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#58032559963971645 - Vs. Super Mario Bros. "no warps" TAS in 20:30.32

Vs. Super Mario Bros. Warpless TAS by Tomygood.fm2
In 19:35.41 (70641 frames), 9385 rerecords
Uploaded 9/18/2019 11:53 AM by Tomygood (see all 3)
Frames : 70352
70352 frames at ~60.09881387708959 fps = 19m 30s 32ms
I tried to make this as entertaining as possible I was only able to do 2 fpgs and 2 bbgs and some Bowsers seem a bit slow but I'm gonna try to improve this =)
Vs. Super Mario Bros. is the arcade version of the 1985 NES game Super Mario Bros. This version is a mix of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986, Famicom Disk System) levels. Some of them are changed in order to make them harder.

#52991680658098356 - NES Super Mario Bros. while always pressing down in 7:03.38

In 07:06.93 (25658 frames), 2928 rerecords
Uploaded 2/3/2019 11:28 AM by Tomygood (see all 3)
The only way to go forward while pressing down is to jump. That makes this challenge quite hard.
The hardest part was in 4-2 when I needed to wrong warp. I found a good way at the start to push Mario 8 pxs at the right.
ROM checksum : 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
ROM filename : "Super Mario Bros. (World).nes"
Length : 7:03.38 (25460 frames)

#52238273506506858 - Anti-Pacifist SMB1

TAS Anti-Pacifist.fm2
In 05:40.89 (20487 frames), 5901 rerecords
Uploaded 12/31/2018 1:09 PM by Tomygood (see all 3)
ROM name : "Super Mario Bros. (World).nes"
ROM Checksum : 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
Frames : 19512
Time : 05:24.40
FPS : 60.09881387708959
"Anti-Pacifist" is a category originally created by the Super Mario Bros. speedrunner RoyLGamer. Goal : Kill all enemies who appear on screen This includes stomping, killing with fire/star power, hitting a block under an enemy, and kicking a shell to kill enemies.
Are included :
  • Goombas
  • Koopas (Green, red, troopas, paratroopas)
  • Buzzy Beetles
  • Piranha Plant (including warp ones)
  • Lakitu and any spiny it may throw (including the initial spiny in 8-2)
  • Underwater Bloopers
  • Underwater Cheep Cheeps
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Bowser
Are not included :
  • Bullet Bills
  • Flying Cheep Cheeps
  • Podoboos
  • Bowser fire
Specific Rules :
  • Enemies simply walking into a pit does not count as killing them.
  • The Despawning plant in Room 1 of 8-4 must be Killed.
  • The invisible plant in 8-4 water section must be killed.
  • Bowser must be killed with fire.