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#637935954040285801 - SNES The Addams Family Ram Watch File

Uploaded 7/16/2022 7:10 PM by adelikat (see all 20)
BizHawk Ram Watch file for SNES The Addams Family

#61551475474901239 - The Addams Family all bosses lsnes resync

All Bosses Addams Family lsnes sync.lsmv
In 12:53.41 (46481 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 2/23/2020 11:18 PM by EZGames69 (see all 146)
this is a resync of the Addams Family All Bosses tas. it required 2 additional frames to account for loading. this will be used for console verification tests.

#52017053679897334 - Addams Family any% on lsnes

Addams Family any% v4.lsmv
In 02:52.75 (10382 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 12/21/2018 2:03 PM by EZGames69 (see all 146)

#50474140063816859 - Addams Family (SNES) "all bosses" - Shorten Input

In 12:49.20 (46228 frames), 243448 rerecords
Uploaded 10/13/2018 2:23 AM by Challenger (see all 127)
The input file may be 252 frames shorter than the submitted movie, but it takes a long amount of waiting (~1050 frames) to reach the ending (the sword can't deliver that "instant kill" in that position).

#48040953679364406 - SNES Addams Family hud v1.2

SNES Addams Family hud v1.2.lua
Uploaded 6/25/2018 12:29 PM by ThunderAxe31 (see all 109)
Lua script that displays useful addresses on screen, with the addition of real speed and absolute position.

#47514904904630916 - The Addams Family All Bosses 2 bosses rework

Addams Family, The (USA)allbosses.2018-01-16 18.05.28.bk2
In 05:14.70 (18913 frames), 16635 rerecords
Uploaded 6/1/2018 7:54 PM by EZGames69 (see all 146)
I made a few improvements to the last WIP I posted, I managed to figure out how speed works and found some more entertaining ways to move in the train stage.
all going smoothly, hopefully will be done before the end of the year.

#46803027763348190 - Addams Family any% on bizhawk

Addams Family Sonikkstar Kyman synced on bizhawk.bk2
In 03:07.41 (11263 frames), 2563 rerecords
Uploaded 4/30/2018 6:29 PM by EZGames69 (see all 146)
with the help of nymx, I got the current movie synced from snes9x 1.43 to bizhawk 2.2.1.
I tested some other inputs out and managed to save one 2 frames from what I got to sync originally
I am not entirely sure if this counts as an improvement to the previous movie so I don't think a submission is appropriate at the moment. not until I'm certain it counts.