was wrong. Thanks for watching!

#62323577068484568 - My second attempt at a Super Mario Bros. TAS (Demo)

Super Mario.fm2
In 00:33.13 (1991 frames), 96 rerecords
Uploaded 3/29/2020 5:49 PM by SonicFan53 (see all 10)
I made this TAS using FCEUX

#61315579988913414 - Super Mario Bros. "anti-pacifist"

smb anti-pacifist.fm2
In 05:05.36 (18352 frames), 31308 rerecords
Uploaded 2/13/2020 8:20 AM by chatterbox (see all 17)

#61235724129407500 - Super Mario Bros. 1-1 (My record! :D)

Super Mario Bros.bk2
In 00:35.24 (1762 frames), 71 rerecords
Uploaded 2/9/2020 6:01 PM by SonicFan53 (see all 10)
This is my first TAS of an NES game, so I hope it's at least ok.

#60353337222476709 - Maybe the best AISSON TAS without 8-4 wrong warp

SMB1 with AISSON TAS.fm2
In 04:47.91 (17303 frames), 6234 rerecords
Uploaded 1/1/2020 12:18 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Will encode this soon. Happy New Year!

#60196879317589760 - SMario+ (SMB1 Hack) “Parallel World”

In 01:16.59 (4603 frames), 535 rerecords
Uploaded 12/24/2019 11:11 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Quoting Asumeh (from 2017 lol)
Super Mario Bros. Plus (SMario+ for short) is an insanely hard hack created by U1 in 2002, taking all levels from the original SMB, and putting huge amounts of difficulty on them. This is said to be COMPLETELY impossible to complete without the usage of save-states, slowdowns, etc.
A secret level is apparently available known as World 52-1 (What I'd call in the hack The Shaded World). My run takes advantage of that, completing the hack completely in just over 1 min. 15 sec.! Astonishing!
You can download the IPS patch for this hack here:
Quoting Asumeh (from 2017, again :P)
There is also a run of its easier, but still insanely hard sequel, Super Mario Bros. Minus (SMario- for short), if you're looking for more hard level design action here.
An “8-4%” TAS of this hack can also be seen here.

#59678922122166712 - AISSON TAS V3

SMB1 AISSON v3.bk2
In 04:46.16 (17198 frames), 6346 rerecords
Uploaded 12/1/2019 3:21 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
My TAS can be found here. My third attempt at an AISSON TAS. I don't know how to do 8-4 wrong warp for 1st and 2nd rooms, but I believe I had a faster turnaround and water sections.

#58968819321466961 - Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros.bk2
In 05:53.58 (21250 frames), 10 rerecords
Uploaded 10/30/2019 3:50 PM by DrakeekarD (see all 10)
My first TAS. I am actually calling it a TAP, (Tool Assisted Play through). It is no record breaker, just me cutting my teeth into TAS botting. I am new to this, and plan on creating more. I don't wish to break records, just make entertaining videos.

#58790118272660681 - SMB1 1-1 as fire mario

In 00:30.02 (1804 frames), 235 rerecords
2 comments, 629 downloads
Uploaded 10/22/2019 2:42 PM by sushiw097 (see all 1)

emulator used

fceux 2.2.3


reach the flag of 1-1 with mario as fire.
used the "LARA" (input) tech to get the flower in the middle of the level
time is 24 seconds

#58032559963971645 - Vs. Super Mario Bros. "no warps" TAS in 20:30.32

Vs. Super Mario Bros. Warpless TAS by Tomygood.fm2
In 19:35.41 (70641 frames), 9385 rerecords
Uploaded 9/18/2019 11:53 AM by Tomygood (see all 3)
Frames : 70352
70352 frames at ~60.09881387708959 fps = 19m 30s 32ms
I tried to make this as entertaining as possible I was only able to do 2 fpgs and 2 bbgs and some Bowsers seem a bit slow but I'm gonna try to improve this =)
Vs. Super Mario Bros. is the arcade version of the 1985 NES game Super Mario Bros. This version is a mix of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986, Famicom Disk System) levels. Some of them are changed in order to make them harder.

#57683509387565765 - Mario Mafia 2 (SMB1 Hack) “Mario, warps” (ver. 2)

In 05:39.08 (20379 frames), 3065 rerecords
Uploaded 9/2/2019 6:37 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Mario Mafia 2 is a Super Mario Bros. ROM Hack by JGW in 2006 that "adds a whole new challenge world" to the game. Gameplay components from The Lost Levels, such as wind and timer depleting at the end of castle levels, are included in the hack for a little zing.
My TAS beats the game in the fastest amount of time possible as Mario, utilizing warps present in the game to create the best and fastest possible route, while also beating my previous run by 1.55 seconds thanks to a couple of new glitches I haven't known of earlier.
Download the IPS patch here.

Once again, unless I'm mistaken, this is still the only run of this hack that uses warps throughout.

#57555736353932805 -

entertainment tas.bk2
In 04:46.40 (17212 frames), 5163 rerecords
Uploaded 8/28/2019 12:31 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#57351279705455614 - Mario Mafia 2 (SMB1 Hack) “Mario, warpless”

In 22:17.50 (80382 frames), 8179 rerecords
Uploaded 8/18/2019 7:32 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Mario Mafia 2 is a Super Mario Bros. ROM Hack by JGW in 2006 that "adds a whole new challenge world" to the game. Gameplay components from The Lost Levels, such as wind and timer depleting at the end of castle levels, are included in the hack for a little zing.
My TAS beats the game in the fastest amount of time possible as Mario without making use of the warpzones, yet still creating the best and fastest possible route. This run also beats MarioUniverseZone's effort by almost two minutes.
Download the IPS patch here.

#56655800614738568 - SMB NoL+R correct movie

In 04:57.54 (17882 frames), 18189 rerecords
Uploaded 7/18/2019 11:49 AM by zdoroviy_antony (see all 1)
Just for replace.

#55508950404493365 - SMB1 in 5:37.38

Super Mario Bros. (World)-4.fm2
In 05:38.99 (20373 frames), 258 rerecords
Uploaded 5/27/2019 8:15 PM by Anoisha336 (see all 1)
Terrible. Eh. it's my first one.

#55459515532158092 - TAS to 8-1 (SMB)

SMB1 TAS through 8-1.fm2
In 02:25.06 (8718 frames), 1575 rerecords
Uploaded 5/25/2019 2:49 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
I am done with SMB up to 4-2 (and a little bit of 8-1. Help is encouraged. Uses Maru's 1-2 and 4-2 TASes.

#55188136691827594 - SMB Super Bill Kill "warpless"

Super Bill Kill warpless.fm2
In 18:29.89 (66703 frames), 60392 rerecords
Uploaded 5/13/2019 9:30 AM by chatterbox (see all 17)
Quoting Super Bill Kill is a simultaneous 2-player version of Super Mario Bros. in which the second player can turn enemies into Bullet Bills and target them at Mario. This ROM was originally designed for an offline tournament at AGDQ 2019. You can watch the final match of the tournament to see the ROM hack in action.
Compared to the current WR warpless TAS, total 414 frames are saved in following levels:
1-3: 84 frames 3-2: 84 frames 5-1: 63 frames 5-2: 63 frames 5-3: 84 frames 8-2: 21 frames 8-4: 15 frames

#54934566838704006 - NES Super Mario Bros. AISSON in 4:43.682

Super Mario Bros.2019-04-17 21.23.51.bk2
In 05:15.71 (18974 frames), 1467 rerecords
1 comment, 604 downloads
Uploaded 5/1/2019 11:26 PM by jakanz (see all 1)


Although this was my first TAS ever made and it doesn't look the best, I think I did a pretty good job.
On a 1 - 10 scale of how hard making this TAS was, I'd say it was about a 7, especially for 4-2, which I will explain why in my stage-by-stage comments.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.3.1
  • To be faster than world record
  • Be the fastest I can do this category
  • Hope for the best time

Stage by stage comments


This one wasn't much of a challenge. Get to the flagpole, and do FPG on the framerule 370.


This one was a bit trickier than 1-1. The reason I was having a bit of a hard time was the way to getting to the World 4 warp pipe. I was getting into the pipe at 346 instead of 347, but I figured it out. This level is also the level that I figured out you lose a bit of speed by entering a wall, so you should try to avoid entering walls often.


This level is a bit plain and boring. This one I shouldn't even create comments on because it's so boring other than the ending where I jumped then jumped IMMEDIATELY after I landed to do the FPG required to save time.


This is another tricky one. By the time I tried to do the wrong warp, the framerule was already 375, but I figured out that if you step out at the right time to go to the right of the screen, you will potentially enter the pipe at the framerule 376, therefore tying the world record for this category.


This one seems like an auto-scroller, so I won't really say anything about this level.


Another boring level, but more boring than 8-1. I guess the only thing I can take note of in this level is how I went left, right, every single frame to make sure you don't get fireworks. (Fireworks kill your time.)


Another auto-scroller, but more interesting than 8-1 and 8-2. Here I made a quick kill to the bullet bill at the beginning (which appears to be just jumping straight into the path of the bullet bill), just for some extra swag. More rapid left, right movements are used here.


Ahh, the last level. Here, I saved a framerule over the world record by entering the pipe faster (at 4:18 on the YouTube video) by using the strategy to enter the warp pipes in previous stages.

Other comments

To be honest, I believe others would like to see different games of different categories, since Super Mario Bros. is most likely the most TASed video game of all time. But I feel that I did something unique, and I'm proud.
The thing I would like to improve is my last movement to the axe in 8-4, so I can save a bit of time since time ends as soon as all the sprites on-screen disappear. But for my first TAS, I'll let it slide.

#54800216642629827 - 6371S Blank Frames removed

In 02:46.84 (10027 frames), 699 rerecords
3 comments, 716 downloads
Uploaded 4/25/2019 10:13 PM by Darkdevil (see all 12)
removed the blank frames from this submission
the submission will prob be rejected anyways ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#53621227375284020 - SMB1 - my first AISSON TAS

Super Mario Bros. (Japan, USA).fm2
In 04:52.12 (17556 frames), 3434 rerecords
Uploaded 3/3/2019 7:55 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
My first AISSON TAS (or AIISON) with original SMB rom; make sure you have game genie ROM.

#53289673284384131 -

aisson tas warped.fm2
In 01:27.72 (5272 frames), 670 rerecords
Uploaded 2/16/2019 9:33 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
This is a TAS WIP with AISSON. Used GGGuy to add in the code, then patched it. (Note: I had to use AISSON+AIISON+AISSON because it wouldn't work with just one of the codes.) Please help if possible.

#53289673069702008 -

aisson tas warped.fm2
In 01:27.72 (5272 frames), 670 rerecords
Uploaded 2/16/2019 9:33 PM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)
Sorry for double-upload. This is a TAS WIP with AISSON. Used GGGuy to add in the code, then patched it. (Note: I had to use AISSON+AIISON+AISSON because it wouldn't work with just one of the codes.) Please help if possible.

#52991680658098356 - NES Super Mario Bros. while always pressing down in 7:03.38

In 07:06.93 (25658 frames), 2928 rerecords
Uploaded 2/3/2019 11:28 AM by Tomygood (see all 3)
The only way to go forward while pressing down is to jump. That makes this challenge quite hard.
The hardest part was in 4-2 when I needed to wrong warp. I found a good way at the start to push Mario 8 pxs at the right.
ROM checksum : 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
ROM filename : "Super Mario Bros. (World).nes"
Length : 7:03.38 (25460 frames)

#52385529009579996 - Super Mario Bros. PAL Warps Walkathon in 7:08.48

pal warps walkathon v5.fm2
In 07:08.48 (21427 frames), 2470 rerecords
1 comment, 1551 downloads
Uploaded 1/7/2019 4:19 AM by kierio04 (see all 8)
Imagine if you could do a flagpole glitch at walking speed. Then combine it with the fastest possible walkathon of the game's version. And that's what I've done. I present to you a sidestroller with flagpole glitches, but sadly no bullet bill glitches or pipe clips as they aren't possible on the official Europe version of Super Mario Bros.

#52238273506506858 - Anti-Pacifist SMB1

TAS Anti-Pacifist.fm2
In 05:40.89 (20487 frames), 5901 rerecords
Uploaded 12/31/2018 1:09 PM by Tomygood (see all 3)
ROM name : "Super Mario Bros. (World).nes"
ROM Checksum : 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
Frames : 19512
Time : 05:24.40
FPS : 60.09881387708959
"Anti-Pacifist" is a category originally created by the Super Mario Bros. speedrunner RoyLGamer. Goal : Kill all enemies who appear on screen This includes stomping, killing with fire/star power, hitting a block under an enemy, and kicking a shell to kill enemies.
Are included :
  • Goombas
  • Koopas (Green, red, troopas, paratroopas)
  • Buzzy Beetles
  • Piranha Plant (including warp ones)
  • Lakitu and any spiny it may throw (including the initial spiny in 8-2)
  • Underwater Bloopers
  • Underwater Cheep Cheeps
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Bowser
Are not included :
  • Bullet Bills
  • Flying Cheep Cheeps
  • Podoboos
  • Bowser fire
Specific Rules :
  • Enemies simply walking into a pit does not count as killing them.
  • The Despawning plant in Room 1 of 8-4 must be Killed.
  • The invisible plant in 8-4 water section must be killed.
  • Bowser must be killed with fire.

#52203512372906484 - XXXX (SMB1 Hack) “Luigi, Normal Quest”

In 00:47.99 (2884 frames), 623 rerecords
Uploaded 12/29/2018 11:35 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
XXXX is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack created by 79.
This is one of those rare SMB hacks out there that have a lot of replay value. The object is to find stars in order to reach Bowser’s castle, this is a fun hack that will most definitely keep you busy. And the music in this hack is really good too. The spikes can kill you in an instant, so be careful. If you like SMB hacks then this game is right up your alley…
My TAS understands the ins and outs of the rooms that the player will end up in and manipulates luck to get the best rooms wherever possible. It also achieves the good ending with Princess Peach being spawned after the end of this movie.
I may not have the address for what room the player will be able to enter next, but you can download the IPS patch here.

#52148401142239796 - Super Mario Bros. "pacifist, coinless"

pacifist coinless.fm2
In 05:00.52 (18061 frames), 6349 rerecords
Uploaded 12/27/2018 12:01 PM by chatterbox (see all 17)

#52062717274785875 - Super Mario Bros. “AEPLLG + GIIIVY, warpless”

In 17:52.15 (64435 frames), 3981 rerecords
Uploaded 12/23/2018 3:24 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
ATTENTION: Read this before you bring up any questions about this TAS.
This TAS beats the game with two Game Genie codes in the fastest time possible without warping: AEPLLG and GIIIVY.
AEPLLG allows for Mario to infinitely jump in mid-air. This is sometimes known as:
  1. Moon Jump
  2. Jump in Midair
  3. Infinite Jump
GIIIVY allows for Mario to walk through walls (but only from the left side of it).

I still feel bad for HappyLee because he got hated on for his (and Mars608's) warpless run...

#52025259788252346 - Super Mario Bros. “TEYIUT + EATSSY”

In 03:30.75 (12666 frames), 413 rerecords
Uploaded 12/21/2018 10:55 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
This TAS beats the game with two Game Genie codes in the fastest time possible: TEYIUT and EATSSY.
TEYIUT allows for Mario to execute the downwards pipe warp. This is only useful for when Mario is in specific rooms.
EATSSY is another code that allows for Mario to walk through walls. However, this TAS doesn't abuse this code as much as the former.
This run is about 5 seconds faster than the run created by YouTuber FailureGaming and 26.56 seconds faster than HappyLee’s cheat-less TAS.

#51937021608627925 - Super Mario Bros. “10 Walljumps”

In 00:10.70 (643 frames), 45 rerecords
Uploaded 12/17/2018 11:32 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Quoting rules
Must be actual walljumps. Jumping inside a wall and hitting the block directly above you does not count as a walljump. Cramming yourself between a wall and the edge of the screen and jumping from there also does not count as a walljump.
Here is an improved TAS of Super Mario Bros. that doesn’t actually complete the game, but instead performs 10 walljumps as quickly as possible.
In this category, players must catch the wall and jump off of it 10 times in total. Most of the time, players would be able to perform those walljumps in World 1-1’s underground bonus room. They would also perform one of the easiest walljumps first at the first pipe.
I perform those walljumps in World 1-1’s first pipe rather than the first pit, and oddly enough, it seems to be a more suitable place to perform as many walljumps as a TASer would like in record time instead of the latter. The reason why is that even though I can perform a walljump by pressing A and holding it for five frames, the pipe is actually closer to the start position than the pit, meaning the walljumps are executed faster than usual.
Because of that, this run is 3.88 seconds faster than my other TAS submitted in the userfiles.

#51762118370967534 - Ret's Escape Puzzle World (SMB1 Hack) “World 4-4 Ending”

In 08:10.56 (29482 frames), 3915 rerecords
Uploaded 12/10/2018 2:30 AM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Ret's Escape Puzzle World is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM Hack created by Excel in 2004. The levels were designed to puzzle and frustrate players, sometimes by gruesome level design, and other times, tricky puzzles.
There is also a secret fourth world after you manage to complete the hack, along with a hidden warp pipe in World 4-4 leading to a mysterious level that tests your Big Mario skills.
This TAS created by me solves the levels quickly and beats Chatterbox’s (티어) TAS by 27.45 seconds due to great optimization.
The only downside to that TAS is that it loses 21 frames in World 1-1 due to a slower clip through the wall.

#51581698068714483 - Mutya (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:45.63 (9955 frames), 1334 rerecords
Uploaded 12/1/2018 11:29 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)

#51576037084062031 - Down Mario (SMB1 Hack)

In 01:38.39 (5913 frames), 961 rerecords
Uploaded 12/1/2018 5:22 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)

#51559137999598764 - Super Hageo Bros. (SMB1 Hack)

In 10:28.07 (37746 frames), 7171 rerecords
Uploaded 11/30/2018 11:06 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)

For those who think Super Mario Bros. isn't difficult enough...

After two months and over 7,000 re-records, finally, the TAS for one of the hardest Super Mario Bros. 1 hacks ever has been finished, and I'm pleased to be publishing this to the userfiles of TASVideos! (Even though it's not much of a big deal here, I'm still pleased I finished this TAS.)
Super Hageo Bros. is an unbelievably hard Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM hack created by REI in 2001. This hack is one of the hardest ever, actually; in fact, savestates, slow-downs, and such emulator tools are strongly recommended to actually beat it.
My TAS takes no sweat against the hack and beats it to pieces. This is also about a minute and a half faster than Mars608's attempt.

#51472580576496236 - Angry Marionao (SMB1 Hack)

In 02:13.95 (8050 frames), 998 rerecords
Uploaded 11/27/2018 1:33 AM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Currently obsoleted by Lev Kznc's run.

Angry Marionao is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM Hack. The levels were modified to be harder and the characters' sprites were redesigned to be angrier than usual.
My run takes advantage of the warp to World 8 and beats the hack in record time.

#51293638333493752 - Super Mario Bros. “Always big, warps”

In 04:57.31 (17868 frames), 1274 rerecords
Uploaded 11/19/2018 12:09 AM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
This TAS beats the game as Big Mario instead of Small Mario thanks to a ROM hack created by AP. Because of that, entertainment was changed, but optimization hasn't.
This was originally going to be a 21-frame improvement over HappyLee's run due to a faster clip in World 1-2, but I lost that time back from bad Bullet Bill manipulation in World 8-2. Hopefully, that issue will be resolved when I (or any professional SMB1 TAS'ers) get to the run.
This run also syncs with the separate Extra Version (download here), which allows Big Mario's full body to be displayed on pre-level screens and changes the mushrooms into hearts. If you'd like, however, you can download the original patch here.

#51109382214489971 - Super Mario Bros. “AEPLLG + GIIIVY”

In 04:44.13 (17076 frames), 1211 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2018 4:59 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
This TAS beats the game with two Game Genie codes in the fastest time possible: AEPLLG and GIIIVY.
AEPLLG allows for Mario to infinitely jump in mid-air. This is sometimes known as:
  1. Moon Jump
  2. Jump in Midair
  3. Infinite Jump
GIIIVY allows for Mario to walk through walls (but only from the left side of it).
This run is ~19.15 seconds faster than adika25630's run and 15.18 seconds faster than HappyLee’s cheat-less TAS.

Attention! Read the section below before you ask!

Why do you use GIIIVY instead of AISSON?
AISSON has highly similar functions as GIIIVY, but I used GIIIVY because I have found it to be more common for me to use rather than AISSON.
Why do you use both codes in this run instead of just one of them?
It made completing the game much faster if I used both codes than just using one of them. I felt this would make things more exciting if I did so. And as a bonus, I did find ways of providing entertainment while using both codes.
Is this goal necessary?
Not really. I felt I wanted to do it for fun. But I also wanted to do it because there were too many runs using only one of the codes.
Is this publishable?
Absolutely!...not. (TASVideos almost doesn’t allow runs with cheats.)

#50575643400010493 - Super Gothic Bros. “warps”

In 04:54.96 (17727 frames), 2129 rerecords
Uploaded 10/17/2018 4:06 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Currently obsoleted by SMBistic's run.

Super Gothic Brothers is a Super Mario Bros. 1 ROM Hack created by partyghoul2000. Some differences would be:
  • It has a slight increase in difficulty from its original levels.
  • It stars Bob and Steve as the protagonists rather than Mario and Luigi. They're on a quest to save their "bitch" (as the game implies after they save a toad) instead of their princess.
  • Pretty much every overworld level has been set to the nighttime background (except for 3-1 to 3-3) to show how the hack is indeed gothic.
The hack was scarcely known at the time it gets uploaded, and until this day, the hack still doesn't get recognition today. In fact, there were only about two videos showcasing the hack, none of which even finished it, even though it is possible. This TAS shows how in just under 4 minutes and 55 seconds.

#49494600448325670 - Super Mario Bros. "warps"

In 04:57.29 (17867 frames), 9739 rerecords
2 comments, 764 downloads
Uploaded 8/29/2018 11:39 PM by Mario128 (see all 1)
I converted HappyLee's TAS of Super Mario Bros. from 2011 from .fm2 to .bk2, the inputs are exactly the same but instead in 17867 frames. (BizHawk appears to have one frame less of lag compared to FCEUX in Super Mario Bros.)

#49264598218034495 - Super Mario Bros. “Zero coins, warps”

In 05:00.11 (18036 frames), 1168 rerecords
Uploaded 8/19/2018 3:04 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Currently obsoleted by Periwinkle's run.

I apologize for double-uploading. There was a 2-frame improvement in World 8-4 that I overlooked.

While it’s (possibly) not a popular goal, Super Mario Bros. actually can be completed without collecting any coins. My run aims to do so in record time.
This is also an improvement of 0.81 seconds over the previous TAS by MarioUniverseZone mostly due to a faster strategy of entering World 1-1’s underground bonus room. Some of the improvement was also from despawning the Piranha Plant in World 8-4’s second room.

#49180760126166725 - Super Mario Bros glitchless%

Super Mario Brothers (Japan).zip.Super Mario Brothers (Japan).fm2
In 06:30.07 (23443 frames), 846 rerecords
2 comments, 1508 downloads
Uploaded 8/15/2018 8:27 PM by thegreatbup (see all 1)
this is stupid i can do better...

#49176485503936456 - Super Mario Bros. “STAGEO%, warpless”

In 18:51.59 (68007 frames), 5146 rerecords
Uploaded 8/15/2018 3:49 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
After finishing up my warped STAGEO TAS (Click here for info about the code), I thought about doing a warpless version of that after to see how things would go.
It was harder than I expected it to be, however.
I had to sacrifice entertainment for lag reduction a lot of times. Sometimes, the entertainment was also lost for finding better strategies around the enemies and obstacles.
Also, as the enemies’ physics have changed, I couldn’t perform as many glitches as in the game without the code: Bullet Bill glitch, Cheep Cheep glitch, etc.
Hopefully, this is still a good run overall. Please contact me if you find problems with this run.
I might not be good with entertainment, either. This is my first upload of a TAS that goes for a full-length game without warps.

#48798733695678256 - Super Mario Bros "STAGEO, warps"

In 05:01.02 (18091 frames), 959 rerecords
2 comments, 1348 downloads
Uploaded 7/29/2018 3:32 PM by Αsumeh (see all 35)
Obsoleted with the help of Chatterbox him/herself, thanks for the awesome help! :D

This is my first time uploading a movie to the userfiles. Please let me know how I did so I can improve it!
About the movie: This TAS beats the game with the STAGEO game genie code which causes enemies to throw hammers around. This TAS also beats 티어’s (Chatterbox) TAS ( by 2.23 seconds due to not taking the power-ups. Because of that, however, I had to lose some time enduring through new strategies but otherwise managed to keep the improvement.

#48361834419511389 - SMB1 SF Warped RTA

In 07:15.57 (26177 frames), 722 rerecords
Uploaded 7/9/2018 11:19 PM by STC (see all 1)

#47832324416029309 - Super Mario Bros. SONIC%

In 03:46.51 (13613 frames), 601 rerecords
2 comments, 1465 downloads
Uploaded 6/16/2018 2:59 AM by StickKing18 (see all 1)
This is my first time submitting something like this. I'm somewhat nervous and I don't know what to really call this, but enjoy, I guess.
This TAS uses 3 cheat codes: YZXLNY: Makes you go faster than normal. AYYNIE: Sort of useless, but makes Mario look like he's running fast. AISSON: Allows you to walk through walls, and the only reason I added it in was because of me...
And that's it... bye from my nervous self :/

#47253728739827495 - SMB1 1-1 in 370

trying a new tas.fm2
In 00:30.75 (1848 frames), 1230 rerecords
Uploaded 5/21/2018 1:37 AM by DJ_Incendration (see all 107)

#47223972019191645 - Super Mario Bros TAS - 5:03.417

In 05:08.04 (18513 frames), 802 rerecords
Uploaded 5/19/2018 5:27 PM by Yeti (see all 1)
My first ever TAS. RTA timing is 5:00.139. 9 frames faster and it would have been a sub 5. Did this movie using savestates and slow-down only (pretty basic for a TAS). Hope to improve it later. Hope to have a nice time in this community. :)

#46867364577439307 - Super Mario Bros. - Warpless by AlexPivot - 00:21:03:56

Super Mario Bros. - Warpless - TAS by AlexPivot.fm2
In 21:40.03 (78130 frames), 154 rerecords
Uploaded 5/3/2018 4:01 PM by AlexPivot (see all 1)
My first TAS ever, so it's obviously slow.

#46442365495416816 - SMB1 in 4:54.94 (RTA)

In 04:58.23 (17923 frames), 1166 rerecords
Uploaded 4/14/2018 12:39 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)

#46279415323701756 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. by sullyrox in 04:58.36

smb1 tas.fm2
In 04:58.36 (17931 frames), 662 rerecords
Uploaded 4/7/2018 4:32 AM by sullyrox (see all 12)
4 5 8

#46230128098762337 - [TAS] Super Mario Bros. By TMG_Tas

First Level Savage.fm2
In 05:18.58 (19147 frames), 1419 rerecords
1 comment, 1088 downloads
Uploaded 4/4/2018 11:16 PM by TMG_Tas (see all 1)
My First Uploaded Tas

#45472958941945842 - [TAS] NES Super Mario Bros. by sullyrox in 04:59.46

In 04:59.46 (17997 frames), 404 rerecords
2 comments, 1212 downloads
Uploaded 3/1/2018 8:53 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)
beats rta wr

#45024943781455579 - SMB1 6:55.96 Walkathon (TAS)

In 06:55.97 (24999 frames), 784 rerecords
1 comment, 1216 downloads
Uploaded 2/9/2018 4:38 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)
sub 7.

#42874660833943784 - SMB1 TAS

smb1 tas.bk2
In 05:03.72 (18253 frames), 434 rerecords
Uploaded 11/4/2017 8:31 PM by Omar (see all 1)
4:58 is the goal

#40383241716888048 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)

In 03:08.31 (11317 frames), 4402 rerecords
Uploaded 7/15/2017 3:40 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
This TAS goes for Fire Flower strats.
In 6-2 we grab a mushroom.
Someone will need to:
  • get FPG in 6-2
  • get a fire flower in 6-3 or 6-4 (6-3 preferred)
  • resync the rest
I hope that we can save 1-2 framerules with FF, as the only other improvements are in 7-4 and 8-4.

#40247553891304564 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)

In 10:03.97 (36298 frames), 5520 rerecords
Uploaded 7/9/2017 1:01 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
I added entertainment from 7-3 on, and found some improvements in 8-4 that force me to waste them.
Someone can resync 8-4 and:
  • add entertainment
  • save 1 or more frames in the first room
  • save 1 or more frames in the walljump room
  • save 1 or more frames in the turnaround room
  • save 3 or more frames in the water room
  • get a good Bowser on top of that.

Minimum time allowed: 10:09.903

  • I'm too frustrated to do this.
  • Also, please upload this to userfiles/WIP page (aka here) when done.

#40205499234196464 - NES/VSsys VS Super Mario Bros w/dhxo & xy2

In 10:10.00 (36660 frames), 3609 rerecords
Uploaded 7/7/2017 3:33 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
This TAS saved 34 frames over what I got yesterday.

Here's the breakdown:

  • 1-1 to 7-1, as far as I know, is unchanged.
  • 7-2 drains a timeunit (270) and saves 12 frames, thanks to xy2
  • Then I resynced the rest
  • 7-3 saved 2 frames (somehow)
  • 8-2 saved 21 frames due to faster BBG
  • 8-4 water room lost two frames
  • 8-4 boss room saved a frame

With all this, the TAS time is now 10:10.003

  • so mad about this

What improvements are left?

  • 4-2 has 5 frames
  • 6-1 has 10 frames
  • 6-4 has 1 frame
  • 7-1 may have a framerule to save. BBG
  • 8-4 has 1 frame in the first room, 1 frame in the walljump room, has 1-3 frames in the fish room, and 2-4 frames in the water room.

This is the 8th TAS of VS Super Mario Bros 'warps' where I'm involved. This is the fourth one on this site.
  • v0 I have, but is lost to history
  • v1 is on YT
  • v2 is on YT, but the file is lost to history
  • v3 s5564 is on YT, and on TASvideos as Submission 5564
  • v4 is on YT, and here.
  • v5 v5.1 as I call it is only on here
  • v6 is on here, it's the one with dhxo uploaded 14 hours from when this goes up
  • v7 is this one.

#40202647588398125 - Vs Super Mario Bros. improvements

In 05:01.69 (18131 frames), 683 rerecords
Uploaded 7/7/2017 12:28 PM by dhxo (see all 3)
Somehow saved one more frame over KM368's last movie uploaded here.

#40201120876893795 - -12 frames 7-2 VS. SMB

In 10:10.67 (36701 frames), 2536 rerecords
Uploaded 7/7/2017 10:49 AM by xy2_ (see all 136)
Made no attempt to sync the rest, use it as you will.

#40188137167364050 - NES VS Super Mario Bros w/dhxo

In 10:10.55 (36694 frames), 2291 rerecords
Uploaded 7/6/2017 8:47 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
With the help of dhxo in the first 6 of 16 levels, this TAS has many, many more tricks & timesaves. This is 282 frames faster than my v5 uploaded a week ago.

YT Video not recorded yet! Sorry!

Improvements over v5.1:

  • 1-1: 58 frames
  • 1-2: 9 frames
  • 4-2: 206 frames
  • 7-2: -1 frame (lost a frame)
  • 8-2 should have been 20-21 frames, but no, it's even.
  • 8-4 room 2: 5 frames.
  • 8-4 room 3: 3 frames.
  • 8-4 last room: 2 frames.

Compared to s5564 (aka v3):

  • 1-1: +14 frames (+14f) <-?!?!?! Well, I guess that's the slower timer. Rip.
  • 1-2: -6 frames (+8f)
  • 4-1: Even (+8f)
  • 4-2: -188 frames (-180f)
  • 6-1: -21 frames (-201f)
  • 6-2: -21 frames (-222f)
  • 6-3: Even (-222f) <-Wow! Expected another 21 frames here, but no!
  • 6-4: +12 frames (-210f) <--hmmm.....
  • 7-1: -21 frames (-231f)
  • 7-2: +22 frames (-209f) <--Either we have some work to do here, or the firework here crosses a framerule, which means we have work to do here.
  • 7-3: Even. (-209f) <-Interesting
  • 7-4: +12 frames (-197f) <From this, and 6-4, I can safely deduce that there are no framerules in any castle. This is a very groundbreaking discovery.
  • 8-1: Even. (-197f) < WHAT?!?!
  • 8-2: -21 frames (-218f) <--probably the BBG.
  • 8-3: +22 frames (-196f) <WHAT?!?!
  • 8-4 Room 1: -1 frame (-197f)
  • 8-4 Room 2: -9 frames (-206f)
  • 8-4 Room 3: -10 frames (-216f) <--Wow, didn't know I saved that much.
  • 8-4 Room 4: -7 frames (-223f)
  • 8-4 Final Room: -39 frames (-262f) <Better Bowser.

What improvements can be made?

Aside from FF strats:

  • 4-2 has 5 frames to save. I know this because I got a better time by 5 frames before dhxo uploaded his fm2.
  • 6-1 then has 10 frames to save. That stems off this result.
  • 6-3(?!?!) 1 framerule
  • 7-1 BBG here would save a framerule.
  • 7-2 Somebody, please get a 272, it'd save a framerule!
  • 7-4 probably has something.
  • 8-2 better BBG would save a framerule.
  • 8-3(?!?!) has 1 framerule.
  • 8-4 maybe a frame or two in the first room, and that's it.

#40182550167267134 - NES VS Super Mario Bros WIP

In 06:33.27 (23635 frames), 1050 rerecords
Uploaded 7/6/2017 2:45 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
With the help of dhxo in the first 6 of 16 levels, this TAS has many, many more tricks & timesaves. This is 272 frames faster than my v5 uploaded a week ago. It goes to the end of 7-3 currently.
  • 1-1: 58 frames saved
  • 1-2: 9 frames saved
  • 4-2: Wrong Warp is huge 206 frames saved
  • 7-2: 1 frame lost. We're so close (1 frame) short of 272.
After this is done, I will experiment with FF (fire flower) strats. I'll probably power up in 4-1 and 6-3.
dhxo helped pull off tricks that I couldn't easily do on my own. He gave me a fm2 up to the start of 6-3, and in just two hours, almost an entire world more completed.

#40136842170602182 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)

In 04:46.89 (17242 frames), 2003 rerecords
Uploaded 7/4/2017 1:21 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
This TAS builds on top of dhxo's TAS to 4-2. This goes to the end of 7-1.

#40104238706860504 - NES VS Super Mario Bros (unfinished)

In 09:13.94 (33291 frames), 3029 rerecords
Uploaded 7/3/2017 2:07 AM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
This TAS is at the tail end of 8-3. Four levels are faster, as well as the start (two from dhxo), one is slower, and the rest are even. Overall, this is 93 frames faster so far.
I'll update this when I have the time.

#40070144012032657 - VS. Super Mario Bros. Improvements

In 01:08.17 (4097 frames), 135 rerecords
Uploaded 7/1/2017 1:15 PM by dhxo (see all 3)
This is already an improvement of 73 frames over the former TAS by KnucklesMaster368.
For questions or anything else related to this movie, you are free to post in the forum

#40056579080059302 - NES VS Super Mario Bros v5

In 10:15.24 (36975 frames), 5734 rerecords
Uploaded 6/30/2017 10:36 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
This is the fifth TAS of mine on this game. This one, redone from the start of 6-4, is 101 frames, or 1.681 seconds faster than my last.

PowerON-InputEnd in 10:15.24, or 36,975 frames.

From all this, here are the improvements level by level:

  • 6-4: 1 framerule
  • 7-1: 1 framerule
  • 7-4: 1 framerule
  • 8-2: 1 framerule
  • 8-4: 19 frames


  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3 (must use this version)
  • ROM used: VS Super Mario Bros (VS).nes
  • Uses warps
  • Glitch abuse

Click download to get the TAS yourself!

What do you think? Leave a comment below about your thoughts.

#40004320748132682 - NES VS Super Mario Bros

In 10:17.20 (37093 frames), 4212 rerecords
Uploaded 6/28/2017 2:07 PM by KnucklesMaster368 (see all 21)
Four months and two weeks after my last TAS on this game, another one comes on to the scene. This is 2.28 seconds slower than the last one uploaded on 2/12/17, but is widely considered to be faster, better, and more acceptable for the TAS community.
Since a different ROM got used, every single level got redone. Two levels are slower (1-1 and 6-4), five break even (1-2, 4-1, 6-2, 7-4, 8-3), and the rest are faster.
  • ROM used: VS Super Mario Bros (VS).nes
  • Emulator used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Click download to get the TAS yourself
Fun fact: if my previous TAS of this game were to be converted to this ROM, it would be ~pi seconds faster.
Please look at for some more info.
What do you think about the TAS? Click comment, and tell me what you think.

#38043805444706748 - smb1j low score

In 08:12.84 (29619 frames), 403 rerecords
3 comments, 1811 downloads
Uploaded 4/1/2017 7:06 AM by sullyrox (see all 12)
only works on the fds rom.

#37977062586477226 - SMB1 5:00.21 (TAS)

In 05:00.21 (18042 frames), 1705 rerecords
Uploaded 3/29/2017 6:57 AM by sullyrox (see all 12)
4:56.92 SDA Time.

#37653226343562565 - Super Mario Bros. "Walkathon" In 7:06.73 by sullyrox

In 07:06.73 (25646 frames), 415 rerecords
Uploaded 3/14/2017 4:56 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)
Improvement over my 7:07!!!

#37638220912633647 - NES Super Mario Bros. in 05:00.54

In 05:00.54 (18062 frames), 440 rerecords
Uploaded 3/14/2017 12:43 AM by sullyrox (see all 12)
4:57.26 RTA Time.

#37591448664783196 - Nes Super Mario Bros in 4:58.92

Oraybeast v6.fm2
In 04:58.92 (17965 frames), 1221 rerecords
1 comment, 1233 downloads
Uploaded 3/11/2017 10:10 PM by I_like_bleach_64 (see all 4)

#37559776410115206 - Super Mario Bros. "Warps" in 05:01.42 by sullyrox

In 05:01.42 (18115 frames), 236 rerecords
Uploaded 3/10/2017 11:56 AM by sullyrox (see all 12)
A very good but improvable TAS.

#37163395728607548 - NES Super Mario Bros. in 5:01.94 by sullyrox

In 05:01.94 (18146 frames), 530 rerecords
2 comments, 1290 downloads
Uploaded 2/20/2017 3:30 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)
Here It Is! Hope you Enjoy!

#37140120686486648 - Nes Super Mario Bros Japan / Usa warped by I like bleach 64 / Oray Beast

Trying To Beat Klmz.fm2
In 04:59.77 (18016 frames), 1442 rerecords
6 comments, 1228 downloads
Uploaded 2/19/2017 2:21 PM by I_like_bleach_64 (see all 4)
The zip file says Oray beast and I like bleach 64 but I am both of them and Oray beast is the youtube channel this is uploaded to. I have stopped tasing super mario bros pal and have started using japan / usa because you can get better times since the physics are differant in the pal game. This movie is 4:59.22 and with rta timing is 4:56.14 so it beats the record. Watch this on Made In Fce ultra 0.98.28

#36946527939856317 - Super Mario Bros. "Walkathon" In 7:07 by sullyrox

In 07:16.50 (26233 frames), 297 rerecords
Uploaded 2/10/2017 9:06 PM by sullyrox (see all 12)
was rejected.

#36361102720610288 -

[TAS] VS SMB warps.fm2
In 00:58.00 (3486 frames), 232 rerecords
Uploaded 1/15/2017 12:21 PM by dhxo (see all 3)
Till 1-2, more a test run

#36130695888416327 -

Super Mario Bros.bk2
In 07:37.83 (27515 frames), 3103 rerecords
Uploaded 1/5/2017 3:19 AM by DeathlyJai (see all 1)
My first time messing with TAStudio, not really going for speed.

#28917908740505050 - 19:05 Warpless RTA

In 20:45.07 (74827 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 2/15/2016 7:24 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#28798471348580516 - rta warpless 19:06.24

In 36:41.56 (132311 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 2/9/2016 10:18 PM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)
starts around frame 63000

#27611757659677592 - SMB1 Warpless 19:06.99 RTA

In 31:57.11 (115216 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 12/18/2015 11:39 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)
run starts around frame #43700

#24721696049470264 - BizHawk-compatible SMB walljump movie

In 00:00.02 (1 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 8/10/2015 7:56 AM by Bobo_the_King (see all 7)
This is a savestate nearly identical to my previous savestate, the primary difference being that it is native to BizHawk. As before, this is a demonstration file to be used with my brute-force script.

#24007390583313213 - Super Mario Bros. Warpless in 19:09.83 RTA

In 48:00.98 (173144 frames), 0 rerecords
1 comment, 720 downloads
Uploaded 7/9/2015 3:52 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#23654939379452335 - Super Mario Bros. Warpless in 19:10.38 RTA

In 58:26.79 (210754 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 6/23/2015 6:56 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#23290727117445561 - Super Mario Bros. Warpless in 19:11.52 RTA

In 22:00.18 (79341 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 6/6/2015 9:16 PM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#22102430359637439 - Walljumps and some stuff

ultimate walljump.fm2
In 10:30.75 (37907 frames), 3796 rerecords
Uploaded 4/14/2015 8:54 AM by MarioUniverseZone (see all 3)
The glitches are frustrating me!

#17207974306429057 - VERY old smb TAS

In 05:30.62 (19870 frames), 113 rerecords
Uploaded 9/5/2014 10:44 PM by kusoman (see all 22)
this tas I made is a fucking dinosaur (by that I mean its old) I made this years ago and felt like posting it (and yes it uses Famtasia)

#16928321953697960 - Super Mario Bros "-3 ending" by kusoman

In 03:15.48 (11748 frames), 164 rerecords
1 comment, 1041 downloads
Uploaded 8/24/2014 8:29 AM by kusoman (see all 22)
beating the game using a glitch to go into the minus world (a parallel universe) VERY improvable

#11466204865872104 - Brute-force walljump save.

SMB walljump brute-force.fm2
In 00:00.02 (1 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 12/21/2013 8:46 AM by Bobo_the_King (see all 7)
To be used with my demonstration brute-force script. Load this state then run the sample script and Mario will execute a walljump (eventually).

#10250678766083200 - Super Mario Bros. 1 input optimized

SMB1 optimized.fm2
In 04:56.99 (17849 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 10/27/2013 2:58 PM by Bobo_the_King (see all 7)
Super Mario Bros. 1 with all extra input removed. HappyLee's original movie has 7407 inputs, mine has


He ends his movie (but not his input) at the axe. No frames were saved following the last jump. Our inputs (not our movies) are exactly the same length.

#8302894877106685 - Freerun of Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros Freerun.fm2
In 02:16.71 (8216 frames), 718 rerecords
Uploaded 7/31/2013 9:43 PM by Buddybenj (see all 8)
I continue my WIP all he way to world 4. Many new glitches are used. If you know how to do a glitch I didn't do please tell me I'm trying to figure out how to do some new glitches. Also World 1-2 is a lot less sloppy than 1-1.

#8297888622968915 - Freerun of Super Mario Bros

Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!]-1.fm2
In 01:03.51 (3817 frames), 351 rerecords
Uploaded 7/31/2013 4:18 PM by Buddybenj (see all 8)
This is a continuation of my previous TAS that was rejected.

#4231532671623306 - SMB warpless walkathon WIP (W1's finished)

In 02:54.58 (10492 frames), 1208 rerecords
Uploaded 1/29/2013 1:11 PM by HappyLee (see all 8)
Mars and I are improving the SMB warpless walkathon together, and we've saved 42 frames so far, 21 frames from 1-3 and 21 frames from 1-4 (extremely hard). Both two improvements were mainly found by me, inputs from 1-1 to 1-3 was done by Mars, and 1-4 was done by me.