Submission #2673: Aqfaq, Sonikkustar's GBC Looney Tunes "glitched" in 03:53.97

System Game Boy Color Emulator VBA-rr
Game Version USA Frame Count 14038
ROM Filename Looney Tunes (USA).gbc Frame Rate 60
Branch glitched Rerecord Count 24054
Unknown Authors Aqfaq, Sonikkustar
Game Looney Tunes
Submitted by Sonikkustar on 5/17/2010 9:49:50 PM

Submission Comments
About the Run:
We have decided to use the Gameboy Color version because of the better graphics, but we also believe that the bonus stages aren't that boring to watch.
This is an improvement of about 6 minutes due to several optimizations and a severe glitch.
  • You can keep your horizontal speed when you jump.
  • The game exits levels only every 4th frame. So some improvements could be lost during transitions.
  • The top speed in Looney Tunes is 48 to our current knowledge.
Aqfaq's Comments: It was fun. Big thanks to Sonikkustar and pekopon! Also, I wish a happy summer to everyone!
After years of making the run, here are some quick comments off the top of my head:
1Daffy DuckMany speed boosts were found in this level. The boosts helped us get out of bounds and glitch into another level. In addition to skipping the latter half of the first level, we skip 3 regular levels and 3 bonus stages + the first half of the level that we arrive at after the glitch.
2Daffy Duck Bonus stageSKIPPED!
4Tweety Bonus StageSKIPPED!
5Porky Pig SKIPPED!
6Porky Pig Bonus StageSKIPPED!
7Tasmanian DevilSKIPPED!
8Speedy GonzalezThe large skip glitch brings us in the middle of this level, but we are still physically Daffy Duck. We must die to respawn as Speedy Gonzales, because Daffy Duck would not fit into the small hole.
9Speedy Gonzalez Bonus StageThe amount of score collected can have an effect on some very rare random lag frames. The game sometimes lags for one frame, but it can usually be avoided by having a different score value or making some other minor adjustment. Sometimes the creepy lag frame will just change its location in time, but no matter what we do, it happens. The creepy ghost lag frame can even switch its timing so that it occurs during a score countdown, which is totally strange, creepy and stupid. A couple of times I was like... Wait a minute, it didn't lag here last time! What did we change? Uh, nothing much. Okay, lets try to change some "nothing" in the beginning of the game. Oh yes, the lag frame disappeared! No, wait, it is here, it just moved five seconds forward in time. The single lag frame is stalking us. Tool-Assisted Stalker!
10Road RunnerStangely, there is "temporary solid ground" on top of the screen which allows jumping on air. This allows us to jump out of bounds and hit the boss at the first possible frame.
11Road Runner Bonus StageDeath is used to exit the bonus stage early.
12Bugs BunnyHardest level to optimize and a good place to look for future improvements. Maintaining speed at the boss rush can be tricky. One vertically scrolling screen is skipped by jumping out of bounds and getting a glitchy Y-coordinate on entering the screen. I would be interested to know whether there exists a faster strategy for defeating the final boss... If I recall correctly, there is a spooky creepy single stalker lag frame somewhere after the input has ended. Luckily the stalker didn't affect input lenght.
Sonikkustar's Comments: When I made my other Looney Tunes TAS, I was still very new to the concept of TASing. So RAM Watch wasnt utilized in the making of it. So now its been a while, and Aqfaq has now done a full TAS of this. I later contacted him about it and he asked if I could make it more entertaining. I didnt want to be cruel, so I agreed. So most of my input was actually just the bonus stage! I also did one part of Daffys Stage too.
This was actually an unexpected project for me to be in!

Recommended Screenshots:

Encode: The kind sgrunt has provided an encode before hand. So here is a streaming link to the movie for your enjoyment. (flowplayer module removed)
Thats all folks!

FractalFusion: A strange glitch indeed. Accepting, and will obsolete the published non-glitched run due to author request. A non-glitched run on the GBC ROM may be accepted in the future.

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