Submission #2472: Fladdermus's DS Resident Evil - Deadly Silence in 28:44.68

Console Nintendo DS Emulator
Game Version USA Frame Count 103481
ROM Filename Resident Evil - Deadly Silence (U)(WRG) Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 15329
Unknown Authors Fladdermus
Game Resident Evil: Deadly Silence
Submitted by Fladdermus on 11/28/2009 6:09:25 PM

Submission Comments
Follow Jill and her giant bazookas on an epic adventure as she takes on giant snakes, tentacle plants and huge naked men!
  • Emulator used: Desmume 0.9.4+
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
This is a 2 minutes and 25 second improvement over my previous run. 50 seconds comes from using a gun and the rest from optimization and various small improvements, like holding the B button to make all the in-game text scroll twice as fast. I'm so stupid.
Suggested frame for screenshot: 69346

adelikat: The viewer response and quality is more than enough for publication. The delay of judgement has been over the issue of the PSX version vs the DS version. However, I will accept this submission and put off the debate until a PSX version is made. At that point the possibility of a cross platform obsoletion will be discussed.

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