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#638008645247617084 - SMB2J 8x Warps to get required A-D SRAM state

In 1:14:49.47 (269812 frames), 70167 rerecords
Uploaded 10/8/2022 10:22 PM by electricpants (see all 2)
Thanks to -7 for helping with this. Was originally a glitchless warps TAS I made for fun a while back, but decided to turn it into the verification movie for my A-D warps TAS, since that TAS uses an unclean SRAM state to start directly in world A.

#637949574383986691 - SMB2J Worlds A-D Warps TAS Improvement

In 06:27.36 (23280 frames), 1143 rerecords
Uploaded 8/1/2022 1:30 PM by electricpants (see all 2)
Improved my Worlds A-D warps TAS by 25 frames, 21 from an extremely precise framerule save in A-2, courtesy of bruhmoment, and 4 from faster strategies in D-4, which are so fast that I quite literally had to waste time to avoid impossible podoboo and Bowser patterns. I also made it more entertaining, I think. Hope you all enjoy!

#637948085294562098 - [FDS] Super Mario Bros. "Lost Levels" Pellsson 4-3 Play Around.

4-3 PlayAround.fm2
In 01:08.04 (4089 frames), 1616 rerecords
Uploaded 7/30/2022 8:08 PM by Anti_ (see all 2)
Cool TAS, doesn't shoot for entertainment, but to instead show a pretty cool enemy property glitch. Having to do with a Red Koopa, and a falling Platform.

#637923869220708129 - [FDS] Super Mario Bros. "Lost Levels" Pellsson 8-4 Play Around.

In 01:32.10 (5535 frames), 2608 rerecords
Uploaded 7/2/2022 7:28 PM by Anti_ (see all 2)
Little play-around TAS I made, isn't entertaining, but I decided to give it a shot. Shows off basic glitches, nothing more than that.

#637867153340002833 - [TAS] FDS SMB 2-J in 8:10.983(RTA) by Mr.TASer

SMB 2-J TAS.fm2
In 08:25.83 (30400 frames), 6461 rerecords
Uploaded 4/28/2022 4:02 AM by MrTASer (see all 46)
My first Lost Levels TAS. Very bad. I have a severe bad luck with the last level... Please tell the manipulation of the firebar before the pipe in the 1st screen of the last level... I didn't get correct pattern, hence lost a lot of time

#75446723806348766 - Super Mario Bros: The Lost Level "Minimum coins Warpless 8-4, Mario"

2J minimum coins Warpless 8-4.fm2
In 22:20.78 (80579 frames), 9872 rerecords
Uploaded 11/10/2021 5:56 PM by WolfAeterni (see all 4)
This TAS aims to beat SMB2J Warpless by collecting the least amount of coins possible, which turns out to be 16 all located in the 5-3 underground section
I explain everything in the description of the video linked above

#55909886791684712 - Xela's SMB2 FDS 21f save

Better 5-2.fm2
In 21:15.68 (76667 frames), 78556 rerecords
Uploaded 6/14/2019 9:36 PM by Cyorter (see all 17)
One framerule saved due to faster entering to the pipe... desyncs at 5-3 XD.

#54662135861991571 - FDS Super Mario Bros. 2 Warpless

In 21:30.86 (77580 frames), 22288 rerecords
Uploaded 4/19/2019 4:58 PM by Cyorter (see all 17)
This is just a simple TAS that
Does NOT aim for fastest time
Does NOT aim for entertainment
Does NOT aim for perfection
Does NOT aim for submission/publication
I made it just for fun and I had fun making it

#36840255805048902 - Lost Levels Warpless 8-4 Luigi RTA in 23:22

warpless luigi 23 29.bk2
In 1:05:06.92 (234801 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 2/6/2017 2:14 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)
run starts at frame 132066

#36704279039900541 - Lost Levels Warpless 8-4 Mario RTA in 22:17

warpless 22-23.bk2
In 48:08.58 (173600 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 1/30/2017 11:16 PM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)
run starts at frame 75788

#32397782101917661 - Lost Levels Worlds A-D Warpless RTA in 11:38

adw 11-38.bk2
In 13:17.67 (47939 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 7/21/2016 12:36 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#32264194960432955 - Lost Levels Worlds A-D RTA in 6:34

ad 6-34.bk2
In 25:52.38 (93296 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 7/15/2016 12:13 AM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#24469410574529073 - RTA SMB2j 8:06

Super Mario Bros. 2_2 - 8-13.bk2
In 13:08.97 (47416 frames), 0 rerecords
Uploaded 7/29/2015 11:15 PM by Potato_Stomper (see all 11)

#17639099233549249 - FDS Super Mario Bros. 2 Warpless W1~W9

Warpless W1~W9.fm2
In 25:43.94 (92789 frames), 1206 rerecords
Uploaded 9/25/2014 8:43 AM by MarioUniverseZone (see all 3)
I made this project for a week, and I usually used Flagole Glitch in this game.

#17070615333714393 - SMB2j 8-1 Warp Pipe

SMB2j 8-1 Wrong Warp.fm2
In 00:16.91 (1016 frames), 1 rerecords
1 comment, 1085 downloads
Uploaded 8/30/2014 6:17 PM by Invariel (see all 16)
On the 3DS's version of SMB2j, going 'down' through this pipe warps you ahead a short way through 8-1. On the FDS ROM that checksums with the published movie, it instead warps you back to the start of the level.
I apologize for the quality (or lack thereof) of this video - I wanted to remove the needless pausing at the end, but I can't read the hex output to save my life. I am sorry. (Feel free to remove it on your end.)
Game is paused right beside the second vertical pipe of 8-1.

#13805876711925545 - Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) Playaround WIP 1

Super Mario Brothers 2 (Japan) Playaround.fm2
In 01:13.26 (4403 frames), 1189 rerecords
Uploaded 4/5/2014 5:36 PM by Denial140 (see all 20)
First attempt of a playaround, in this WIP is the first level. Opinions and comments wanted :)

#582605642053180 - SMB2J Luigi TAS WIP

In 05:29.37 (19762 frames), 24157 rerecords
Uploaded 8/18/2012 5:15 AM by HappyLee (see all 8)
World 5's finished, presented by HappyLee and KFCMario. Up to now, 105 frames were saved.