Submission #2457: FuzZerd, upthorn, carretero's Genesis Sonic The Hedgehog in 15:51.73

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version JPN Frame Count 57104
ROM Filename Sonic the Hedeghog (W) (REV01).bin Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 19982
Unknown Authors FuzZerd, upthorn, carretero
Game Sonic the Hedgehog
Submitted by FuzZerd on 11/20/2009 7:05:53 AM

Submission Comments
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Ignores delays caused by bonus effects
This movie uses Gens11a, and is an improvement of 1543 frames real time.

Upthorn's Notes

There are two things which should be noted:
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (J) is the same ROM version as Sonic the Hedeghog (W) (REV01)
  • All of the new work in this movie is Fuzzerd's, and he wrote everything below this line.

General Comments

This run improves upon Spring Yard 3-Labyrinth 2 and Star Light 1-Scrap Brain 2. For the most part the endings to the levels were left the same, although some minor changes were made to reflect some changes to scenery. I also trimmed off some useless input at the end of the movie file. If you've seen the previous TAS you might want to skip Labyrinth 2 and Scrap Brain 1 as the improvements were minor.
There's a possible 1 frame improvement to Green Hill 3 but I didn't test it thouroughly. There's also appearently a 1 frame improvement to Spring Yard 2 (based on the previous movies comments) but I couldn't tell what it was. There's a 3 frame improvement to the Spring Yard 3 score adding but it causes a desync in Labyrinth 3. Finally theres a 1 frame improvement to Final Zone possible (he jumps before the boss loads) but I thought I would lose entertainment value redoing it. Also I didn't check the capsules before Spring Yard so you can probably manipulate the critters to save a few frames.


LevelNew Time Previous Movie Time (frames difference)
Spring Yard 30:57:060:58:59 (113)
Labyrinth 10:35:020:40:45 (343)
Labyrinth 20:26:120:26:31 (19)
Labyrinth 31:07:311:07:31 (0)
Star Light 10:20:380:21:43 (65)
Star Light 20:10:380:16:04 (326)
Star Light 30:32:450:42:57 (612)
Scrap Brain 10:31:550:31:57 (2)
Scrap Brain 20:29:130:30:10 (57)
Scrap Brain 30:10:430:10:43 (0)
Final Zone1:13:201:13:20 (0)
Total Game Time9:57:5710:23:34 (1537)

Level Comments

Warning: the following is overly detailed

Spring Yard 3:

Input was untouched until about 23 seconds into the level. A little under 2 seconds were saved by not waiting around for the moving platforms to cycle. A few frames were saved from adding a right-left press off the wall, and an improved jump down to the tunnel. A few more frames saved from getting more speed while waiting for the block to move out of the way after hitting the button. The boss fight was improved by 1 frame by delaying the last jump a few frames. The capsule hit was copied from the old run. It's possible to save 3 frames after hitting the capsule by pausing for a frame, but it causes lab3 to desync and I was sick of resyncing lab3.
124 frames ahead (real time)

Labyrinth 1:

Added the left-right trick to the start, and improved going through the door putting me 5 frames ahead by the first button. The rest of the time was saved by a new trick/route change, kudos to ShadowJacky for finding it during a race through Sonic 1 Return to the Origin. Jumping off the moving platform makes it go up slightly faster. At first I thought that the cork gauntlet would waste to much time for this trick to be useful, but it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. I tried to make the ending close to how it was before, but I thought some changes were in order. It's actually possible to hit the flag at about 22 seconds, but you can't avoid death.
473 frames ahead

Labyrinth 2:

Much of this level had to be copied exactly from the old run due to not being able to keep the time I saved. Added the left-right trick again saving 4 frames, a few other minor improvements along the way were quickly lost again. The rest of the time saved was from hitting the flag way off screen. Hitting the flag the way I did and still getting both bonus flags in the same jump requires an incredible precision.
491 frames ahead

Labyrinth 3:

Nothing was actually changed in this level but I had to fiddle around with the input to resync this level about 5 times through out making this run, its THAT finicky. A series of pauses was used to manipulate the last penguin to change direction saving 3 frames.
492 frames ahead

Star Light 1:

I was about a frame slow getting out of the moving stair thingy so the first 8 seconds or so are from the old movie. I saved about 3 frames on each red spring section by braking more before jumping instead of rolling. The rest of the improvement is from a glitch found by Romulo the Brazillian, and shown to be useful in sl1 by werster so thanks go to them. (although I like to think I would have figured this one out with out werster) I actually have to zip to the left for a frame in order to get max speed. The ending is left the same.
554 frames ahead

Star Light 2:

Thanks, of course, have to go to Romulo the Brazillian for finding this trick, and for all similar zips I use in this run. The ending was changed slightly because the screen is just too slow for the impatient Sonic >_<.
822 frames ahead.

Star Light 3:

I'm 4 frames ahead by the second teeter-totter for reasons I'm not entirely sure. The shaking was to get me in the perfect alignment to fly off the teeter-totter. A big thanks goes to werster/smizzla/zac for the major time saver in this level, and for convincing me that it's not faster to go through the left wall. Much braking is needed in order to align myself so that I don't just fly through triggers. The boss battle was improved by a few frames, I think mainly due to landing on the far left see-saw a couple frames earlier. A smaller series of pauses saves 25 frames on the capsule.
1501 frames ahead

Scrap Brain 1:

Added the left-right trick which saved 3 frames, but I lost a frame getting my pixel position to match up. After that I synced in the old input up to the tunnel. The wiggling and changing of the jump timing was to get my subpixel position to match up but even that didn't avoid a desync during the zip, I had to brake a frame sooner. The rest is synced with the old movie. If I hadn't fixed my subpixel position earlier the end would have desynced.
1502 frames ahead

Scrap Brain 2:

I get the trap door to load in 6 frames sooner. The way I enter the trap door allows me to keep my speed and I enter the pipe 28 frames sooner then the previous movie. I probably never would have thought of this if it wasn't for miles and his video of the level. The saw still gets in my way and I have to wait a bit for it. The main improvement to this level in game time is taking a hit by the first saw. Unfortunatly the swinging spike balls get in my way and I have to jump over one. Beating the level in under 30 seconds means waiting an extra ~6 seconds for score to add up, but I manage to save some time in the cutscene ;) (on a side note this was actually the first improvement I found, while the beginning of the level was one of the last)

mmbossman: I wish you'd gone through the entire movie just to see if you could squeeze some more frames in various places, but the work here is excellent regardless. Accepting as an improvement to the currently published movie.

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