Submission #229: nji9's SNES Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts in 41:32.18

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version Europe Frame Count 124609
ROM Filename Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts (E).smc Frame Rate 50
Branch Rerecord Count 1797
Unknown Authors nji9
Game Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Submitted by nji9 on 7/25/2004 11:38:25 AM

Submission Comments
I don't think SGNG (whoa i made it up:p) needs any introduction.
Back in the day I never actually finished SGNG I only got to the point where the princess tells you to get the oh so powerfull goddess' bracelet and summons you back to the start. So I dug up some walkthroughs wanting to know where can I find it. And as the walkthrough kept talking about "the 5th chest you open has the ring", THE RING?, and when I had opened my 3rd chest. I had some weird fairy-like thing coming out, later on I realized it was the goddess' bracelet or the ring or whatever you prefer :p. So I lost about 1½-2seconds while opening my 4th chest. I also "miss" couple of shots to the bosses but none of them affects my time nor looks bad imo ;), and I miss the red gargoyles on purpose to keep them away from me :p.
Oh almost forgot about the weapon of choice, it was so long ago when I last played this game that I had no idea about which weapon would be the fastest one to use. Although im pretty sure the dagger that I used first is the fastest one. In the quest finding the bracelet I used it from lvl2 till the end.
  • Length: 00:41:32
  • Frames: 124609
  • Rerecords: 1797
  • warpless
  • items, well there aint any other necessary than the bracelet.
  • takes damage to save time
  • plays at the hardest level

Bisqwit: Nobody has discussed this submission. Only one has casted a vote.
I had a look at the first 7 minutes of this movie.
Although it plays a nearly impossible level of difficulty, it doesn't look very impressive - it's just someone playing the game. It progresses slowly and does nothing particularly impressive.
Does someone have another opinion?
Phil: That game is pretty hard but there's not a lot of action and the fact we must watch the game twice makes it extremely boring.

Bisqwit: The fate of this movie depends on the conclusion on the question in the topic 'should a game that requires being completed twice actually be played twice'. As far as I know, that topic is still unconcluded.
Phil: Problem resolved.

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