Submission #1961: jaysmad's SNES Disney's Aladdin in 15:28.72

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
(Submitted: Aladdin)
Submitted by jaysmad on 4/30/2008 10:07 PM
Submission Comments
Here is 929 frames improvement (15.5 sec) of my previous run. Thanks to some new routes the turbo cape and the starting speed of Aladdin. By jumping at the right frame, i could keep Al's highest speed wich is 552sp/f , on flat ground


  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Uses no passwords

Emulator & Settings

  • SNES9x 1.43+ v9
    • WIP1 timing - On
    • Allow Left+Right/Up+Down _ On
    • Volume envelope height reading - Off
    • Fake mute desync workaround - On
    • Sync samples with sound CPU - Off
General Info
Now, me and Randil worked a little on this. Togheter, we found out that Aladdin's speed occilates from 552sp/f to 512sp/f while running . Now in order to keep his speed to 552sp/f i needed to run and jump at the right frame. Thanks to Gocha's memory viewer i could easily keep track of things.

Truncated: Nice work. Accepted.

Maza: Encoding
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