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#638205751142482836 - Starlight Mario Underworld "parallel 1-1 ending" (5/24/23)

In 09:36.50 (34647 frames), 26497 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Uploaded 11 days ago by fella8 (26 files)
This hack has a secret ending that can only be accessed in hard mode, which I showcase in this run. It requires first beating the game, and then playing 1-1 back in hard mode. There is also another secret "VOID ending" which I probably will not end up TASing. I'll leave that for y'all to find on your own :)
I won't go through every level but here's some stuff to mention.
Power-up Grabs:
Excluding power-up time, this run loses one framerule grabbing the mushroom in 1-1, and does not lose any time grabbing the fire flower in 1-3. Extra time is made up due to required slow-downs in 1-3 when playing as small Mario, since fire Mario can kill the enemies in the way, which allows us to finish on the same framerule. 1-3 is 7 frames from saving the framerule, nearly 6 of which can theoretically be made up by getting a running-speed grab. However, since we would still be a frame away, I did not bother trying to achieve this. So overall, only one framerule, plus 122 frames of transition time, are lost to power-up grabs, which is all made up later through bowser kills.
This run abuses the fire-bar position carry-over. When a firebar is despawned, its rotation is saved and used for the next firebar that loads in. I slow down slightly in the middle of the level to allow some firebars to rotate one position further, in order to pass the next section without slowing down. Also, this is the only level that is very close to a framerule being saved (R18), but the closest I was able to get was R20 with optimal walljumps. Maybe it would be possible with better firebar manipulation.
Secret Level:
The game crashes in the boss fight area if any of the enemies are killed, but even though we clip through the ceiling by bouncing off of the hammer bro, we can still run to the axe before it despawns, keeping the game from crashing.