Submission #2190: pirate_sephiroth's PSX Castlevania - Symphony of The Night "Richter version" in 05:41.73

Console Sony PlayStation Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 20504
ROM Filename Castlevania - Symphony of The Night.iso Frame Rate 60
Branch Richter version Rerecord Count 50591
! Sram Authors pirate_sephiroth
Game Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
Submitted by pirate_sephiroth on 2/24/2009 11:18:55 PM

Submission Comments


  • Emulator used: PCSX-RR v0.0.7, with no special plugins nor specific settings.
  • Abuses Programming Errors
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Uses ziggy's name entry method
  • Starts from a predetermined save point (sort of)
  • Sugar and spice and all things nice

Small Talk

Finished it.
hmm... since I started this thing... how long ago? 6 months...? many things have happened... hmm...

Some Description...

There's no need for explanations, I guess.
It's Symphony of the Night. The greatest episode of the Castlevania series and one of the best games of all things of all times. Excelent graphics, excelent music, excelent gameplay. It is also famous for its glitches, that allow many sequence breaks and involuntarily add much more replay value.
This is an extra mode, unlocked after you finish the game. You play with Richter Belmont: the testosterone-boosted vampire hunter. There's no spoon, no storyline, no relics to collect and no Dracula. Your goal is just to find and defeat Shaft, the dark priest.
Richter comes with some cool special moves too: a dash/charge attack (COMPLETELY immune to all things, good and bad), an uppercut/super jump attack (invincible) and a slide (that can be cancelled with a "kuuhadan" flying kick). He can also run if you tap forward twice quickly.
This is my second attempt. Much faster and more efficient than the one I didn't submit. It uses basically the same route as the speedrun in 5:56 by K.D.

SRAM, obviously...

Since it requires the game to be finished first, there's a memory card included in the movie file, and it contains 1 save file done with the help of zggdydp's run. But any memory card having 1 saved game with the "Clear" status would do fine, since that's all that is read from it at that point.

A Warning...

Important: if for some really revellent, swaggering, monotheist reason you have never played this game before, you may find this run a bit repetitive and the constant "HAH" (and sometimes "YAH") a little irritating (even though it's not half as annoying as Julius' "OOLAY" in Aria of Sorrow)


I now notice that all comedians with Martin in their names are no fun at all.

And then...

I'm done, I presume.


Thanks to:
  • mz: for the awesome work on the emulator.
  • zggzdydp: my accomplice John Chinaman gave me the youtube link to the 5:56 speedrun.
  • arukAdo: well, I think the video was in his channel.
  • Bisqwit: yeah, now we can submit PSX crap.
Thank you thank you silence

3 weeks later...

Yeah, I wrote all that bullshit when I finished the job, around the end of january. Then I submitted it, failed because of a "movie file contains embedded memory cards" warning, mentioned it in the forum, and PMed Bisqwit.
He asked for the movie file, so he could verify the memcards. If they were empty, he could add an exception.
Maybe I should've asked why one would add blank memory cards to a movie file, but I didn't. I just sent him another PM with the requested file.
And that message is still sitting in my outbox. I think he's busy with his stuff so I decided to act predictable and put the cart before the horses.
I edited the file, and removed the memory cards but kept the rest so that I could submit it and the site would still show the correct info.
Now it is visible for everyone to verify, and if somebody has any doubt about it's legitimity, just query one of the Castlevania experts around (arukAdo, zggzdydp, klmz) or go watch Bob The Builder.
The memory card is required to enable that special game mode, and ANY card containing 1 save with the 'Clear' status will work. The one I used was created after zggzdydp's run, as you can see for yourselves.
It goes like this: when you beat the game, the current memory card save is UPDATED with the 'Clear' flag and the rest remains untouched (game time and map completion aren't changed) The info is only UPDATED, not CREATED... if you didn't save (like in zggzdydp's run), nothing will be changed in the memory cards.
So I:
  • Interrupted ziggy's movie near the end and saved; (the save file is created)
  • Finished the game; (save file is updated)
And of course the submitted file won't run, so...

If you like it then you should put a ring on it

The original movie file:


The site now accepts movie files with embedded memory cards. Let's wait until Bisqwit or someone elese replaces the file in the submission and I'll fix the submission text.

Bisqwit: Replacing movie file.

adelikat: Accepting to be published as a separate category, "Richter" version.
ShinyDoofy: Processing...

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