Submission #2044: Cardboard's GBA Naruto - Ninja Council in 11:01.28

Console Game Boy Advance Emulator VBA
Game Version USA Frame Count 39677
ROM Filename Naruto - Ninja Council (U).gba Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 13901
Unknown Authors Cardboard
Game Naruto: Ninja Council
Submitted by Cardboard on 8/5/2008 9:54:04 PM

Submission Comments
  • VBA19
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes Damage To Save Time
I'm gonna be blunt. I pick Sasuke because Naruto is a piece of junk in this game. There we go. I said it.
Naruto Ninja Council suffers a bit from the Ocarina Of Time-syndrome (Ratio of talking/action is too high) which makes me doubt if the game is suited for a TAS or not. However I still decided to submit it, so here we go! After all, OoT made it!
This run is 11724 faster than S@G's rejected run, which was rejected due to being unoptimized etc. This run is 39677 frames long.
Well, here goes!

The run !!

Game Mechanics !

- HP: The green/ yellow/red bar. Figure out yourselves what it do.
- MP/mana/ki/whatever: The blue bar below the HP-bar. Charges when Sasuke does... nothing. Drains when using scrolls or Jutsu. Seems to drain more MP/mana/ki/whatever the less you have.
- Dashing: Sasuke can dash by pressing right or left twice. This allows him to run faster (No shit) and also run straight up certain walls. A must to be able to complete the game.
- Jumping: Sasuke always jumps at a fixed height, so holding A really doesn't matter.
- Crawling: Needed to get through small spaces. Hardly used throughout the run.
- Attacking: Sasuke can perform a regular 3-hit combo (Punch, kick, roundhouse) which, unlike Naruto's combo, can be interrupted so you can skip the kick, or possibly even both the punch and the kick and go straight to the roundhouse. This is something which makes Sasuke very useful. The roundhouse kicks enemies to the ground.
- Shuriken: There are several types of shuriken in the game but I skip most of them due to them hardly being useful.
- Jutsu: Jutsu can be used by charging by pressing the B-button and holding it. Charging drains MP/mana/ki/whatever, and there are several different kinds of Jutsu. Takes a lot of time to use due to extremely much extra animation.
The game has scrolls which are more or less needed to make it through the different stages, but they are mostly level-specific so I'll explain about them at the stage where they are first found.

The levels !

Level 1 - 1: Tutorial ftw. I have to avoid as many [?] as possible since they bring up a "This is how you do this, n00b" -sequence. I charge my Jutsu a bit too much here to be able to hit Ebisu with it. And no, Naruto would not have been faster in this level, despite having a OHKO. Shows how much you know!
Level 1 - 2: Kakashi tells me that I can crawl well thank you Captain Obvious. Ino is easy (No pun intended!).
Level 2 - 1: Lightning Style Scroll obtained! It can break walls and shot bolts at people. Choji needs to be knocked down more often than other bosses since he would use a very time demanding Jutsu.
Level 2 - 2: Really easy stage. I do a punch on top of the small rocks since that helps me slide across them.
Level 3 - 1: I stand still and wait in the beginning to charge some MP/mana/ki/whatever and then I make a leap for the Earth Style Scroll and proceeds through the level. Rock Lee has an even MORE time demanding Jutsu where he restores ALL of his HP. What a freak.
Level 3 - 2: Haku is the by far simplest boss in the game. Ever.
Level 4 - 1: Fire Style Scroll is causing forest fires and other stuff. If this game was 3D, I could simply walk past the trees but noooo. A lot of charging in the beginning of the level, and despite having sufficient amount, I still have to charge in the end! Well screw you too!
Level 4 - 2: Using the Fire Ball Jutsu was about 3 seconds faster than using the Fire Style Scroll here. Rock Lee is back for more asskicking. One kick might look missed, but it had to be done so I could slip "through" him.
Level 5 - 1: I need the Water Style Scroll to make it onto the first platform despite having the right height! Making sense, no? Not here! Other than that, badass Sasuke is getting burned, and throws people into fires. I had to collide with the bird before Shino to avoid the [?]. Shino himself is causing little problem.
Level 5 - 2: Scroll skip! Woho! Neji has a strange Jutsu which is the reason why I throw so many shurikens at him.
Level 6 - 1: The Wind Style Scroll is a pain to use well. Bleh. Temari is simple as most of the other bosses here.
Level 6 - 2: Shurikens are used to manipulate the enemy before Kankuro so time can be saved there!
Level 7 - 1: 2 scrolls to be found but only one needs to be used. I have no idea why Haku is back, just as easy this time.
Level 7 - 2: 2 scrolls here as well, none used! I rule. Zabusa is no fun. He can block attacks and turn them into counters, but oh well. Sluggish ftw.
Orochimaru has a instant-use Jutsu in which he summons a huge ass snake which is why I kick him down so often, despite this making him teleport.

23:54:35 <adelikatWork> <Comicalflop> naruto? oh dear...
23:55:14 <Cardboard> At least I am finishing runs....

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Oh! I also corrected the ROM name.
  • You indicated 2334 - Naruto - Ninja Council (U).gba
  • I updated it to Naruto - Ninja Council (U).gba

adelikat: Accepting for publication.

Raiscan: Processing.

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