• Id: 2034
  • Platforms: A2600
  • Abbreviation: a26boxin
  • Display Name: Boxing
  • Fighting
  • Sport


Boxing is a game for one or two players which is played from an overhead point of view. The game lasts for two minutes, and the player who can earn the most points in that time wins. The game also ends if a player earns 100 points in total, netting a knock-out.
You earn one point for a long jab and two points for a close power punch. Two difficulty levels are included which can be set individually for each player.
In this run, ShesChardcore and ViGadeomes manage to save two frames over the previous run by ViGadeomes.
The baseline tab shows the default movie beating the game as fast as possible without any special conditions.

Game Versions

TypeNameTitle OverrideRegionVersionPlatformHashes
Good Boxing (USA).a26 U A2600 SHA1: 14B9CD91188C7FB0D4566442D639870F8D6F174D
MD5: C3EF5C4653212088EDA54DC91D787870