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#638433491157247846 - Verification movie for Undertale "Opposite Endings"

In 00:07.95 (346 frames), 14 rerecords
Game: Undertale ( Windows, see all files )
Uploaded 11 days ago by feos (see all 184)



- Ubuntu 20.04
- libTAS 1.4.2
- Undertale v1.0

Port Windows Undertale v1.0 to Linux

1. Download Windows Undertale v1.0 on a Windows machine in Steam by right-clicking on Undertale in your games library -> Properties -> Betas, then selecting old_version_100 in the list.
2. Once downloaded, the game can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\UNDERTALE. It comes as a packed .exe file, so unpack it using 7zip, WinRAR, or similar programs. You should get the .ogg music files, UNDERTALE.exe,, and a few other files.
3. From the extracted files, rename to game.unx
4. Create a folder to put the game files into. You can call it whatever you want, for example "Undertale v1.0 Linux". Inside this folder, create a folder named "assets" (without the quotes) and move all the extracted files into this folder.
5. Unzip and copy it into the "Undertale v1.0 Linux" folder. This file is the "runner" file, essentially the Linux version of the UNDERTALE.exe file found on the Windows version. It executes the code found in the (or game.unx) file.
6. You should now have the following folder structure: the "Undertale v1.0 Linux" folder, which contains the runner file and the assets folder, which contains all the extracted files (most importantly game.unx and the .ogg files).
7. Copy the "Undertale v1.0 Linux" folder to your Linux machine and start the game by executing the "runner" file via the command "/path/to/runner" (no quotes, and use the actual path). You may need to make it executable first via the command "sudo chmod +x /path/to/runner" (no quotes, and use the actual path).
8. You may also need to install extra dependencies by entering this command into a terminal:

 sudo apt-get install libopenal1:i386 libssl1.0.0:i386 libglu1-mesa:i386 libxrandr2:i386 libfreetype6:i386 libfontconfig1:i386

Force Debug mode to ON

1. You will need a hex value editor, like HxD.
2. Find game.unx in your Undertale folder. Hashes should be
- MD5:   D0822E279464DB858682CA99EC4CBBFF
- SHA-1: 0A6586B621A1E7535E8391326145B89D01E9DDA1
3. Open it up with your hex editor, and go to address 725B24
4. Change the value from 00 to 01.
5. Save the file. Hashes should become
- MD5:   92B63516FA8410F72AD42459F0EA5E59
- SHA-1: FD0EC68FB47875805A8D7C5C546E236AEB74772E

Setup the save files for verification

1. Go to ~/.config/UNDERTALE and ensure it's empty.
2. In libTAS, uncheck Runtime -> Prevent writing to disk.
3. Replay this movie and stop the game after it ends.
4. Open ~/.config/UNDERTALE/file0 in a text editor
5. On line 1 (character name) change H to this text (it contains various control characters to change font and color):
\TF \RB\F0U\F1T \E1HE\E2Y!\E3!\Ts \WT\E4od\E6ay\E7's\E8 T\E9AS\E5 i\F0s \F2sp\E3on\E2se\E1re\E0d \F0by\TF \RR\F3AI\E2D:\E3 \OS\E4H\YA\F0D\OO\F4W \YL\E1E\OG\E2E\YN\E3D\OS\E5,\Ts \Wo\E6ne\E7 o\E8f \E9th\F0e \F5bi\E7gg\E6es\E5t \E4mo\E3bi\E2le\E1 R\E0PG\F0s \F6of\E2 2\E302\E42!^1 \R1\E90 \Om\E6i\Yl\E7l\Gi\E8o\Bn\E5 u\Ps\F0e\Rr\F7s \Wh\E3av\E2e \E1jo\E0in\F0ed\F8 R\E2ai\E3d \E4ov\E5er\E6 t\E7he\E8 l\E9as\F0t \F96 \E7mo\E6nt\E5hs\E4, \E3an\E2d \E1it\E0 h\F0as\F3 a\E3n \E2al\E0mo\E2st\TF \RP\E3E\OR\E2F\YE\E0C\GT\E2 S\BC\E3O\PR\E2E\Ts \Wo\E0n \E2th\E3e \E2Pl\E0ay\E2 S\E3to\E2re\E0!!\E2!^2 %%
6. On line 13 (first inventory slot) change 0 to 26 (Punch Card item ID).
7. Save the file.
8. Open ~/.config/UNDERTALE/undertale.ini in a text editor.
9. Change the line that says fun="66.000000" to Fun="66.000000" (capitalizing "Fun" is needed due to a bug in Undertale 1.0).
10. Save the file.

Force Debug mode back to OFF

Edit game.unx using a hex editor again and set 725B24 back to 00.
Hashes should again become
- MD5:   D0822E279464DB858682CA99EC4CBBFF
- SHA-1: 0A6586B621A1E7535E8391326145B89D01E9DDA1

Enable noclip

Edit game.unx using a hex editor again and change 9F5044 from 01 to 00.
Hashes should become
- MD5:   C10D8A63CC3B7B64BAF594E0A4390E14
- SHA-1: 05334039F6F5F3840F58B2702B0655F34A27E5C2

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#638355006018751891 - -161 frame in the first level

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