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#67328355154827732 - Super Mario Bros. "No Left Button"

Super Mario Bros. No Left 5-2.fm2
In 02:17.91 (8289 frames), 2850 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2020 3:13 AM by Wade07 (see all 1)
This tas is a Work In Progress! The goal of this TAS is simple. Beat Super Mario Bros. without pressing the left button.
1-1: 1-1 is played normally, but without fast accelerations or FPG because they are impossible without pressing left. The underground section can't be completed optimally either.
1-2: I pick up a mushroom in 1-2 to clip into the warpzone. I don't properly load the warpzone and take the middle pipe. This brings me to World 5. 1-2 is probably the biggest source of improvement.
5-1: 5-1 is played normally but can be finished with BBG as shown in the warpless TAS. I intentionally didn't go for that, because I couldn't find any setup.
5-2: In 5-2, I need to pick up a Fireflower to help kill bowser in the -4 levels, however, this is where I am stuck. With my current flower grab, I am 7 frames behind ending the level with 347 and avoiding 6 fireworks.
If you can help me in any way, please comment or DM me on Discord at Wade07#4829