Published on 2/11/2012
Spider-Man/X-Men: Arcade's Revenge is an action platformer starring the iconic Marvel characters Spider-Man, Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, and Gambit. After the X-Men get kidnapped by Arcade, Spider-Man must deactivate bombs, infiltrate the abandoned building where they were taken, and confront Arcade. From there, Arcade puts each hero to the test as they navigate through his bizarre "Murderworld" until Spider-Man can finally confront the madman head-on.
This infamous game was made by LJN, and although it might be better than many others from that label, it still has serious gameplay flaws that make it frustrating, let alone incredibly difficult. However, it works great for a TAS. Using careful precision and many exploits, the team of jaysmad and Brandon make it through this "Juggernaut" in less than 24 minutes. Please see the authors' notes for a detailed breakdown of the levels, a couple of glitches that were unused in the run, and a video of a camera hack for the Black Queen fight that mostly happened off-screen.
Please also check out the run for Wolverine, which is a NES game, also made by LJN, where most of Wolverine's gameplay came from.

YouTube stream and downloadable encodes have subtitles.

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