Submission #2778: DarkKobold, Sonikkustar, Nach & Definitely NOT adelikat's NES Battle Chess "OMG CH34T3RZ ALWAYS PERSPIRE!!!!1111eleventy" in 00:13.49

Nintendo Entertainment System
OMG CH34T3RZ ALWAYS PERSPIRE!!!!1111eleventy
FCEUX 2.1.4a
DarkKobold, Sonikkustar, Nach
(Additionally: Definitely NOT adelikat)
Battle Chess (U)
Submitted by DarkKobold on 8/2/2010 3:00:29 AM
Submission Comments
So, like, we were all chatting in IRC, and Nach totally had this awesome idea, which saved like, 69 frames minus ten frames. So a guy walks into a bar, looking really moody and orders immediately a double-whiskey. Then he starts rambling on about how lousy a wife he's got, until the bartender finally says: "You know, I don't understand what you're complaining about. All the other guys in here only have compliments about your wife."
Also, since we are cheating anyway, we switched to NEW PPU! With Action Claw ATTACK!
This movie cheats a little bit faster than any movie has cheated before.
  • Cheats.
  • Plays a game of chess.
  • If you were to try this stunt in real life, you'd probably get slapped.
  • Strips a King NAKED
  • I once knew this guy, who could touch his eyeball with his tongue! It was totally gross, ya know?
  • Did I mention it cheats?
  • No really, I really saw it! I think you could go blind from doing that.
  • Uses FCEUX 2.14a
  • So yeah, you free Saturday night?
Suggested Screenshot:

adelikat: Rejecting because it beat one of my TASes, don't you know that's not allowed? Also because its the worst game choice ever. And the audience seems to consider this cheating. And because your screenshot is awesome.
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