Submission #1882: Warp's NES Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde in 18:04.85

System Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator FCEU 0.98.12
Game Version USA Frame Count 65091
ROM Filename Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (U).nes Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 732
Unknown Authors Warp
Game Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Submitted by Warp on 3/9/2008 10:57:58 PM

Submission Comments
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde completed as fast as possible.
Recorded with FCEU 0.98.15-rerecording, using default settings.
Aims for fastest time. I only take damage once, in a place where it seems to be inevitable.
You control Dr Jekyll, and your mission is to get to the church to your wedding (or something like that). If pranksters, animals and bugs annoy you enough (by causing damage), you get angry and convert into Mr Hyde. If that happens, you are basically transported to a nightmare world and you have to kill monsters as fast as possible to return back. Naturally I never convert into Mr Hyde because it would slow down.
Taking damage is not an option. Any time you take damage, you are thrown several meters towards the left of the screen (regardless of which way you were facing). Thus taking damage not only cannot be used as a shortcut, it would be a big slowdown. Thus I avoid taking damage at all costs. There's only one place were I take damage in the last level. Seemingly this is inevitable (or at least I couldn't find any way to avoid it, no matter what I tried). I take the minimum amount of damage possible in that situation.
If I seemingly jump or momentarily stop for no apparent reason, it's to manipulate enemies (which is not always an easy task).
In the last level the bombs cannot be bypassed in the same way as in earlier levels. They explode way faster.
May I add that I hate this game? Especially the last level is a real nightmare to run (and you can see that in this TAS).

Bisqwit: Half of the audience seems to think that this is a bad game choice for TASing, or at least hesitate whether this should be published. The other half points out that you played well regardless. Good job, but failure on the entertainment. As entertainment is one of the proverbial cornerstones of this site, I'm going to have to reject this submission. Good luck on your next submission, though! :)

Noxxa: Judging in consideration of the vault tier.
Noxxa: Accepting for the vault tier.
Brandon: Publication underway.

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