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#637946158032733323 - 1-1 as Fire Mario (with RTA Rules)

1-1 as Fire Mario TAS with RTA Rules.fm2
In 00:28.92 (1738 frames), 179 rerecords
Uploaded 7/28/2022 2:36 PM by Toms (see all 42)
I did my best.
You can modify it to improve it.
I don't have any problem.

#637851304569723803 - Nightmare Buzz TAS (SNES, PAL)

Nightmare Buzz (SNES, PAL).bk2
In 00:42.78 (2571 frames), 29 rerecords
Uploaded 4/9/2022 7:47 PM by Toms (see all 42)
Nightmare Buzz fight done with the Europe ROM
Note: This movie must be played on the version 2.4 of BizHawk because the movie starts on a "Save State".

#637831662780840375 - Nightmare Buzz TAS

Nightmare Buzz JPN TAS.bk2.bk2
In 00:36.81 (2212 frames), 236 rerecords
Uploaded 3/18/2022 2:11 AM by Toms (see all 42)
Well, the fastest Nightmare Buzz time ever. This was done on the J ROM of Toy Story.

#637768372118648604 - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow TAS with cheats

AoS TAS with cheats.vbm
In 03:56.00 (14102 frames), 192 rerecords
Uploaded 1/3/2022 8:06 PM by Toms (see all 42)

#75211038017363773 - Prince of Persia (SNES, JPN) 'training mode' TAS

training mode TAS.bk2
In 03:35.05 (12924 frames), 994 rerecords
Uploaded 10/31/2021 3:12 AM by Toms (see all 42)
Prince of Persia, an Apple II game created by Jordan Mechner and released at the end of 1989 when the Apple II died and be an Obsolete platform for playing videogames for that computer. Fortunaletly, the game had ports for other platform like the MS-DOS which is one of the popular ports of the game, Sega CD, TurboGrafx CD, NES, Genesis and of course... the SNES.
The SNES version is much expanded because it has more rooms than the original game, so that's why the game gives you 120 minutes/2 hours to complete the game.
This time is a training mode TAS of the game.
Yes, the SNES port gives you a training mode if you want to practice before starting your adventures.
This movie uses a trick that you can do on the game, this works on the J, US, & EUR roms.
You have to go the continue screen & put SPECIAL(JPN) or SPCCMD!(US/EUR), then you put OK and you will hear the sound of the Prince getting damage, then you start the game or the training mode.
Now pause the and press B, Y, Up, Down, Left, Right, L & R you'll hear the sound of the Prince getting damage again & then press Start+Select. After that you've a Menu that it has 3 options:
Level Select
Sound Select
Boost Meter
If you choose Level Select you can select a level of the adventure.
If you choose Sound Select you can select a Music of the game.
If you choose Boost Meter increases you life adding 1 bar potion.
and if you press X you kill the enemies on-screen.

Movie goals:

  • Emulator used: BizHawk 2.6.2
  • Uses password & a cheat that you can use in the game
  • Doesn't uses cheat codes

#74290152453809895 - Escalator TAS but with RTA Rules

Escalator (with RTA Rules of SMB1) TAS.fm2
In 00:21.12 (1269 frames), 38 rerecords
Uploaded 9/19/2021 3:52 PM by Toms (see all 42)
RTA rules are simple: I can't press L+R or U+D at the same time
RTA timing: 00:17.70

#74279945263527453 - Masked Muscle TAS

Masked Muscle.bk2
In 00:24.06 (1446 frames), 183 rerecords
Uploaded 9/19/2021 4:50 AM by Toms (see all 42)
A TAS of Masked Muscle, the Mexican & 3rd boxer of the Major Circuit on Super Punch-Out!! (SNES) that I did.
-Mr. Muscle, ¿do you want to say something?
-Yes, my amigo.
-The emulator used on this TAS is: BizHawk 2.6.2
-The time that Little Toms beated me is 0:06.30
-That time is humanly posible.
-The TAS began on a savestate & on a SRAM
-¿Another thing?
-Yes, señor.
-Little Toms used the US rom (NTSC system).
-Adios, my amigo.
Well guys, that's all.

#74206627305658856 - Escalator speedrun in 0:18.336 *World Record*

Escalator speedrun.fm2
In 00:24.76 (1488 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 9/15/2021 9:35 PM by Toms (see all 42)
ATA's ROM Hack speedrun with improvement
This speedrun gets an improvement of 1.78 seconds (107 frames) & beated in 0:18.336 (1102 frames)

#74189446696476777 - Escalator speedrun in 0:20.117 *Obsoleted Record*

In 00:44.59 (2680 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 9/15/2021 3:01 AM by Toms (see all 42)
A speedrun that I did, this is the movie input.
Yes, I record my quickest attempt to beat the ATA's ROM hack.
The time is: 0m 20s 117ms (1209 frames 60.098813897441 FPS)
Really, I don't why I'm uploading this speedrun of a TAS website.
But never mind, it's just the userfiles

#74112780116024321 - Ninja Gaiden "Dragon sword only" TAS

Ninja Gaiden 'sword only'.fm2
In 11:37.97 (41947 frames), 3699 rerecords
Game: Ninja Gaiden ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 9/11/2021 4:09 PM by Toms (see all 42)
Ninja Gaiden (NINJA外伝) (Also know as Ninja Ryukenden (忍者龍剣伝) & as Shadow Warriors is Europe) is a hard NES game.
It was released on SNES with the game Ninja Gaiden Trilogy(NINJA外伝 Trilogy), PC Engine, Mobile phones & Virtual consoles.
Is a hard game of the NES library including Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, Castlevania trilogy, Contra, Super C, etc.
In this time I'm not using any subweapons, well sometime on the run but the weapons hitbox doesn't hit enemies. So that's very lucky.
In this TAS I don't use any subweapons just only the sword.

Movie goals:

  • Emu. used: FCEUX 2.2.3
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Has some slowdowns
Note: If you find an Improvement you're free to send me in the comments an Improvement of this TAS.