Submission #2166: Heisanevilgenius's SNES Family Feud in 06:46.71

Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Snes9x 1.43 v9
Family Feud (U).smc
Submitted by Heisanevilgenius on 1/23/2009 6:01 AM
Submission Comments
This is a glitchfest run, meant to show off how you can abuse the word recognition program.
I used Snes9x v1.43+ v9.
  • Is a demonstration
  • Exploits glitches
  • Manipulates Luck
The first bit of luck manipulation was to force the game to pick the shortest family name for my opponent. "Hall" is the shortest name, which means less time was used during the name-typing process. The fact that they appear as the most dumbfounded and shocked family when you beat them is an unintentional and hilarious side-effect.
Each round, luck was manipulated to ensure there were as many answers as possible, to abuse word recognition as often as possible. Round 1 has twelve answers, round 2 and 3 each have six.
While answers were carefully chosen to be as ridiculous and elaborate as possible and still count as correct, all other factors were chosen with speed in mind. The bullseye round is skipped and all answers are typed as fast as possible.

adelikat: Hilarious. Gladly accepting for publication.

Samsara: The publication file has been replaced with a resynced version on BizHawk 2.8, courtesy of DrD2k9. This was done primarily to replace one piece of outdated language used in the original run, but also has the added benefit of more accurate sound emulation.
Last Edited by Samsara on 2/6/2023 9:47 PM
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