Submission #4783: adelikat, Aglar, Noxxa, Really_Tall & Samsara's NES Streemerz: Super Strength Emergency Squad Zeta "Streeeeemerz Mode" in 05:03.33

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Nintendo Entertainment System
Streeeeemerz Mode
BizHawk 1.11.1
Submitted by Noxxa on 8/2/2015 2:34 AM
Submission Comments
The real winner of dwangoAC's SGDQ 2015 TAS race. kazioman is a fraud
Original SGDQ 2015 TAS Race submission by Noxxa:
Submission file (.fm2): userfiles/info/24544199640776782
In-game ending frame (which was the TAS race timing point): 18637
Movie length: 18541
In-game time: 3:44.86



Samsara added a few strategies Noxxa missed in the race and saved 149 frames. .fm2: userfiles/info/24543583458375795
In-game time: 3:42.36
Ending frame: 18488
Movie length: 18392


adelikat reran the game in BizHawk/NESHawk, improving the run by 12 frames in the process. Noxxa added a few more improvements, saving 19 frames more. Samsara put the rest of the game together when the improvements were leading into desyncs.
In-game time: 3:41.88
Ending frame: 18457
Movie length: 18361


Implemented improved strats in two rooms by Really_Tall, as well as an 1 frame improvement found by Tompa. 60 frames saved in total. Resynced by Samsara again.
In-game time: 3:40.90
Ending frame: 18397
Movie length: 18301


Further improvements in overall optimization implemented by Samsara, saving 23 more frames.
In-game time: 3:40.52
Ending frame: 18374
Movie length: 18278


Aglar redid a fair chunk of the movie, saving an additional 48 frames.
In-game time: 3:39.72
Ending frame: 18326
Movie length: 18230

Other comments

Thanks to:
  • dwangoAC for organising the SGDQ 2015 TAS race
  • Games Done Quick LLC, for organising the GDQ events and SGDQ 2015 in particular enabling this TAS race
  • MrPodunkian for developing this game, and Faux Game Co. for porting it to NES
  • kaizoman666 for his movie showcased on the GDQ stream which showed a negaroom strat for v3
  • Dragonfangs for pointing out above negaroom strat
  • Tompa for finding a 1-frame improvement for v4
Frame war-a-go-go
Screenshot suggestion: any ideas?

Noxxa: Updated with a 149-frame improvement thanks to Samsara.

Nach: Judging.
Noxxa: Updated with a new BizHawk version by adelikat with improvements from the rest, saving 31 frames in total.

Nach: No longer judging due to emulator switch.
Noxxa: Updated with another 60-frame improvement, with input from Really_Tall and an added 1-frame improvement by Tompa.

ars4326: Judging!
Noxxa: Updated yet again with a 23-frame improvement thanks to Samsara.
ars4326: Updating one mo' time with Aglar's 48 frame improvement!

ars4326: Hello, everyone. What can be said: When a group of highly dedicated, skilled TASers get together, good things (usually) happen. Dr. Tary might not eat humble pie, but his optimized trek escaping the space station was entertaining and very, very well polished. Outstanding job, gentlemen!
Accepting for publication to Moons!
fsvgm777: Processing.
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