Submission #275: Frenom's SNES Super Metroid "any%" in 51:52.30

Console Super NES Emulator Snes9x 1.43
Game Version Japan/USA Frame Count 186738
ROM Filename Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc Frame Rate 60
Branch any% Rerecord Count 5834
Unknown Authors Frenom
Game Super Metroid
Submitted by Frenom on 8/15/2004 7:09:59 PM

Submission Comments
Super Metroid - SNES
Movie length: 51 mins 52 secs
Gameclock/IN-Game: 32 mins
Frames: 186738
Re-record Count: 5834
Rom used "Super_Metroid_(JU).zip" smc

This is my 5th attempt at Super Metroid or my third verson that I put up as a Submission.
This movie is 1min 28sec(88sec) faster then the previous one and this time I took my first route, but I did some changes in it. E.g that I Took SpeedBooster and Wave before I took HiJump.
Item collect: 26
Gameclock/IN-Game: 32 mins - Which is 2 mins faster/better than the other one.
I did a horrible thing in this movie which I though was necessary. I took some time collecting super missiles before Ridley, but it save me a lot of time while fighting him and I did 2 versions and compared which one who was the fastest thing to do. And believe it or not.. this one was 30 sec faster.รด_0
Anyway.. glitches that I used:
Murderer Beam at Motherbrain, Morphing though platforms, Zebetites Glitch, The missile/energy-reload trick and Spike/ Enemy-boosting.
Enjoy this movie.
Be sure to use the right Rom to avoid desyncs
2004-08-15 //Sunday
Magnus Seger - Frenom/Reminscence

Bisqwit: Processing. Will take a day or two :) .

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