Submission #2781: arukAdo's SMS Hokuto No Ken in 05:12.87

Console Sega MasterSystem Emulator
Game Version JPN Frame Count 18772
ROM Filename Hokuto no Ken (J) [!].sms Frame Rate 60
Branch Rerecord Count 2653
Unknown Authors arukAdo
Game Hokuto no Ken
Submitted by arukAdo on 8/2/2010 11:50:18 PM

Submission Comments



  • Uses warps
  • Takes Damage To Save Time
  • Manipulates Luck
  • Colors a miserable piles of muscles
  • UnOfficial Encodes Official encode [1]
  • Emulator used: Dega (1.16pre Mame Core)
  • Frames:18772 Re-records:2653

About the game

This game is inspired by the manga of the same name (Fist of the north star for usa), check up wiki for more infos
It covers the first "season", you play as kenshiro, the successor of the deadly martial art school "Hokuto Shinken" , a very thought guy and very angry... looking for his girl (of course).
Basicly the main characteristic of this super heros is anything he touch explode, hes a master of the pressure points.

You may ask why not tasing Black Belt instead of this, theres couple of reason, but one guy on gfaqs did a summary:
  • In Hokuto no Ken you could get on higher places, like windows and such.
  • There were no life recovering items in Hokuto no Ken. After defeating each boss, you recover some health.
  • All the enemies's sprites were edited, but their attacks are the same.
  • The invincibility item was a "P", and it only appeared if you were on a high place.
  • Boss 4 from Chapter 1 was really a tough one to kill. If you don't follow the right strategy, he can take more than 100 blows and not die! In Black Belt, he only does take four blows before dying, undepending on the strategy.
  • After you defeat each boss, there is an extra scene of the hero talking to a woman. In Black Belt there's no such scene.
  • The music on the normal stages and Master Fights is different. However, the music from the beggining and end of stages is the same.
  • The Master of Chapter 3 is a giant monster, and you fight it inside a colosseum.
  • And of course, the hero's sprite is different.

On top of that, there is no warps, thus making Black Belt longer in the end, even if there is more "scene of the hero talking to a woman after each boss", FODA attempt was 7:10
But the way they transformed the game for pal/usa realy felt bad, anybody who know the manga and see Black Belt is like... wtf this is hokuto no ken ? why did they done all that mess to it ?
There is also apparently a secret stage in black belt, after you beat last boss holding 1+2 will load a boss rush mode, this felt kinda pointless so i didnt even tryed out, as im warping all stages except the first one.

About the run

Some comments on how things are working:
  • Stage 1, theres a frame rule on each mini-boss, and they wont spam until a certain ammount of time, either i can go wait do nothing when the screen stop to scroll, or i can kill some guys (i choosed later option for entertainment). The boss is dyeing quickly and very simple, punch or flying kick only, taking no damage on any boss allow to warp in the next stage.
  • Stage 2, starting with this stage, i always use warps, simply by doing a high jump right at start, the boss wasnt easy to manipulate, there is a waiting period, but theres not realy anyway around that, on my first test run the boss did ran away behind me, this time i could keep him near the corner, and it was indeed faster to wait instead rushing him, kick until bar is 3/4 off then can use punch (or keep kick).
  • Stage 3, this boss is only vunerable on the head, jumping is required, alltho if you jump straight, he will also start to jump... so instead i just go back and forth jumping, this prevent him from moving at all, with good timing on the kick i hit him for every jump.
  • Stage 4, is the hardest boss without hesitation, you need first to attack him, he will dodge and counter attack, then only hes vunerable to a counter-counter attack... phew.. annoying boss to manipulate, plus you dont kill him, and your forced in a walk back script, this one may be further optimized, im not sure.
  • Stage 5, you have to hit him in the right order, first head, then torso, croch, and feets, after 2 cycle to finish him you have to let him jump and hit him in air, major shortcut to wait hes near the floor so you "catch" him quicker.
  • Stage 6, oh well, corner stuck and low kicks... booya... this boss suppossly hard, because in reality he can strike back much faster than all others, hardly avoidable if you dont attack him with correct timing.

The only damage taken are in stage1, on all mini boss i get hit in air, you do recover and can use a flying kick, this quickly hit twice and stuck them in the corner. One guy hit me before first mini boss, this is just to quickly dispose of the 2 guys.
I didnt checked exactly the detail, but most obviously more than half of the movie is loading level, waiting time/scores bonus ect... the actual input is very small, this will explain the (relativly) low rerecord count (and quickness of making this tas).

Hope youll enjoy it ! :D

Official encode[1]

Flygon: Replaced YouTube module with an officially encoded one that also has resolution an integer to that of the Master System's.
FractalFusion: Judging.
Removed "Uses warps" as it seems more like a non-warp glitch.
FractalFusion: I'll accept it for publication. Guess the warp looks so much like a glitch that it's interesting.
This run "uses warps" as a movie class, but there should be no separate branch name.
Flygon: Reprocessing encode.
Flygon: Hell, I'll process publication.

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