Submission #2689: Truncated's Genesis Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story in 11:25.35

Console Sega Genesis Emulator GENS
Game Version USA Frame Count 41121
ROM Filename Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (U) [!] Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 6631
Unknown Authors Truncated
Game Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story
Submitted by Truncated on 6/2/2010 10:27:47 PM

Submission Comments
  • Playaround
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Hardest difficulty, fastest game setting
Dragon: The Bruce Lee story is a game based on the movie with the same name. It has pretty horrible collision detection and is very hard.
Bruce has three stances, which can be switched between when you reach the two markers on the chi bar.
  • Normal stance: standard fighting moves, you can throw, block, stomp on opponents, etc.
  • Fighter stance: faster movement and attacks, longer jumps. You cannot block or throw or stomp. Needs chi bar half full.
  • Nunchaku stance: most limited stance but with (by far) greatest damage output. You cannot block, stomp or cartwheel, you have no air or ducking attacks. There is a throw, though. Needs chi bar three quarters full.
Chi is gained by connecting with attacks in normal stance. Throws give the most. Two moves with the nunchakus give chi without needing to connect, so once you get nunchakas you basically have unlimited chi.


I mostly try to work up my chi energy as fast as possible, which is why there are many throws and stomps. This gives me a greater moves repertoire to work with earlier in the movie.
The sailor starts to use the chain when he is down to half health. In the movie, it is Bruce who has the chain. :( But nevermind, i get nunchucks later, and they are much better than that lousy chain.


The first chef runs away to the next scene when he has half health, but only when he is conscious. By knocking him down when he is just above half, and then stomping, you can get him a bit below half. This helps in the next scene, where I am able to take him out before his friend joins in.
The green chef is greeted with a tornado kick, followed up with pushing him into the corner, which looks rather silly.
The chefs start to use their special cleaver attacks (spinning, somersaulting) when they are below half health, in this case the spinning one. He can go on for quite a while with that...
I show off a glitch where he ends up outside the screen. At the end I throw him so hard into the ground he bounces two meters up.

Practice your moves

I decided to see how much bonus i could get. Top pad gives 50, middle pad 500, lower pad 1000. If you are not hit at all, the bonus is doubled.
It might seem strange to waste time switching sides, but it is for some reason a lot faster to rack up points from the right. In my test version I jumped a lot to avoid the sticks, because you get a free hit on the way down. However this usually hits the top pad (which is worthless), and I found a way to avoid the sticks while still attacking. It takes a bit of time to set up.
As you see the sticks keep on moving even after the counter reaches 00 and you lose the ability to move, which is pretty unfair. I get hit on purpose though, so you won't have to watch the bonus counting for half a minute.

Gym guy

Time to maximize the Form bonus! Finding out how the form bonus works was the main reason I wrote my FAQ. Since it was unknown what gives form bonus, and it's only shown at the end of the match, some disassembly was needed. The answer is: the game rewards variety in attacks. (You can start re-using them after 7 other attacks have hit.)
Since only hitting him with the 7 weakest attacks would be boring, I use a little of everything. Sometimes the most convenient attack cannot be used, since it would reduce his HP without any gain in bonus. This makes the fight a little less fluid.
Knocking him down is also avoided when possible, extra HP is lost when landing on the ground. I still do it twice, because the stun/knockdown meter goes down unacceptably slow, so the alternative would be to wait, which is less fun.
It is a bit unclear how the stun/knockdown meter works. Perhaps a bit more fluid movie could be produced if this was discovered.
Like I wrote above, getting knocked down takes off some more HP when you crash into the ground, which becomes the last attack. Bouncy.
You might wonder why I get Perfect fight bonus here and not before. It's because not even blocking or counter-throwing is allowed.

Johnny Sun

This match I thought I'd show off how stupid the AI can be. It desperately wants to get out of the corners, to the point where it will jump into the same kick. After that, I dance around a bit, going over and under him. You can see he starts to block the overused kick at this stage.
I finish off by making him trap himself into the corner, again, and doing the rapid punches of the Fighter stance. Pulling this off is a lot harder than it looks, the punches often miss due to bad programming.

Practice your moves 2

This time I decided to use some less efficient moves which are hard to hit the pads with. I also end up standing inside the pole.

Women with sticks

With two enemies at the same time, the action content rises dramatically - it doesn't matter that much if one is knocked down.
With two enemies, Bruce can perform a special move to get out of a tight spot, a split kick. But due to bad programming, only the opponent in front of you ever recieves damage. Also, for some reason the throw is disabled during this fight.
A fun aspect of this game is that the enemies can hit each other. I spend the last half of the fight making them do this.

Gym guy 2

Nigga doesn't know bout my nunchaku, because it's hidden behind the wooden beam.
He often does his move to get behind me, which is used to trap him in the corner. I also do some silly stuff so that we end up inside each other.
I like how he tries to get up in the middle of the stomp... and then stays down.

Practice your moves 3

Not this crap again... running out of things to do, I decided to only hit the middle pad. And get the double bonus.

Johnny Sun 2

Since this is the only timed fight in the game, I decided to finish it as quickly as possible, 11 seconds. It's possible to be a few frames faster by being more boring, that is, not stomp and only use the nunchaku. He gets up very fast when knocked down.

Angry Muai Thai brother of Johnny Sun

"You have dishonored my family, prepare to die." He recovers from the dizzy state very quickly, so I give him a few blazing combos since I know he can take it.
After half his life is gone, he runs away (like the chef) and starts throwing ice blocks. It's based on luck if he throws a fast one or a slow one first. If he throws a fast one, it's impossible to not get hit. Anyway, I break the ice blocks in style (it's fascinating how fast he can throw them) and take him out in one swift attack.

Guy with claws

This guy doesn't block, but cartwheels all around the place when you use the same attack too often (which is about 2 times). He also has a bad habit of standing on one leg when knocking you down, but he can be made to do this during the fight too, which leaves him completely defenseless.
Sometimes when you try to throw him and miss, he gets stuck in a ducking state, which you see in the second half of the fight.


This guy is very hard normally. His attacks do tons of damage, and it's almost impossible to attack him without baiting him first (that is, he has to start an attack and miss).
He is, however, immune to being knocked down, and no attacks cost chi in this fight, which means you can give him one hell of a beating with the nunchaku. He has to be finished with the nunchaku throw.

Truncated: I was going to reject this, but it seems it is no longer possible to reject or accept your own submissions. Instead, I will put in to Cancelled, since it has not been well received by the viewers.

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