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#637900386796742938 - Boxing 2 frame improvement

boxing 2 frame wip.bk2
In 00:12.77 (765 frames), 894 rerecords
Game: Boxing (A2600)
2 comments, 46 downloads
Uploaded 6/5/2022 3:11 PM by ShesChardcore (28 files)
Saved an additional frame over my previous upload, now 2 frames saved vs current publication. I am unsure if any more frames are possible.

#637896123015307521 - Boxing 1 frame improvement

Boxing 1 frame improvement.bk2
In 00:12.78 (766 frames), 562 rerecords
Game: Boxing (A2600)
Uploaded 5/31/2022 4:45 PM by ShesChardcore (28 files)
We manipulate the AI in the beginning to be able to get into the "punch rhythm" on frame 30 instead of 31. At this point, every 15 frames will throw a punch that can hit the opponent.
It is possible to get a 2 point punch on frame 29 but I was not able to find a follow up to that that actually worked to get into the flow.