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#637826124374255465 - Bob-Omb Mario (SMB Hack) TAS in 04:23.20 by HappyLee

Bob-Omb_Mario TAS by HappyLee.fm2
In 04:23.20 (15818 frames), 2034 rerecords
Game: Bob-omb Mario ( NES, see all files )
1 comment, 145 downloads
Uploaded 3/11/2022 4:20 PM by HappyLee (see all 8)
New SMB1 hack by NesDraug, with cool features and nice level design.
I find it fun, so I started making this fastest any% TAS (warps allowed). Unfortunately it doesn't show the new Bob-omb power-up, because being small-only is faster for the any% TAS.
The hack has faster running speed and higher bounces off enemies, therefore more glitch potential. My favorite trick is clipping through the ceiling in 2-1.
Enjoy. :)

#76101061698125742 - SMB 1-1 Getting 7 1-Ups

1-1 7UP demo_HappyLee.fm2
In 01:07.89 (4080 frames), 910 rerecords
Uploaded 12/10/2021 5:11 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)

#71039371563671988 - Impossible Floor Clip with a Vine and 2 Enemies (SMB Glitch)

Impossible Floor Clip (Vine + 2 Enemies in 1-2).fm2
In 04:49.42 (17394 frames), 108 rerecords
Uploaded 4/26/2021 6:16 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
Downward floor clip is usually considered impossible in Super Mario Bros (NTSC version). This one is a rare exception.
DaSmileKat came up with the idea of using a vine and enemies to do a floor clip. It requires at least 2 enemies in SMB1, and 1 in SMB2J because of higher bounce. But it's hard to think of a place to actually perform it without using hacks or memory editing, so I came up with the idea of showing it in the beginning of 1-2, with a vine "stolen" from 5-2 by Luigi's death.
This glitch requires extremely precise Y subspeed and Y subpixel. The vine is used because it provides a different Y subspeed than jumping and sliding, and the 2 Goombas are used to further adjust Y subspeed until we get the perfect Y subspeed required for this ground clip.
There hasn't been a completely new SMB glitch found in 2 years, because rare glitches like this are extremely hard to find. Thanks to DaSmileKat for this. :)

#69015692389962788 - Super Mario Bros. "no Left" TAS in 10:47.93

SMB_NoLeft_TAS_HappyLee, Kriller37, Mars608 & KFCMario.fm2
In 10:47.92 (38940 frames), 21151 rerecords
1 comment, 347 downloads
Uploaded 1/25/2021 2:59 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
SMB can be completed without ever pressing Left. This TAS demonstrates the fastest way possible. It's interesting that the fastest route happens to show entering 5-1 through 1-2 wrong warp glitch.
Authors (who have their Left button broken): HappyLee, Kriller37, Mars608 & KFCMario
HappyLee: I started this project back in 2009. Mars608 and KFCMario joined the project mostly during 2012 to 2015. We've made several demo runs, but the project was postponed many times simply because a Firebar in 6-4 always gets in our way. I felt that there should be a way to avoid that.
I restarted this project in 2020 with Kriller37. The 6-4 Firebar problem was solved with 5-1 Bullet Bill glitch ending, which is the hardest and the last piece of the puzzle. Killer37 finished many stages like 5-3, 7-1, 8-1 and 8-2, and his great skills and high efficiency make this TAS finally see the light of the day in 2020.
Q: Why do you slow down in many places? A: Most of the slow downs are for entertainment, and some to avoid certain timer. This game has 21 frame rule, so slowing down doesn't necessarily mean time loss.
Q: Can this be done by real-time speedrunners? A: I believe YES, because SMB speedrunners nowadays have done crazier things. There's no super-hard glitch involved in this route. I'd certainly love to see a "no Left" real-time speedrun someday. :)

#63142191243839512 - SMB "I see Bowser's butts" Playaround TAS (1-2 Graphic Glitch)

In 01:38.06 (5894 frames), 397 rerecords
Uploaded 5/5/2020 2:37 PM by HappyLee (see all 8)

#55785055604970913 - Mars608 & aiqiyou's NES Contra "pacifist" in 08:49.56

TAS-Contra-pacifist V2.1.fm2
In 08:49.55 (31826 frames), 47334 rerecords
Game: Contra ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 6/9/2019 6:41 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
Updated: double suicide with the final boss.

#4231532671623306 - SMB warpless walkathon WIP (W1's finished)

In 02:54.58 (10492 frames), 1208 rerecords
Uploaded 1/29/2013 1:11 PM by HappyLee (see all 8)
Mars and I are improving the SMB warpless walkathon together, and we've saved 42 frames so far, 21 frames from 1-3 and 21 frames from 1-4 (extremely hard). Both two improvements were mainly found by me, inputs from 1-1 to 1-3 was done by Mars, and 1-4 was done by me.

#582605642053180 - SMB2J Luigi TAS WIP

In 05:29.37 (19762 frames), 24157 rerecords
Uploaded 8/18/2012 5:15 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
World 5's finished, presented by HappyLee and KFCMario. Up to now, 105 frames were saved.