Movie for NES Monopoly

#52214254778791393 - Monopoly "fastest jail" by Spikestuff


Uploaded 12/30/2018 11:11 AM by Spikestuff (1 files)

For Monopoly (NES)

In 00:09.78 (588 frames), 782 rerecords

5802 views, 581 downloads

Improved the submission by 10 frames (specifically the trimmed) cause yes.

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#67873029224827617 - BizHawk resynced run of Fractal Fusion's Monopoly from publication 717M


Uploaded 12/4/2020 3:56 PM by DrD2k9 (1 files)

For Monopoly (NES)

In 01:07.53 (4059 frames), 59 rerecords

1789 views, 255 downloads

This is a re-sync in BizHawk 2.5.0 of FractalFusion's Monopoly run that currently has glitchy graphics on the official publication YouTube.
An encoder may want to use this to update the YouTube link in the publication.

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