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#638072336149578569 - NES Rally Bike Ram Watch

Game: Rally Bike (NES)
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Uploaded 12/21/2022 3:33 PM by adelikat (16 files)
Some useful addresses I used when making the TAS

#638072333846513391 - NES Back To the Future .wch file

Back to the Future.wch
Game: Back to the Future (NES)
0 views, 7 downloads
Uploaded 12/21/2022 3:29 PM by adelikat (16 files)
Just a few, but helpful, addresses

#638051848574916873 - Rally Bike, end input at finish line

In 08:13.71 (29672 frames), 1517 rerecords
Game: Rally Bike (NES)
0 views, 15 downloads
Uploaded 11/27/2022 10:27 PM by adelikat (16 files)
This move is is 684 frames faster than #7826: juef's NES Rally Bike "1 loop" in 08:35.87 when measuring at the crossing of the finish line. It's a good deal shorter than that because of earlier input end, I let the post race stuff linger instead of ending it quickly, I also end input before crossing the finish line but not without delaying which frame it is crossed, that gains an extra 12 frames.
Will work on a version that uses an invulnerability manip to end input much sooner, and submit that.

#638050728010939886 - Dragon Warrior IV - improvement, up to Chapter 3

In 35:14.58 (127084 frames), 62776 rerecords
Game: Dragon Warrior IV (NES)
0 views, 10 downloads
Uploaded 11/26/2022 3:20 PM by adelikat (16 files)
See for details. This is an improvement to the published movie. Gets up to the Chapter 3 armor selling. But there is a routing improvement in Chapter 1.
I don't know when this will ever be finished, uploading it here so there's record of this work

#637996592395832943 - Monopoly - 4 Player Big Boys Prepared Game

In 07:45.83 (27996 frames), 519 rerecords
Game: Monopoly (NES)
0 views, 16 downloads
Uploaded 9/24/2022 11:33 PM by adelikat (16 files)
Complete trading shenanigans. Proof of concept, could be optimized a lot more, the point was to show the mayhem that can happen when a CPU initiates a trade with a human player.

#637989625874991975 - NES Monopoly "telefrag an innocent CPU"

In 01:04.61 (3883 frames), 18 rerecords
Game: Monopoly (NES)
0 views, 22 downloads
Uploaded 9/16/2022 10:03 PM by adelikat (16 files)
This is a demo of an interesting glitch. I set up a trade that would bankrupt Ollie, but force Arthur (would not agree to this trade) to agree to it and get bankrupted. Even better, not only did Arthur not agree to the trade, he didn't even get a turn, lol.

#637935954040285801 - SNES The Addams Family Ram Watch File

Game: The Addams Family (SNES)
0 views, 24 downloads
Uploaded 7/16/2022 7:10 PM by adelikat (16 files)
BizHawk Ram Watch file for SNES The Addams Family

#637935922185822998 - NES Super Mario Bros Ram Addresses

Game: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
0 views, 239 downloads
Uploaded 7/16/2022 6:16 PM by adelikat (16 files)
a BizHawk .wch file for NES Super Mario Bros

#57708179643301110 - MTPO Soda Clock Stop Score Strat

In 00:55.70 (3348 frames), 295 rerecords
5447 views, 576 downloads
Uploaded 9/3/2019 9:17 PM by adelikat (16 files)
This demonstrates how you can use the clock stopping glitch to get a much higher score on Soda Popinski, at the expense of the fight being much much longer.
The idea is to stop the clock, then counter his hooks which only do 1 pt of damaage and can give a star.
To do this optimally TAS wise is not very trivial. After every hook, you do need to luck manipulate him to do hooks again, which he can every time (this video doesn't because i was lazy). Also some of the stars are not guaranteed and need luck manipulation (50% chance)

#44141477959099149 - Rolans curse 2 GB conversion attempt

In 22:05.01 (79140 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: Rolan's Curse II (GB)
11370 views, 701 downloads
Uploaded 12/31/2017 9:45 PM by adelikat (16 files)
Converted to a GB file and converted the input log. Then added some extra frames to get it past the name selection screen. After that it desyncs soon after