Submission #2438: adelikat's FDS Eggerland in 36:58.98

Console Famicom Disk System Emulator FCEUX 2.1.2
Game Version FDS Frame Count 133358
ROM Filename Eggerland (1987)(Hal Laboratory).fds Frame Rate 60.0988138974405
Branch Rerecord Count 4196
Unknown Authors adelikat
Game Eggerland
Submitted by adelikat on 11/3/2009 4:20:52 PM

Submission Comments
Another famtasia movie bites the dust!
Note the sha1 of the disksys.rom FDS bios used is: 57FE1BDEE955BB48D357E463CCBF129496930B62
As always, I have provided a release package on my SVN. It includes the movie file, submission text, screenshots, a spreadsheet, and a lua script.
Important! This movie must be played on FCEUX2.1.2or later. Prior versions do not support the recording of disk ejecting/switching inserting.


This is an improvement over the current published movie by BagofMagicFood. Due to better emulation over famtasia this movie is actually 2665 (~44.3 seconds) frames slower than the published movie.
I don't know the exact amount that this movie improves the published movie due to several factors such as emulation differences and the lack fo a frame counter in famtasia. In addition, I have no idea the numbers or names of any of the rooms so I dont' have a specific location of improvements. Here is a list of the most significant improvements. And if it wasn't confusing enough, famtasia's fps is 60, where FCEUX is ~60.1 resulting in even more disparity between reported times.
  • Room at about 9800 (my movie)
    • Better strategy for handling the red rolling enemy thing at the bottom of the screen.
  • Room at about 29000
    • 16 frames better route to the key
  • Room at about 30000
    • 6 frames saved from frame optimizations
  • Room at about 40000
    • 16 frames saved from better enemy manipulation
In addition, there are various 1-2 frame improvements here and there due to having frame advance precision compared to the published movie. Such improvements are rather mundane for a game like this so I didn't keep track of them.


Famtasia improperly emulated FDS disk load times. As a result, every loading screen in the published movie was ~122-124 frames faster than it should have been. This submission is slower, but reflect better emulation accuracy.
In summary, regardless of reported times, this is a small improvement over the published movie. In addition, it is done with a modern emulator that features better emulation quality.

Movie details

This movie (as well as the previous movie ) exploits an egg glitch that allows lolo to warp to another part of a screen (or another screen) by shooting an egg that he is on while it is going into water.
It also features a death shortcut to make lolo appear on a different part of the screen.

Possible screenshots

(Note to publishers, these are already optimized)


Thanks to BagofMagicFood for a very optimized movie (especially with famtasia!) and for assistance in making this movie.


  • Requires FCEUX 2.1.2 for playback
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Uses death as a shortcut
  • Abuses programming errors in the game
  • Genre: Puzzle

Baxter: One step closer to ridding the world (err, TASVideos) of Famtasia movies. Accepting as an improvement to the published run.

adelikat: Processing.

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