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#58032559963971645 - Vs. Super Mario Bros. "no warps" TAS in 20:30.32

Vs. Super Mario Bros. Warpless TAS by Tomygood.fm2

Uploaded 9/18/2019 11:53 AM by Tomygood (3 files)

For Super Mario Bros. (NES)

In 19:35.41 (70641 frames), 9385 rerecords

35473 views, 530 downloads

Frames : 70352
70352 frames at ~60.09881387708959 fps = 19m 30s 32ms
I tried to make this as entertaining as possible I was only able to do 2 fpgs and 2 bbgs and some Bowsers seem a bit slow but I'm gonna try to improve this =)
Vs. Super Mario Bros. is the arcade version of the 1985 NES game Super Mario Bros. This version is a mix of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels (1986, Famicom Disk System) levels. Some of them are changed in order to make them harder.

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#52991680658098356 - NES Super Mario Bros. while always pressing down in 7:03.38


Uploaded 2/3/2019 11:28 AM by Tomygood (3 files)

For Super Mario Bros. (NES)

In 07:06.93 (25658 frames), 2928 rerecords

44327 views, 1249 downloads

The only way to go forward while pressing down is to jump. That makes this challenge quite hard.
The hardest part was in 4-2 when I needed to wrong warp. I found a good way at the start to push Mario 8 pxs at the right.
ROM checksum : 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
ROM filename : "Super Mario Bros. (World).nes"
Length : 7:03.38 (25460 frames)

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#52238273506506858 - Anti-Pacifist SMB1

TAS Anti-Pacifist.fm2

Uploaded 12/31/2018 1:09 PM by Tomygood (3 files)

For Super Mario Bros. (NES)

In 05:40.88 (20487 frames), 5901 rerecords

45735 views, 1647 downloads

ROM name : "Super Mario Bros. (World).nes"
ROM Checksum : 8e3630186e35d477231bf8fd50e54cdd
Frames : 19512
Time : 05:24.40
FPS : 60.09881387708959
"Anti-Pacifist" is a category originally created by the Super Mario Bros. speedrunner RoyLGamer. Goal : Kill all enemies who appear on screen This includes stomping, killing with fire/star power, hitting a block under an enemy, and kicking a shell to kill enemies.
Are included :
  • Goombas
  • Koopas (Green, red, troopas, paratroopas)
  • Buzzy Beetles
  • Piranha Plant (including warp ones)
  • Lakitu and any spiny it may throw (including the initial spiny in 8-2)
  • Underwater Bloopers
  • Underwater Cheep Cheeps
  • Hammer Bros.
  • Bowser
Are not included :
  • Bullet Bills
  • Flying Cheep Cheeps
  • Podoboos
  • Bowser fire
Specific Rules :
  • Enemies simply walking into a pit does not count as killing them.
  • The Despawning plant in Room 1 of 8-4 must be Killed.
  • The invisible plant in 8-4 water section must be killed.
  • Bowser must be killed with fire.

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