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#638144270152713770 - Dragon Warrior 4 v6 Chapter 3 done

adelikat-dw4-v6 -chp3-done.bk2
In 42:45.41 (154178 frames), 27371823 rerecords
Uploaded 3/14/2023 9:43 PM by adelikat (see all 20)
Finishes Chapter 3, 2475 frames ahead of the currently published movie
Some incredible luck manip in chapter 3. Got the 3 armor offers without declining one, and some really tight encounters during the 7 broad sword/7 half plate fights
Also this new strat gets an extra level, but will not increase the final level at the end of the game, so there is about 600 frames more that will be realized by the end of the TAS
Extra HP is manipulated which will reduce 1, maybe even 2, medical herbs used before the final fight